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Easy Sudoku for 27/November/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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What the heck--CP and over we go.
27/Nov/07 2:55 AM
Hi Mr. John! to Sudokuland!
27/Nov/07 3:14 AM
Jaffy, if you're around, I sent an e-mail for the Crazy Food Names list.
27/Nov/07 3:18 AM
27/Nov/07 3:28 AM

If you have been having a full moon there, we must have been having a full moon here too !
The full moon is pan-global. We see it at different times, but ---
(Now there's another useless piece of information!)
27/Nov/07 3:36 AM
3:24. Good Maen to All
27/Nov/07 4:05 AM

With all my best wishes to You.
27/Nov/07 4:07 AM

All my best wishes to You.
27/Nov/07 4:11 AM
Rayray - I wanted to send the horoscopes to a friend, while this may say 'send this to a friend" It doesn't mean it. How do you pass on the really long ones?
27/Nov/07 4:39 AM
all - had another glorious sunrise - chilly out again - ice on the deck & the forcast is for rain/snow showers later.

Pup: Mom, the diet worked great, but now what to do with all this skin that is just hanging loose.

Mom: You'll grown into it. You are just so cute.
27/Nov/07 4:41 AM
Rayray - love your horoscopes! And I loved Jaffy's yesterday. Who needs "professional" 'scopes? I think we should all take turns writing them each day. By the way, Rayray, your message to us Virgos was most inspiring. Party time!!!

27/Nov/07 4:49 AM
Updated my U-tube with a 4 song medley from an 80's concert at the Forum in Los Angeles I attended. This is the last in this current series of my favorite artist - NEIL DIAMOND.

Hope you enjoy the video and the painting.
27/Nov/07 4:49 AM
Full Moon Information: This month's Full Moon occurred at 2:30 PM Greenwich Mean Time. What appeared to be a full moon before that date was, in fact, a "Waxing Gibbous Moon". What appears to be a full moon after November 24 is a "Waning Gibbous Moon". So now you know!!!!
27/Nov/07 4:57 AM
Oops! I forgot to put the date of the Full Moon. It was November 24.
27/Nov/07 4:58 AM
Julie appy belatedly - hope you both have a great B-Day Month!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
27/Nov/07 4:59 AM
2:07 A corduroy dog--how cute!
Julie, and a belated , Appy. Hope you both celebrate(d) joyfully with people you care about. Raining here today, so glad I got my neighbourhood walk in early. Cheers, all!
27/Nov/07 5:02 AM
I'll send you a proper copy as a prvate message, then you can Copy & Paste it to your E-Mail. You might like to make a word-file and Copy & Paste it there first of all.
27/Nov/07 5:18 AM
Kathy Fl - one or two hunks of chocolate winging their way to you - let me know how you found the taste of them! Thanks Mo, all those soft centres were quite a mouthful!
27/Nov/07 5:23 AM
It proved too long for one 'private message' (it's more than 3000), so I divided it into two successive messages.
You will be able to Cut & Paste one half after the other and make one E-Mail (via a word-file if you so wish). Please let me know if, or not, it's all there
27/Nov/07 5:27 AM
Anybody have a steam iron??? Love those little floppy ears
27/Nov/07 5:47 AM
Good maeN!

"Now, when I've stapled my stomach, I'll definitely need a full body lift."
27/Nov/07 5:54 AM
Juile and a belated one Appy
27/Nov/07 5:56 AM
2:24 Hi to all.

Thought for the Day:

It's all right letting yourself go as long as you can let yourself back.
27/Nov/07 6:00 AM
Happy belated birthday Anu and Linda and to Julie today hope you have a good one xx
27/Nov/07 6:01 AM
Belated to Appy !

And to Julie!

27/Nov/07 6:04 AM
Good afternoon to all! That dog hasn't grown into its skin yet!
27/Nov/07 6:18 AM

Hope you enjoy Fleetwood Mac performing "Go Your Own Way." Cheers!
27/Nov/07 6:19 AM
Julie, from a former Illinoisan! Have a wonderful day/days/week/month! What the heck, have a wonderful year!
27/Nov/07 6:37 AM
Fiona - I had to go back and try them all again just don't seem to be able to choose a favourite! Do send it to André maybe she can decide on her favourite although JD isn't there.
27/Nov/07 6:42 AM
I thought I'd share this with you all.

A Message by George Carlin:

The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter tempers, wider Freeways, but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but have less, we buy more, but enjoy less. We have bigger More...
27/Nov/07 6:49 AM
That should finish 'Who Cares?'
27/Nov/07 6:50 AM
Good Afternoon to all. Rainy, and warming up, which means we are now getting very foggy outside. But its warm, and nice and bright inside as I get to enjoy my sudoku fix. Let a smile brighten your day/night where ever you are or wish to be. Peace!
27/Nov/07 6:51 AM
GannieMo....George certainly said a mouthful! Thanks for sharing. Now, I see that you've been sharing the chocolate...but I haven't found mine yet...have I just overlooked it?
27/Nov/07 6:58 AM
I would send it to you if I had your email, Mamacita
27/Nov/07 7:01 AM
Mamacita, you sure need to see this chocolate!!! Will fwd it if necessary!
27/Nov/07 7:02 AM
I have to keep returning to the selection, don't you,Fiona?
27/Nov/07 7:05 AM
27/Nov/07 7:07 AM

to you Julie. Hopefuly someone is spilng you today.
27/Nov/07 7:35 AM
Julie, have a great day, then a great month, then a great year... well have a great life!
27/Nov/07 7:52 AM
Mo and Fiona, addy has been sent to you both....thanks!
27/Nov/07 8:06 AM
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