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Easy Sudoku for 26/August/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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26/Aug/15 12:00 AM
26/Aug/15 12:01 AM
Name or spelling error?
26/Aug/15 12:09 AM

She ate 4 pieces.

In the today we have Wombat, Judy, and Peter. Today's winners can cut the prize into however many pieces they want.
26/Aug/15 12:12 AM
Since the two boys are sleeping right now, maybe I'll eat the whole thing ...
26/Aug/15 12:18 AM
The early bird gets the worm.
26/Aug/15 12:24 AM
Or shouldn't that be the pizza Serena.
26/Aug/15 12:31 AM
Today's puzzle consists of the names of ten vegetables as opposed to animals or minerals ( so expect flowers, fruit and so forth). The names of the vegetables each consist of six letters which have been divided into three lots of two letters. These have been randomly assigned into three columns, More...
26/Aug/15 12:49 AM
Happy Tuesday!
Maybe this time, I'll remember to send my answers to Wombat in a timely manner
26/Aug/15 1:43 AM
for a few more minutes, y'all! Payroll for the hourly folks so just a quick drop-in for now.
26/Aug/15 1:49 AM
I'm thinking misspelling, Serena... English might not be the primary language of whoever submitted.
26/Aug/15 1:51 AM
I've only had a short time to work on Wombat's puzzle. Hopefully. I can get back to it later.
Give it a try, it's a fun one!
26/Aug/15 1:54 AM
Greetings, everyone!
26/Aug/15 1:59 AM
26/Aug/15 2:05 AM
I think it's a spelling error.
26/Aug/15 2:46 AM
It could be a trigger for comments? Happy face, nice smile!
26/Aug/15 5:04 AM
WOW. Slow day....
26/Aug/15 5:08 AM
Strappin' on BOTH tennis shoes to at least help Keith gallump...
26/Aug/15 5:08 AM
Ran payroll, so my coworkers will like me tomorrow.
26/Aug/15 5:09 AM
Then followed up on the office credit card, making sure we're not maxxing out.
26/Aug/15 5:09 AM
CP, gallump, and off to pick up my girlie-Qs (Silverteen and classmate who lives nearby) in the carpool line. Next?!
26/Aug/15 5:11 AM
everyone for the lovely birthday wishes I received. Had a great day, brunch with older son and his family then much to my surprise hubby took me out to dinner. Tuesday is his night out at the local Rural Fire Services, I cant remember the last time he wasn't there on a Tuesday!!
26/Aug/15 5:15 AM
sorry Keith
26/Aug/15 5:16 AM
Morning all,a happy smile to start the day.
26/Aug/15 6:41 AM
1:19. Good morning everyone.
26/Aug/15 6:53 AM
Good morning from another Canberran.
26/Aug/15 7:17 AM
4 Aussies on site this morning and three are from Canberra.
26/Aug/15 7:18 AM
Plus the lovely Lizzy G.
26/Aug/15 7:19 AM
Make that 5 CP.
26/Aug/15 7:20 AM
Good morning all. Frosty start - promise if a beautiful day.
26/Aug/15 7:21 AM
Wombat, where in Canberra are you. Chris, Triciam Joann and I are all in Tuggeranong. You?
26/Aug/15 7:21 AM
If = of
26/Aug/15 7:21 AM
Hello Sacky, lovely to see you.
26/Aug/15 7:22 AM
maEn -oh boy second time I am here early enough to make that clear.

Just wanna say I am not eating any salad Wombat prepares!
26/Aug/15 7:35 AM

Nice to see so many Canberrans here today. CP - Who is Triciam Joann?
26/Aug/15 7:37 AM
They just showed some film on the news of the tornado and its destruction as well as the flooding around Dubbo. Is Kate the only one with relatives in that area? It's pretty bad flooding with it still raining around Adelaide where Suzy lives.

I hope everyone stays safe.
26/Aug/15 7:40 AM
Good afternoon to all! I'm back! Had some computer issues, but all is resolved.
26/Aug/15 7:43 AM
I was at the hospital for a few hours this morning for my re-evaluation on my shoulder injury. Sadly, it is a dislocation. I was offered two choices, surgery or let it heal on its own over time. I chose let it heal. The bad news, I will always now have a bit of bone sticking up on my shoulder regardless of which option I chose. In the future, I'll be the hunch-shoulder of Ottawa!
26/Aug/15 7:49 AM
I'll see if I can turn the page.
26/Aug/15 7:49 AM
Here we go.....
26/Aug/15 7:50 AM
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