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Easy Sudoku for 28/February/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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28/Feb/14 5:22 AM
Chuckle, chuckle . . .veni,vidi, whee whee! See you later!
28/Feb/14 5:23 AM
Keith, or anyone else who may be interested in California's lack of precipitation, may find this blog interesting.

28/Feb/14 5:24 AM
Bean, my post yesterday @ 7:36 PM has a flight status link.
28/Feb/14 5:27 AM
28/Feb/14 5:27 AM
Ya know, Bean, after reading the itinerary, I have serious doubts that I could keep up, anymore. It would be fun to try, however. Re: the 'wine rack', kinda reminds me of a military move, back in the day. Uncle wouldn't pay to ship the booze, so a drink the bar dry party was common.
28/Feb/14 5:33 AM
28/Feb/14 6:08 AM
Morning all,a very happy grandma.
28/Feb/14 6:30 AM
Four hours and counting til Kathy and Jane land.
28/Feb/14 6:34 AM
Thx DoA for posting the drought info. Suspicions confirmed.
28/Feb/14 7:03 AM
Good morning everyone. I hope Jane and Cathy have had a good sleep on the plane., because with the schedule they've set for themselves, they may not get to sleep again until they head back. I hope they have a blast. If the sudoku members have any say in it, they will.
28/Feb/14 7:17 AM
Good morning.
28/Feb/14 7:23 AM
If J and K arrive at the same time Mr P usually does, they are a couple of hours away.
28/Feb/14 7:24 AM
Will have to check out DoA's link.
28/Feb/14 7:24 AM
Looks cloudy outside.
28/Feb/14 7:25 AM
And it's cool.
28/Feb/14 7:26 AM
1:47. Good morning everyone.
28/Feb/14 7:28 AM
1.6'' in the last 24 hours at my house.
28/Feb/14 7:31 AM
HI all!
28/Feb/14 7:43 AM
#60. BOPP/TOPP and a half!
28/Feb/14 7:46 AM
Keith & Judy. I knew you all are all wet!
28/Feb/14 7:47 AM

I always knew Aussies were smarter than the rest of you. We voted climate change out at the last election, there's no such thing in Aussieland now.
28/Feb/14 9:15 AM
Happy Thursday day off!
Like Shosho, there was evidence of rain last night, but it was just a little misty when I went walking with a gal pal this morning.
Right now, it's 52 deg F and sunny!
28/Feb/14 9:31 AM

Saw a headline in today's Hobart Mercury.........'Dinosaurs sighted in Hobart'..........thought they were landing in Melbourne!
28/Feb/14 11:14 AM
Uh, they are BOTH younger than you, Old Fella ... LOL!
28/Feb/14 11:33 AM
girl's weekend got cancelled - bummer - but actually - I am an outdoor person and would prefer to travel up to Michigan and enjoy the lake view in nicer - warmer weather !! now, if there was a spa in the bed and breakfast -- well, I would enjoy that indoor activity.
28/Feb/14 12:25 PM
2:03 Good morning one and all!

A bit slow this morning but I've been rushing around and this is the first chance I've had to sit down.
28/Feb/14 12:40 PM
Everybody. I think it's fun how we're all anticipating Jane and Kathy's trip. I guess if I can't make the trip myself, I might as well enjoy following theirs. Have fun, ladies!
28/Feb/14 1:42 PM
Here's a link to the blog that Jane set up which shows their itinerary.
28/Feb/14 1:45 PM
To all the Californians: I hope you get a controlled amount of rain this weekend rather than so much that it causes mudslides, etc.

We're expecting your storm to be ice and/or snow by the time it gets here to Ohio on Sunday.
28/Feb/14 1:46 PM

Typical Californians, Dottie, keep all the good bits for themselves.
28/Feb/14 2:17 PM
Peter - At least we don't get the big bush fires or the mudslides...or at least they're very rare here!

DOA - I also thank you for the link about the drought. It affects our fresh fruit and vegetable supply, of course.
28/Feb/14 2:47 PM
Jane and Kathy have arrived in Australia!
28/Feb/14 2:57 PM
Yea! Our two travelers are in safe hands!
28/Feb/14 4:08 PM
Gail had met with them and took pictures of them.
28/Feb/14 4:09 PM
Hmmmm, so close, shall I try for it???
28/Feb/14 4:09 PM
getting there . . .
28/Feb/14 4:09 PM
I'm going to go for it!
28/Feb/14 4:10 PM
No one else around . . . wonder where everyone is?
28/Feb/14 4:11 PM
Ooops! Once more . . . BOPP!!!
28/Feb/14 4:12 PM
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