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Easy Sudoku for 28/April/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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One more push
28/Apr/08 4:09 AM
Yippie! shosho!
28/Apr/08 4:10 AM
forgot to "WHEEEEEEEE!!!!"
28/Apr/08 4:10 AM
Shiela, don't you have the Great Lakes by you? That's so big it counts!
28/Apr/08 4:11 AM
There's always a next time!
28/Apr/08 4:11 AM
Yes, but I don't live near right now. I grew up about 9 miles from Lake Michigan in the hilly northern Michigan area near Petoskey, but live now in flat SE Michigan. I REALLY miss them! I'll never seem at home here!
28/Apr/08 4:14 AM
Three men, a doctor, a priest, and a lawyer, said their good byes to their deceased friend who gave them $30,000 each to put in his casket before burial. The priest feeling guilty said, "I must confess I took $10,000 and gave it to the orphanage." Then the doctor confessed that he took More...
28/Apr/08 4:16 AM
Oooh, Shiela, work your way back. I can see your spirit needs to be there. In the mean time you should meditate with images of where you grew up. It'll lower your stress level, and make you happier!
28/Apr/08 4:21 AM
Judy - thanks for the information about the shark incident - none of that sort of additional, clarifying information makes the media reports. It had gotten quite a bit of reporting around here, but nothing ever mentioned about the "natural" nature of it.
Man and nature can be frightening at times, especially when man ignores what he should know about nature.
28/Apr/08 4:34 AM
Sorry, Judy, now that I've reread page 1 it was Keith I meant! Can't be afraid to go on with life. Just have to use some caution and be well read!
28/Apr/08 4:45 AM
Happy Birthday, Pauline!!
28/Apr/08 5:19 AM
Happy Birthday Pauline. It must be pretty lonely for you way out in the Gulf. I hope you have friends around to help you to celebrate your birthday. If not, then I guess your Sudoku mates will have to do - and they're not a bad bunch.
28/Apr/08 5:32 AM
Good afternoon to all! This young lady looks like a little ptincess sitting on her throne!
28/Apr/08 5:38 AM

Enjoy listening to BB King performing "The Thrill is Gone."
28/Apr/08 5:39 AM
From: A few last guesses, but I'm brain dead on that riddle. I believe it relates to time, but I'll pose a few more guesses, one of which is not time-related. Guesses: a second or a moment, and then an eye blink. I could have sworn it was dawn, but I still can't figure out your hint if you gave one.
28/Apr/08 5:43 AM
Again, on behalf of Fiona to keep this riddle thing alice, your need to discover words, names and phrases relating to a holiday season. You are to delete a few letters in each unrelated phrase in order to show the holiday. The remaining letters will be in the right order.
For example:
1. EACH More...
28/Apr/08 5:50 AM
I read about that shark attack Judy. Thet're pretty rare for the most part, most especially in Kansas Jeb. I kind of agree with you about swimming in the ocean though. I will go in (I've been in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific so far) but only in shallow water and just to say I did it.
28/Apr/08 5:58 AM
Now, now, Dave... It is Interstate 70 which runs thru Kansas. I have driven it from St. Louis to Denver and back several times. My friend fell asleep at the wheel in Goodland, and woke up unharmed, still driving, in Hayes, 100 miles east.
I thought Kansas was flat... till I moved to More...
28/Apr/08 6:35 AM
The child reminds me of a childhood photo I saw of Winston Churchill. May the youngster grow up to have as great an impact on society as Sir Winnie!
28/Apr/08 6:43 AM
maeN all! Happy birthday Pauline!
28/Apr/08 6:52 AM
FROM: no have not googled yet, but you are going to make us wait (I am with you CG)
OK Christ or an exploding planet.
28/Apr/08 6:54 AM
it's a cold one here in Chicago today, who misplaced our warm spring weather ???? Well, like teenage children - this too shall pass. I refuse to shut my window or turn on the heat -- Mary who can't sit down from standing to close to the oven just now.
28/Apr/08 7:13 AM
Hello World!!!
CG...My thrill has not gone yet, so I'll pass on BB King just this time....I really like him and Geraldine, but he may take my thrill away and I can't take the chance....
Meanwhile, I'll plod around in the Atlantic where I don't have to get more than my toes wet to More...
28/Apr/08 7:16 AM
The photo is 'Lady Muck', as my grandmother used to say. This same grandmother used to say 'stop your laughing' when someone cried...
28/Apr/08 7:25 AM
Ah Sue! That's where our rain went! It rained for 13 straight days in Sydney and dawned sunny for the weekend. Yesterday Leia had her 6th birthday party! The Gods must have been smiling on us!
28/Apr/08 7:34 AM
28/Apr/08 7:35 AM
Glinda, can you pass a message onto Todd for me, I have been lathering myself in goosefat for the journey across the ocean but I have a question; Do sharks like intzy, tintzy, weeny, teeny goldfish? Not that I am scared but... it would make me feel a whole lot happier if I knew before I set out... my scales are a bit wobbly!
28/Apr/08 7:38 AM
That is from Fred of course not me, I hate goosefat personally...
28/Apr/08 7:39 AM
And Fred is my long suffering Goldfish, he is so spoiled, he has a whole bowl to himself...
28/Apr/08 7:40 AM
CG: Probably wrong except for #4

2) SHOO --- T--S -AINT (6) (Valentines Day)

3) SA-IN- T-- NIC- S--P -AST (8) (Christmas)

4) -Y -UL-ET I- DE-- (6) (Christmas)

5) BE-ST- HE-LED ---- (7) (Derby Day)
28/Apr/08 7:44 AM
André - Fred won't have to worry about the Sharks, it is what the sharks eat that he has to worry about.
28/Apr/08 7:49 AM
André, I have an upside down male crayfish who would ordinarily try to eat Fred but since he molted and was attacked by the female crayfish, he lost his claws and his ability to be upright. So Fred would be quite safe with him.
28/Apr/08 7:57 AM
At a friends' place right now and just making a quick check in to see if From responded. (The bugger has me thinking too much about that riddle.)
EVE, BUZZZZZZZ! Sorry, none correct. Try again.
28/Apr/08 8:05 AM
Phew that is a relief Eve and shosho, Fred is a little unstable now and is chewing plankton like no tomorrow. I don't think the blow up shark I bought him is helping but I wanted to acclimatise him to the dangers and perils of the ocean. Admittedly it is taking up most of the bowl and his air supply...
28/Apr/08 8:05 AM
And a correction to the question (sorry Eve):

It should read "delete a few letters in each unrelated phrase in order to show the relationship to a holiday."
28/Apr/08 8:09 AM
I'll check back another time. Off to do a barbecue! I'm hungry!
28/Apr/08 8:11 AM
everyone, what a cutie love her relaxed pose.I haven't time to read the comments will try later on.
28/Apr/08 8:16 AM
Pauline hope you have a wonderful day.
28/Apr/08 8:18 AM
No 3 is Yuletide
28/Apr/08 8:22 AM
2.12 Wonder what she is thinking?!
28/Apr/08 8:24 AM
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