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Easy Sudoku for 27/May/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Beehive what is a plonker? Is that like a w@^!*r who has been on the plonk?
Bostonian - I was suggesting free registration before you can post, which means that you require some sort of a name. Hey let Gath sort out the programming. On other site you have to register, why not here?
Good Maen. 3:11 my fastest yet. I must be really up even though it is grey out side. We had strong storms last night and more rain today. I hope the holiday weekend improves.
missielely - I wasn't suggesting being a supporting member, just some sort of registration. You could still be anonymous of course.

Mandy - A plonker is basically an idiot, dummy etc, you get the picture.
That's very pretty. Nice sun. I love it.
And of course the other advantage of putting recipients names in here is that you can reply to a lot of comments and you aren't restricted by the length of the 'name' field. eg as above.
My time was 2:29, the photo is of a nice sunrise/sunset with vibrant coLORS and a few sunbeams. I think the person posting the comment should eith either do as I did above, or if addressing a specific person, say, for instance, 'Name: To Beehive From: Baz'
As far as paying to be able to post a More...
Tongue firmly in cheek!
Jim - that would be impossible for Baz to do as he is a supporting member and we CAN'T change our details.
come on england ohhhhh come on england, we are the best sooooooooooo forget all the rest, england to mwin the world cup, come on england
Happy Birthday to Dave 5/26/06 USA time and Happy Birthday to Deb. 27/5/06 OZ time. Travel safely and most of all enjoy your trips you guys are on and get plenty of rest and relaxation.

(A little something I found)
Because you've been so sweet and understanding--
In toughest times More...
Nice picture, it is a wet Friday afternoon here. We have a long weekend as it is a bank holiday. See you Tuesday.
Thank you amma/Wash....you should write for Hallmark cards..
Good Maen everyone...another wonderful day.
Have a great day and holiday weekend or for Deb, holiday two weeks. Good night OZ.
Greg...I like your idea of requiring registration. And leave the pay option just that...an option. It would eliminate a lot of the rip-rap.

Regards, Dave Oregon/Arizona
Have to go to work today....talk to you all later.
As you can see, that is another member being silly.
gee SU these puzzles can be a SU to sovle
i can lay really good
Beautiful picture, thanks and thank you Beehive for looking after all our best interests so diligently so that people like me can just enjoy this wonderful site. Cheers!
Beehive - We know you are a supporting member, when there is a comment from a fake it doesn't have supporting member next to the name! Then we are onto IT.
Bostonian, I like your idea of a To: box with All as default, but easilly changed for a comment intended for only one person.

Beehive, I see your concern and agree that using the 'From' to mean from the writer rather than to mean where the writer lives is confusing. Wouldn't the above suggestion solve it?
To Dave/Oregon,AZ and Deb/Brisbane:


...and many more...

Also to Beehive, I don't like the idea of requiring everybody to register to post, because lots of the 'rip-rap' comments are quite entertaining. A lot of the charm of this site is that it is welcoming to all.
Good mAen. It's partly cloudy, but finally getting warmer. It's suppose to be in 70s today, and 80-90 by Monday. Have a good long weekend, to all in U.S. and England, other wise have a good weekend!!!!

Happy B'day to Dave and Deb.

I agree, some of the comments do get More...
SUSAN: You brought up a good point about my discussion of lay/lie. I have NO idea how to conjugate 'laid' when it is used in the context of 'being _____'!
NAL: Good basketball series, eh? It will likely go 7 games.

Go Pistons!!
The current set-up is indeed ambiguous. The above (if it comes through) is a suggestion for a simple solution for your consideration. :-)Given that it is simple to set up fictitious email addresses, registration may not solve your concerns. It hasn't seemed a consistent problem here, but perhaps I have missed the name appropriations?
Happy birthday Deb. I hope your holiday is perfect, and look forward to hearing all the details!
To all who thanked me for the birthday list, it was my pleasure. I'm still adding to it, and 'from' I did miss out mine because I always remember it. Loza, Dec 31 is nearly as hard as my son's. He'll More...
JEANNETTE: I can't believe that you completed four years of studies at Michigan in two years! I was grateful to finish four. Did you have time for fun? Your family sounds like a bunch of real smart cookies, but very well-rounded at the same time. I enjoy hearing about them.
Hmmmmmmmm Judy. Is there a reason why you need to know this? It's not something I teach kids so I've never thought about it. Are you trying to see if I can get thrown off the site? Will have to compose a delicate reply.
ED: Like Mamacita, I appreciate your kind and loving words about your wife. Your 'quiet' confession is truly amazing ... wish I could say the same thing! We are coming up on 37 years ... but of course I married young ... like at 10 ...
SUSAN: Hey, you brought it up! I retired last year as a reading teacher, but with mostly second language kids, I didn't have to delve this deeply into the complexities of English! If you WERE to teach such a thing, however, you could at least be sure that the kids were listening! :)
oops beehive, I meant they put own name in name box and addressee's name in from box

Judy, you give it a go first and I'll see what happens
To Susan and kat what Beehive means is that the supporting members can't do that. After they sign in all they can use is the comment section. Only the rest of us can do that but I see that it can be confusing and also for the new people.
see what I mean beehive.
Judy, there's no time for conjugating on the back seat anyway! It's 4.55 am here and I'm too blah to conjugate now. I had an exhausting week and passed out on the lounge around 9 pm, watching TV through my eyelids. No-one had the heart to wake me and send me to bed, so I More...
Good mAen everyone.

Happy Birthday and Deb. Wishing you the best as you celebrate!
Yes, I knew that amma, and there were no supporting members when this arose last year. If you want to make sure that a specific person gets your message, that person is more likely to notice it if TO X appears in bold first up. It doesn't worry me either way.
....still waiting Judy... might go have some coffee and fruit cake.

To Judy: Was there is little tiny joke there in saying you didn't kow how to 'conjugate laid?'

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