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Easy Sudoku for 28/October/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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28/Oct/10 8:09 PM
Tigger's 2nd bounce of the day.
28/Oct/10 8:09 PM
There's two of him because every now and again, the page won't turn when there's only one.
28/Oct/10 8:10 PM
It's become quite cool here.
28/Oct/10 8:11 PM
But I'm snuggly in jammies and dressing gown. See ya tomorrow.
28/Oct/10 8:12 PM
Hello everyone,great photo Colleen.
Jane, keeping the fingers crossed for good news.
Mo, so sorry to hear about Jasper.
Sue, good news about Olivia,she will have full head of hair in no time.
28/Oct/10 8:34 PM

Updated photo of the hand on my page.
28/Oct/10 8:54 PM
We've had some rough weather this arvo; very strong winds and heavy downfalls. We're now sending it over SA/Vic way.
28/Oct/10 9:19 PM

Today in summary.........

Easy – A dragonfly. Prefer them when they are younger and so do the trout.

John – Begins the day in Sudokuland.

Shiela – Must have been a bit windy in Michigan yesterday. Wonders about John.

Fiona More...
28/Oct/10 9:24 PM

Today in summary.........continued

GannieMo – In Singapore and gets some bad news about Jasper. Sorry to hear that. It’s never nice losing your pet.

CP – Lets Tigger out again then heads for bed.

Anne – Things is rough in Albany. More...
28/Oct/10 9:25 PM
Oh, Phantom - you're back. That's great news that you can type again. You have been missed.
28/Oct/10 9:26 PM
Thanks for the laugh about the jokes, Phantom.
28/Oct/10 9:29 PM
2.22 Great close-up Colleen
28/Oct/10 9:39 PM
It all began with an iPhone..

March was when my son celebrated his 15th birthday, and I got him an iPhone.
He just loved it. Who wouldn't?

I celebrated my birthday in July, and my wife made me very happy when she bought me an iPad.

My daughter's birthday was in August More...
28/Oct/10 9:44 PM
That joke was something I'd expect from The Phantom, or Jerry, or saylz or ColoJim.....
28/Oct/10 10:02 PM
I'm glad you recognise my skills, Phantom - sleeping, and procrastinating.
28/Oct/10 10:03 PM
Yep, I'm world champion material, at least for the second!
28/Oct/10 10:04 PM
Looked at the photo, Phantom.
28/Oct/10 10:07 PM
All that big bandage for that little cut???
28/Oct/10 10:08 PM
Bart Cummings is in hospital with a respitory problem - it was stated that he is in a "stable" condition.
28/Oct/10 10:34 PM
STOP THE CLOCK!!!! We can't have Melbourne Cup without Bart Cummings at the track.
28/Oct/10 11:11 PM
With that I going to bed. Goodnight all.
28/Oct/10 11:12 PM
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