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Easy Sudoku for 28/July/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning...so far...

28/Jul/09 12:00 AM
28/Jul/09 12:00 AM
Good Maen
28/Jul/09 12:00 AM
Good Maen, everyone!
28/Jul/09 12:00 AM
1:52, time I was off to bed. Good night all.
28/Jul/09 12:02 AM
Good Morning!
28/Jul/09 12:04 AM
28/Jul/09 12:05 AM
One more for my favorite number and then it's off to work out!
28/Jul/09 12:06 AM
Good morning.
28/Jul/09 12:10 AM
There's just something about waterfalls!
We hiked in to see several waterfalls while on holiday in Ontario's Lake Superior Provincial Park last week. What a wonderful sound falls make!
28/Jul/09 12:13 AM
And no, I didn't trip! I meant the sound of waterfalls!
28/Jul/09 12:14 AM
FionaFest revelers!

The answer to yesterday's puzzle is ICON.
the vowels repeat themselves through the words in order.
Mo, CP, Greg, Tami, lonewoof, Margo, Plum, and CynB all figured this out!
28/Jul/09 12:28 AM
Shiela - Did you take pictures?
28/Jul/09 12:29 AM
That is somewhere I would like to go. I think a few people are back from Fionafest but still seems slow here.
28/Jul/09 12:30 AM
2:14 Maen! I actually recognized that photo before the caption showed up -- that's almost a first! Nice photo, too!
28/Jul/09 12:32 AM
We pulled into our driveway about 2:30 this morning! My Flight had been delayed several times. (Thunderstorms had delayed my plane all day where it had been!) We had a good flight home, but I did see a great lightening show off in the distance.

We had such a nice time and so much fun meeting one another! Time went by way too fast!
28/Jul/09 12:36 AM
Beautiful photo. I love falls, too, except when I break something.
28/Jul/09 12:37 AM
Okay, a break from the word puzzles. Did you notice there has not been ONE math puzzle? Big surprise


What happened in the middle of the twentieth century that will not happen again for 4,000 years?

Answers to my inbox, please.
28/Jul/09 12:38 AM
I've always wished I could live near a little natural waterfall. The F L Wright house in PA maybe, except that's made to be viewed from out of doors, and I want to see it from indoors with an outdoor living space planned around it.
28/Jul/09 12:39 AM
Oh, Debby! That is the reason why I drive instead of fly. What a nightmare!

Yes, time went by WAY too fast. We needed another week.
28/Jul/09 12:40 AM
Good Maen all! Welcome home to all the Fionafesters! Been hearing it was the BEST Sudokumeet EVER!
Beautiful picture - love Yosemite...especially in the spring when the falls actually have water!
28/Jul/09 12:45 AM
28/Jul/09 12:45 AM
Have a great day everyone! I going to unpack and dig out my camera cord! Time to work on pictures!
28/Jul/09 12:47 AM
Can't wait to see some shots of the festivities...are any posted yet? Heidi?
28/Jul/09 12:53 AM
Something on "toast"....
The word "toast," meaning a proposal of health, originated in Rome, where an actual bit of spiced, burned bread was dropped into wine to improve the drink's flavor, absorb its sediment, and thus make it more healthful.
28/Jul/09 12:56 AM
And what do they call a "french kiss" in France!!??
28/Jul/09 12:57 AM
"An English kiss"..may be..
28/Jul/09 12:58 AM
Or French toast.
28/Jul/09 1:00 AM
And let us now consider American cheese.
28/Jul/09 1:01 AM
Let's not consider American cheese, Glinda.
28/Jul/09 1:04 AM
It tastes like flavorless plastic.
28/Jul/09 1:05 AM
28/Jul/09 1:05 AM
What does flavorless plastic taste like, and how would you know?
28/Jul/09 1:08 AM
Happy Monday!
I finished loading my Boston vacation photos to my Flickr account:


See the thumbnails for the overview, and/or click on details to see my comments on the 221 pictures!
28/Jul/09 1:09 AM
Just checking in. Hi.
28/Jul/09 1:22 AM
Awe-inspiring photo!
28/Jul/09 1:27 AM
everyone. Debby & Heidi, glad to see that you are home safely. Debby - so sorry about that LONG hard trip! I got to my daughter's house about 7 PM last night. Got a warm welcome from the four grandies & a good dinner prepared by Amy. Spent a couple hours playing & More...
28/Jul/09 1:32 AM
Safe trip home, Kathy!
Aileen - the photos of Boston and the MIT graduation were very impressive.
I especially loved the Rhodes and garden shots.
Glad you had such a wonderful time!
28/Jul/09 1:35 AM
I have to admit to liking "real" American cheese that's 100% dairy, with no oils added. It costs more, but it's tasty and a wonderful texture when melted.
28/Jul/09 1:37 AM
Plum - where do you find "real" American cheese? I've only seen the stuff that says "processed cheese product" (or words to that effect, which means it is not real cheese at all - American or otherwise!!!) My idea of real American cheese is a nice sharp Wisconsin cheddar. Or any of the wonderful-sounding homemade cheeses you make!!
28/Jul/09 1:48 AM
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