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Easy Sudoku for 28/July/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Serena, has popped into my head again.
I have just finished the Sunday paper, on a Sunday. Just kept out a few ads, I want to study for school.
28/Jul/14 6:08 AM
Oh, a surprise, thrill. How nice.
28/Jul/14 6:10 AM
There has been talk about the one cup coffee makers, but after our weekend get away, decided, we did not want one. It would cost us a fortune in the coffee. Man is a pot of coffee guy, about 4 mugs, and I am a pot and half, gal. Those are estimated numbers, because, there are times, when I want more, and bring out the instant, or get a cup, during the night, if I get up.
28/Jul/14 6:18 AM
28 more to go, Serena.
28/Jul/14 6:20 AM
Looks like we'll get there with little effort.
28/Jul/14 6:23 AM
I decided not to tempt fate by leaving the kids to entertain themselves while I baked. Instead I asked them if they wanted to help make cookies. I told them to finish their snacks and play nice while I gathered the ingredients.
28/Jul/14 6:24 AM
So, I went and measured out ingredients while drinking my therapeutic beverage of choice (Pepsi). I only had to stop once for crying. Little boy stole little girl's necklace. I'm not sure how he did it since it has a clasp and doesn't just fir over her head.
28/Jul/14 6:25 AM
Then we washed hands. That was almost and ordeal but worked out. Then they took turns dumping ingredients and using the mixer.
28/Jul/14 6:27 AM
I found out that the trigger on the cooking spray is more childproofed than actual childproof containers. They couldn't work it so I had them push my thumb to help me do it.
28/Jul/14 6:29 AM
We now have about 4 dozen oatmeal craisin cookies with no bloodshed and minimal tears. The best part is that hubby woke up during this and is now taking his turn at child management/entertainment.
28/Jul/14 6:31 AM
Gooddmorning all.
28/Jul/14 6:34 AM
I wish you every success in reaching your target today
28/Jul/14 6:34 AM
I'm bracing myself for whatever the day throws at me and I'll be back later.
28/Jul/14 6:35 AM
I've made my wall contribution, but no need to thank me.
28/Jul/14 6:36 AM
CP and I'm off.
28/Jul/14 6:37 AM
This is the grinder hubby has. http://www.amazon.com/Proctor-Silex-E160BY-Coffee-Grinder/dp/B00006IUX5/ref=sr_1_1?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8 &qid=1406493498&sr=1-1

It's not too loud and it doesn't make messes. I don't use it because it's an extra step.
28/Jul/14 6:39 AM
Hey, every Sacky bit helps.
28/Jul/14 6:41 AM
Been out with Lynne doing some shopping errands, restocking the shelves and such.
28/Jul/14 6:41 AM
I am pampered...just as I hear the door slam.

The reason, I was able to look at the Sunday paper, on a Sunday, was because, Man and the girl, went to town, to meet up with MIL, to pick up the other girl. On the way home, there was a spontaneous stop at the movie theater.
28/Jul/14 6:42 AM
Chatroom is back!
28/Jul/14 6:43 AM
Just in case anybody doesn't know, my Avatar is of a chocolate Big Ben, in AndreƩ's honor for two reasons, 1) We share a love of chocolate and have done a chocolate exchange, and 2) The English connection.
28/Jul/14 6:44 AM
In case anyone/everyone failed to notice the old decrepit dusty chatroom has been back in use and works!
28/Jul/14 6:44 AM
Wasn't even thinking, but got the LOL again.
28/Jul/14 6:45 AM
The Chatroom has been back functional for some time. I can remember when it was very popular. I can also remember it ruffling a lot of feathers.
28/Jul/14 6:47 AM
I think I'll back away, to make sure I don't step on Serena's 111.
28/Jul/14 6:51 AM
1:51. Good morning everyone.
28/Jul/14 6:59 AM
I really didn't want to have to cp my way to 111 but it looks like I may have to.
28/Jul/14 7:45 AM
Hubby asked what my dinner thoughts were. Silly me, thought my ''cookies'' answer would encourage him to take matters into his own hands.
28/Jul/14 7:47 AM
Mother nature is doing the thunder thing right now. No rain or lightning, just thunder and unhappy looking clouds. Not to mention the unhappy little boy who doesn't understand why mom won't let him go play in thunder.
28/Jul/14 7:50 AM
Hopefully someone took that woman out to eat so she has better things to do this time.
28/Jul/14 7:50 AM
28/Jul/14 7:51 AM
Yay!. Keith, you can come back now.
28/Jul/14 7:52 AM
The rain caught up with the thunder. My oven just beeped at me. I'll check in later.
28/Jul/14 7:53 AM
Well done! I know how hard it is to wait and hope somebody will get you closer without stealing it for themselves.
28/Jul/14 7:57 AM
Good work Serena. It is fun when we all get together and keep posting. Thank you Andre for letting us know that you are still OK. I had fun yesterday when I went back and looked at who participated on 11 June 2010. What happened to Glinda? Long time no see.
28/Jul/14 7:59 AM
I got on the chat room a few times but could not keep up. I probably type a bit faster now than I did then.(I had never learned to type).
28/Jul/14 8:01 AM
I'm in town, but had to stop by to see if Serena was successful. Well done!
28/Jul/14 8:37 AM
Sorry to miss you Andre but here us a good piece of chocolate for you.
28/Jul/14 9:02 AM
It has been a very restful day here. Have watched some TV, read some of my book, played on my phone, read a magazine. Oh, we also had shrimp and salad for lunch-dinner.
28/Jul/14 9:05 AM
I wish it would it rain, I do not like dreary days.
28/Jul/14 9:07 AM
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