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Easy Sudoku for 28/March/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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I have a video spoof on a foreign call center that came to me on a Windows Media Viewer. I cannot find it on YouTube so I will email it to a couple of you and hope that it gets around our Sudoku community. It is hilarious....enjoy.
28/Mar/07 3:40 AM
2:19 Very stylish cat!
JIM: I'm groaning from your pun.
28/Mar/07 3:42 AM
LINDA: I won't comment about your ''beauty sleep'' reference ... that's one of those ''danged if you do, danged if you don't'' type of situations! Yes, I get up pretty early, but I also conk out early! At least I don't have my pooch curled up next to me, DAVE! Actually, there is something quite attractive about a man who admits that he sleeps with his dog ... :)
28/Mar/07 4:00 AM
Down, Judy, down.
28/Mar/07 4:02 AM
Ah, KEITH ... you're no fun! Simon never sneaks in beside you??
28/Mar/07 4:04 AM
2:42. yippy. another cat. any dog lovers out there?
28/Mar/07 4:08 AM
Hey, JINX ... did you see my note to you yesterday?
28/Mar/07 4:12 AM
A good suggestion would be to slowly step away from Spades and not turn your back.
28/Mar/07 4:12 AM
Simon insists on being in the middle.
28/Mar/07 4:14 AM
In the middle of what, KEITH?? LOL
28/Mar/07 4:18 AM
Darn, see what happens when I actually do some work, Judy & Keith are having all the fun! Just FYI, our dog sleeps in the middle too, and when the old fart is traveling, she gets his side!

Jinx, dog lover right here, check out my flickr photos on my page and you can see my dog(s).
28/Mar/07 4:25 AM
I was wondering where you were, LK! We need some more SA comments!

Two dogs here, JINX, and while they cuddle with us in bed, they retreat to crates for the night. The bed just ain't big enough for the four of us!
28/Mar/07 4:31 AM
I think I just fullfilled my SA comments for the day on Greg's page
28/Mar/07 4:33 AM
Keith - Got a king size bed? Judy wants to know but is afraid to ask
28/Mar/07 4:34 AM
Ya got CGreg pretty good, LK, but definitely not your best effort. Um ... I'll find out about others' sleeping arrangements by myself, thank you very much! LOL
28/Mar/07 4:37 AM
Too much room to wander in a King-sized bed, LK ... prefer a Queen myself ...
28/Mar/07 4:39 AM
Judy, I thought it was pretty good for not meaning to be a SA. Guess that is what happens when the fingers go faster than the brain!

Speaking of Greg, where is he? Can't believe he hasn't posted yet today, he must be working hard!
28/Mar/07 4:41 AM
I'm a Queen kind of guy too.
28/Mar/07 4:42 AM
You can have the Queen, I'll take my King sized full flow waterbed! Talk about being stuck in the 70's!
28/Mar/07 4:43 AM
With all of the recent bagging on Senior Citizens, I have been thinking about something for the last few days, and this seems a good time to spill it. I just want you pups to know, all of you innocent thirty and forty-somethings on this site, that, contrary to recents posts, Senior Citizens still fool around! Yes, children, your parents are having S*X ... deal with it, Kiddies!! LOL
28/Mar/07 4:45 AM
You might want to retract that last comment, KEITH ...
28/Mar/07 4:47 AM
Well Judy, that post doesn't bother me, but it would definately make my daughter cover her eyes and go 'EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW'!
28/Mar/07 4:49 AM
I think Keith would look very elegant in a tiara!
28/Mar/07 4:50 AM
No need to retract, I agree with you Judy, there's just too much room in a King. I'm exhausted by the time I make it to the other side to snuggle.
28/Mar/07 4:52 AM
Um ... that something to hold your hair back with?
28/Mar/07 4:53 AM
Sure Keith, you can use it to hold your hair back
28/Mar/07 4:57 AM
Judy, I worked gynecology for many years. I KNOW that those s*xy senior citizens are having s*x. I have succeeded in embarrasing my children with my romantic activity, now my goal is to embarrass my grandchildren.
28/Mar/07 5:17 AM
Carry on, SARAHBETH! Good goal you have there!
28/Mar/07 5:22 AM
gosh LInda and Keith and Judy are bletherers tonight! Hope you're all well!
28/Mar/07 5:31 AM
and mine's a King and no dog thank you!
28/Mar/07 5:32 AM
Blatherer (Bletherer)... had to look it up: One who talks nonsense endlessly ... Well! Thanks a bunch, FIONA! Geez! :)
28/Mar/07 5:35 AM
Good afternoon to all! Where's it's hat?

Seems like a lot of people on the site are sleeping with dogs!
28/Mar/07 5:36 AM
Fiona - I am working too!
28/Mar/07 5:36 AM
Speak for yourself, CG!
28/Mar/07 5:37 AM
LK: I almost hate to go to my page, so I'll go to yours first and check out your Chapin song. As to early mornings, I'm usually in the office by 7:30 (or earlier). Morning is the best part of the day!
28/Mar/07 5:40 AM
blether - a good Scottish word meaning to chinwag!
28/Mar/07 5:40 AM
no dogs with me Greg!!
28/Mar/07 5:41 AM
working LK? - come on the newsletter's done for this month, you can't have that much to do!
28/Mar/07 5:42 AM
Now, now, FIONA ... don't try to make nice with us! The damage has already been done ... besides, the ''American'' definition above is probably quite accurate ... LOL
28/Mar/07 5:43 AM
Judy - if the Mayflower crowd forgot ONE thing then it was most definitely a dictionary!!
28/Mar/07 5:44 AM
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