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Easy Sudoku for 26/July/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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26/Jul/13 3:06 AM
Feeling 'homesick' today. Missing Colorado.
26/Jul/13 3:06 AM
Oh dear, got to go grocery shopping. See you later!~
26/Jul/13 3:06 AM
I have been wheeeed on! Hi Shosho!
26/Jul/13 3:06 AM
Oh before I forget, here's luck flying to you Serena for getting my fav number!!
26/Jul/13 3:08 AM
You mean ''Where is the geographic center of the contiguous United States'' wasn't a geography question in the other 49????
26/Jul/13 3:10 AM
Dunno, shosho. It might be fun thinking up and executing new ideas.
26/Jul/13 3:14 AM
For animal lovers -

26/Jul/13 3:18 AM
On my last shopping adventure, I went to the store I dread going to, WalMart. Anyway, was browsing down the ice cream aisle, my girls love ice cream, so thought I would get something different, as a treat for their return home.

In the middle of the ice cream aisle, by Ben&Jerry, above More...
26/Jul/13 4:15 AM
I could see myself falling for that.
26/Jul/13 4:20 AM
Another thing about how business' advertise.

What kind of business would you think a place is, with the name, The Package, is? On the side of the building there is another sign, that says, ATM, Copies and Faxes.
But on the door, there is a hand written sign that says, Must be 21 years of age to enter.
26/Jul/13 4:42 AM
Well, I thought the same thing, though the sign on the door, gave me pause, but I still thought this would be the place to get some packaging material and mail off a package.

Nope, the sign on the side of the building and name, are deceiving. The business had nothing whatsoever to do with More...
26/Jul/13 4:45 AM
Awww, might as well keep going on. Learned a new way to get rid of a telemarketer, without just hanging up on them. Really, dislike doing that, they are only trying to do their job. Thankfully, they have a job.

Anyway, lady calls and says she would like to speak to Karen. Well, that is me, More...
26/Jul/13 4:57 AM
With that I am off to the Dollar Store, which is another deceiving name for a store.
26/Jul/13 5:04 AM
Hilarious, Karen. I'd try the crying thing, but I don't think they would believe it.
26/Jul/13 5:32 AM
Jane, I tried to go to your blog but it didn't like the address I typed in.
26/Jul/13 5:35 AM
Hmmmmm... I just copied and pasted the address from my earlier post, and the site came right up. You might want to try again, Hal.
26/Jul/13 5:43 AM
'For want of a nail the shoe was lost.'
And for the want of a dot the address was lost.
My bad.
26/Jul/13 5:50 AM
2:16 - I woke up, my brain didn't!
26/Jul/13 6:18 AM
That's why I copy and paste, Hal. My typing is not as reliable as it once was!!
26/Jul/13 6:22 AM
I usually do to, Jane. But I'd never done it on the Surface.
I just figured out how.
26/Jul/13 6:45 AM
For those of you that are not sure how I feel about our recent move, I will let you know.
I am still so enchanted with this place.

Just took a stroll around the house, seems to be cooling down, not much, but at least I did not burst out in instant sweat when I opened the door.
In the More...
26/Jul/13 9:07 AM
I'm envious, Karen. In my yard, I have a couple of rabbits, 5 or 6 squirrels and numerous non-descript birds.
Oh, and 3 or 4 skinks.
26/Jul/13 9:34 AM
We have one semi-feral cat and an occasional family of armadillos. The squirrels have finally learned not to mess with the cat so no longer hang around here. Same with the birds. The raccoons keep trying to eat the cat's leftover food, but I usually manage to bring the bowl inside before they More...
26/Jul/13 9:51 AM
Oh, in the mornings I have/had Lucy and Ricky, two squirrels. Lately, Lucy has not been around and I fear the worst. Also, I think there is only one humming bird. Could be more, but she comes and feeds in the mornings and afternoons.

At night, Bertha, shows up to finish off Pooper's dinner, More...
26/Jul/13 10:32 AM
Well, I did it again, I had a thought. Since, it was nice outside, I thought this would be a great opportunity to give Shelby a hair cut. She really did not care for that thought, but sat patiently, while I trimmed. I should have put more thought in to my thought, and realized this was not the More...
26/Jul/13 10:36 AM
There is a post floating around, that I so wish was true.
Something about instead of skeeter sucking blood, they would suck fat instead. If that were the case, I would be so skinny right now.

26/Jul/13 10:38 AM
Someone here told me a great way to fix telemarketers - when they say 'Is that Karen?' you say 'no, but I'll go and get her' then put the phone down and disappear - for half an hour or so. It's particularly effective on telemarketers from India - we get a lot of those.
26/Jul/13 12:46 PM
Good afternoon.
26/Jul/13 12:46 PM
Did I warn everyone that 4T and girlfriend are travelling in the US and Canada. They are currently in Las Vegas, then doing a self drive tour to several national parks on their way to the Grand Canyon then back to Las Vegas for 2 nights. I hear they are having a good time.
26/Jul/13 12:50 PM
After a -5C start, the day has turned out beautifully - sunny.
26/Jul/13 12:52 PM
Must go out and use the solar drier.
26/Jul/13 12:52 PM
Jane - I read your blog. I won't comment on there since you and Kathy can't take me in your luggage with you. But I will thoroughly enjoy watching your planning, as well as the execution of the trip next year!
26/Jul/13 1:33 PM
Dottie, they won't take you, either.
I think, they are becoming meanies. I know, I would not be any trouble, well, not that much. And I am really a quiet person.
I bet if we all go, we could get a group rate, and then there are the elderly, who can the elderly discount, then there is the More...
26/Jul/13 2:01 PM
Karen, are you really going to leave it down here?
26/Jul/13 2:29 PM
Silly, Sarah Beth. There is still plenty of posts to make.
I would not have gone to bed, with everyone way down here.
26/Jul/13 2:31 PM
I asked about my senior discount at Wendy's the other night. I got the 'Yeah, right!' look. I had already paid (didn't think about it before), and I didn't push the issue. I did ask her if she really thought a woman would lie up about her age!
26/Jul/13 2:31 PM
Beautiful, perfect, drizzling rain here, complete with a light show.
26/Jul/13 2:32 PM
I did mess with TM's mind. Since he has lost his heart again, I decided that an extra half inch in the rain gauge wouldn't hurt.
26/Jul/13 2:33 PM
26/Jul/13 2:33 PM
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