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Easy Sudoku for 26/August/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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26/Aug/13 12:00 AM
Good Maen
26/Aug/13 12:00 AM
MAEN, all.
26/Aug/13 12:13 AM
Some may find this amusing.

26/Aug/13 12:13 AM
Or at least a temporary diversion.
26/Aug/13 12:14 AM
Good morning to all!
26/Aug/13 12:18 AM
Where’s Mr Cee Answers:
1. fright and right
2. Omen and men
3. hearth and earth
4. redo and Edo
5. Tokay and okay
6. Eta and ta
7. erode and rode
8. nicer and ICER
9. tying and YING
10. Bonus: From Here to Eternity
Extra Bonus, DK is Deborah Kerr. (She and Burt More...
26/Aug/13 12:19 AM
Sorry folks, but I don't have another puzzle ready for today. I had expected Mr Cee to be posting this weekend. If anyone else wants to post a riddle, feel free. Cheers!
26/Aug/13 12:21 AM
I can honestly say that that is the first time I have ever seen a close up of a seal tongue.
26/Aug/13 12:24 AM
I'm game.

Inside each set of the following words, there are a pair of smaller words. By putting & between them, lo & behold, you'll make a familiar phrase. For example, 'Thighbone/Swallowtail' conceals 'High & Low.'

1. Skyrocketing/Trolleyman
2. Thermometer/Apoplexy
3. More...
26/Aug/13 12:26 AM
Happy Sunday!
Didn't complete yesterday's challenge, but I think it was Burt Lancaster (not Reynolds, in that famous scene with Deborah Kerr
26/Aug/13 12:51 AM
Good morning people of the world.
26/Aug/13 12:59 AM
Go Topless Day
Kiss and Make Up Day
26/Aug/13 1:00 AM
Amelia, don't make Greg feel bad. He finds most of his mistakes himself. We don't have to add to his misery. More...
26/Aug/13 1:13 AM
HalT, Do you mean Aileen?
26/Aug/13 1:15 AM
I'm topless, Karen. (Actually, I WAS topless... B. made me put a shirt on!?!)
26/Aug/13 1:16 AM
Yes, Serena, I meant Aileen.
26/Aug/13 1:17 AM
Go ahead, Greg. I deserve it.
26/Aug/13 1:18 AM
Yep, I saw that mistake Aileen. Thanks. Should have corrected it earlier. Burt Reynolds was still in his teens when that movie was made. Duh!
26/Aug/13 1:22 AM
Hal, all I can say in your defense is 'what's in a name?'
26/Aug/13 1:23 AM
Serena, are you telling me you had to use Google for my puzzles? I don't know why!
26/Aug/13 1:36 AM
What a cute face!!!1
26/Aug/13 1:39 AM
Canuk Greg, because you wouldn't accept ''don't know'' for DK.
26/Aug/13 1:41 AM
In honor of Go Topless day, statue posing can sometimes inspire doing just that. Broni and I, some time ago, challenged each other, and here was my offering:
26/Aug/13 2:03 AM
Keith, you're a lecherous old man!
26/Aug/13 2:11 AM
Serena, a good and very funny comeback!
26/Aug/13 2:12 AM
Pfffft to you too, Mr. Saeal. Funny photo.
26/Aug/13 2:39 AM
Good one, Keith. But I think mine ranks up there near the top: http://sudoku.com.au/PhotosBig.aspx?PID=12261&UID=21463&Go=Q6-12-1990
26/Aug/13 3:04 AM
Thanks, Greg.
26/Aug/13 3:06 AM
26/Aug/13 3:31 AM
26/Aug/13 3:32 AM
HalT and Keith you two leave me speechless
26/Aug/13 3:35 AM
Finally did the Sudoku. What was it that Madeline Kahn said in Young Frankenstein? Oh yes it was 'No tongues.'
26/Aug/13 4:43 AM
But, but, Shosho. That's the whole idea. That's what we're here for.
26/Aug/13 4:43 AM
Right, Keith????
26/Aug/13 4:44 AM
I thought I was being rather modest.
26/Aug/13 4:47 AM
Morning all, naughty seal poking it's tongue out.
It seems I was in trouble even before I got out of bed, never mind Hal I forgive you the mix up.
26/Aug/13 5:18 AM
I had to get up as my coughing was keeping his highness awake.
26/Aug/13 5:20 AM
Where has everyone gone ?
26/Aug/13 5:22 AM
Oh well...BOP
26/Aug/13 5:22 AM
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