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Easy Sudoku for 27/January/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Oh, what a feeling.
27/Jan/11 2:02 AM
This is really going to be a super day.
27/Jan/11 2:02 AM
Vici is there a limit on how many times we can vote?
27/Jan/11 2:06 AM
Good morning. My son is suppose to come today and put my bedroom bookcase back on it feet. The last earthquake till it over on the wardrobe. It took me two days to see it. I have been getting clean close out of the dryer (and not putting the rest away). Yesterday had to load the washer, so I noticed.
27/Jan/11 2:08 AM
heat oven to 200C ish
prepare your tray with baking paper and if you want to be precise a circle marked on it to show where to dollop the meringue

beat 4 egg whites to soft peak stage

gradually and slowly add 1½ cups (330g) caster sugar (or less to taste) until firm peaks More...
27/Jan/11 2:12 AM
I tryed to find that site for voting, but got nowhere. What search engine do you use. I tryed yahoo, and Google.
27/Jan/11 2:15 AM
In case you didn't realise--that last post of mine was a pavlova recipe with commentary--it took a while to type so it's not next to the request for the recipe.

Thanks for the homminy comments (homminy comminey I feel a Dr Seuss coming on)
27/Jan/11 2:15 AM
Both grits and hominy are hulled and dried corn products. If the kernels are boiled whole, they become hominy. If the kernels are ground into a coarse meal and then boiled, you get grits.
I like hominy... and grits too, if prepared properly. I particularly like a cheese grits caserole that Ms. T makes.
27/Jan/11 2:31 AM
Phantie Pantie ... I did NOT kill the frog! Now, YOU, on the other hand ...
27/Jan/11 2:36 AM
An old man, a boy & a donkey were going to town.
The boy rode on the donkey & the old man walked.
As they went along they passed some people
who remarked it was a shame the old man
was walking and the boy was riding.

The man and boy thought maybe the critics were More...
27/Jan/11 2:45 AM
Colo Jim... Good illustration of why trying to please everyone doesn't work.
27/Jan/11 2:56 AM
HalT - A few years ago I had grits every morning for breakfast (for a whole year) and I haven't had grits since!
27/Jan/11 2:59 AM
I like the sound of Fiona's puzzle, but I'm working on some research right now and can't take the time to study on it and think it through. Maybe tonight or tomorrow morning?
27/Jan/11 3:03 AM

Were you in prison for the year?
27/Jan/11 3:05 AM
Thanks, Ceri! I looked it up on wikipedia before I posted for a recipe, and wikipedia says cornstarch is an essential part of the recipe, but yours doesn't have it, so it's maybe not so essential?

I've made something similar. It was called Ambrosia Pie. It was a meringue "pie More...
27/Jan/11 3:08 AM
Happy Wednesday!
Hullo, cute puppy!

Colo Jim: good one!

Judy: a bit puzzled; didn't get your frog reference--may have to go look @Phantom's summation from yesterday to check that out (or not)

Just a quick peek in before going to some appointments...
27/Jan/11 3:10 AM
I like grits made with milk and served with butter and Alaga syrup. Needless to say, I don't let myself eat it often.

Oh, bother, I have work to do. I'm letting myself get distracted again.
27/Jan/11 3:21 AM
Hello, Aileen. You sound chipper!
27/Jan/11 3:22 AM
Bryn is just as cute as cute gets.
27/Jan/11 3:39 AM
all. I was really buggered that my league tennis match was cancelled this morning due to rain.
Ceri, thanks for taking the time to type out the pavlova instructions. I'm determined to finally try to make one this year using some of the new crop of Plant City More...
27/Jan/11 3:40 AM
I confess that I like both grits and hominy. I love a good cheese grits casserole, HalT. Could I have some of your wife's, please?
27/Jan/11 3:41 AM
Nope, Neil! Never incarcerated! I was a self-imposed grit eater!
27/Jan/11 4:16 AM
all - foggy again outside was clear this morning at sunrise.

I'm surpried that Karen doesn't like grits & hominy. I always thought of them as southern food like collard greens. Never developed a taste for them.

Fiona are the tomatoes green?
27/Jan/11 4:33 AM
Eve I don't think the colour of the tomatoes will change anything!
27/Jan/11 4:37 AM
Fiona - Fried Green Tomatoes - the south.
27/Jan/11 4:48 AM
Good afternoon to all! Bryn looks cute and cuddly!
27/Jan/11 4:55 AM
Vici, you have my support in the contest, but since one has to either login or register to vote, I am reluctant to do either. Sorry.
27/Jan/11 4:57 AM
Jim, good one, but if I had posted that Phantom would have been all over me!
27/Jan/11 5:05 AM
Shiela, you make it sound like punishment. Any (logical) reason why you ate grits for just one year?
27/Jan/11 5:10 AM
Lookee there. I got 69!
27/Jan/11 5:11 AM
I got the private message about the Superbowl, and thnaks! As an aside, isn't it funny that people got all worked up about Julian Assauge being accused but not charged of sexual sexual harassment but a million dollar NFL quaterback gets accused but not charged and no one even blinks.
27/Jan/11 5:11 AM
Didn't mean to have two "sexuals" in there, especially after Hal's comment.
27/Jan/11 5:14 AM
A major and private are seated side by side receiving shaves from the army's barbers. The major is asked if he'd like aftershave, but explains that he wouldn't or his wife will think he'd been in a brothel.
The private is then asked the same questions and replies loudly, 'Yes, pour it on. My wife doesn't know what a brothel smells like.'
27/Jan/11 5:18 AM
Hi Shiela,

I really didn't think you had. But, as HalT asked, Why?

And, after reading what HalT said what they were, I don't think that I would ever eat them.
27/Jan/11 5:23 AM
Even though I am a born and bred Texan, I have been accused of being not right. I do not care for greens, grits, hominy or a lot of sauce. I do not own a pair of boots or a hat. Oh, I can also live without BBQ and some times, I have a meal without meat. Man really does not feel like he has had a meal if there is no meat.
27/Jan/11 5:29 AM

I am sure that nobody on this site would accuse you of 'being not right'.

PS: You haven't yet posted what Day it is (that I've noticed), eg, yesterday was Opposites Day - what Day have you got on your special calendar (and please don't say Wednesday or Thursday). Ta.
27/Jan/11 5:47 AM
Good morning.
27/Jan/11 5:48 AM
Holiday's over.
27/Jan/11 5:49 AM
It's back to work.
27/Jan/11 5:50 AM
Oh well, it was a nice break.
27/Jan/11 5:50 AM
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