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Easy Sudoku for 29/January/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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boo hoo

29/Jan/08 11:38 AM

Kate: see also ttp://www.asciitable.com/

[add an "h" at the beginning]

29/Jan/08 11:42 AM
Yes Kate and André -
There is a section in Forum about using the Alt key - it's all in there and I just found á (Alt160) for you Kate but André beat me to it.
29/Jan/08 11:43 AM
2:40 Good Morning everyone. Only one more sleep until my daughter starts high school and then the excitement level in this house will start to go down... and so will the work load cause it will mean all the labels have been sewn onto the clothes and all the books will have been covered. Now, I don't mind the covering but the sewing thing is just plain frustrating.
29/Jan/08 11:50 AM
Rose, there are mothers all over Australia breathing a sigh of relief this week - back to school - My grandkids went back this morning - as my daughter said "Woo Hoo"!!!!! 6 0r 7 weeks is a long time.
29/Jan/08 12:07 PM
For a few horrible moments there, my supporting membership had expired.

It's all good now though, I've paid up and I'm back in Gath's good books.
Gath for reinstating me.
29/Jan/08 12:13 PM
Hi Fiona, I have checked 2 atlas(?)es! One is published in GB (printed in Italy) & the 1st map is a flattened globe (over two pages) with the America's on the Lt & Aust on the Rt & it shows physical aspects, the 2nd is the same except it shows political aspects. The next 2 pages has the More...
29/Jan/08 12:29 PM
Finally got around to reloading the last photos from the float. The first 197 are on Flicker. The balance are now in my Photo Gallery. They had been there but - lost during the tragedy that fell upon our beloved Sudokuland. Most of these were taken just before the big judging on the 31st - out More...
29/Jan/08 12:33 PM
Hope you enjoy the float photos.
29/Jan/08 12:37 PM
Well - they all just disappeared. They were showing up as duplicates before, so I deleted the one without the description and now only the description remains as it was before I resubmitted them all. Yuck -
29/Jan/08 12:56 PM
Hello again, at work again, time to check in but not read posts.
I'll try to catch up later.
29/Jan/08 1:10 PM
to all and Hi to Denny.
29/Jan/08 1:28 PM
Rayray - sent you a private message, and got the dialog box that "Message was sent" so maybe you'll get it - eventually. Hope all is well.
29/Jan/08 9:19 AM
WHOA! My post says 29/Jan/08 9:19 AM and Broni's just before mine says 29/Jan/08 1:28 PM. Cue the theme from The Twilight Zone. We're going backward in time!
29/Jan/08 9:21 AM
Why do long weekends have to end? It is so cruel. West Perth is just plain subdued. You have the stress leading up to Christmas, then Christmas and the attached PHs, then New Year (have another PH to get over the hangover) then when your house is free of trees and santas you have three beautiful More...
29/Jan/08 9:22 AM
Eve, I had the same experience when reposting my photo gallery pictures.....I kept on doing the same thing, until now all but one has remained posted. I'm afraid to try to add the one missing picture at this time.....lol. I'll tackle it again one day.
29/Jan/08 9:24 AM
It's funny to think of everyone getting up and going to get the atlas off the shelf. I did it, too. What power Fiona has! I have a Hammond World Atlas, published and printed in the USA, and after the planet and the whole world, sure enough, Europe is first and the UK and Ireland is next.
29/Jan/08 9:25 AM
I meant all of Europe is shown first, then the countries in Europe, beginning with UK and Ireland.
29/Jan/08 9:26 AM
Oh Julie,the times are far apart aren't they...its been a slow day on the site...but has it really been that slow? Guess we'll find out at some point or other. Its almost 11:30 EST here and nearing my bedtime...so I'll check later tomorrow to see what has happened. Have a good day or night where ever you may be! Goodnight!
29/Jan/08 9:30 AM
Hi Eve, I did exactly what you did, yesterday and I was quite peed off. So I have several double ups in my gallery.[ So now there are the R word in my Gallery.]
29/Jan/08 9:36 AM

and doing a time check. LOL
its 3.38pm here
29/Jan/08 9:37 AM
Hi Angie, I didn't notice the posting time. it's well out of wack.
29/Jan/08 9:40 AM
OK am I in a time warp?
3.43pm and seems the clock is 6 hours behind now instead of 6 hours in front when we were temporary parking!
29/Jan/08 9:44 AM
Hello ppl.. a quick visit as I wait for the car to arrive,to leave to Mom's place. well I have been away from home, spending time with mom as bro and his wife are not in town.
A BIG thank you to all my friends for RD greetings.A special thank you for Eve who had an extra enthu to post a video in her page honoring the day.
29/Jan/08 9:46 AM
hi to all....nice thought again Andre.....have a great day n keep smiling.
29/Jan/08 3:55 PM
Hi Everyone,

Sorry about the time - I was carrying out some maintenance & set the old time. It should be ok now.

29/Jan/08 3:56 PM
Just checking the time.
Ian from Boston for that link, I'll check it out now.
29/Jan/08 4:03 PM
Thank you Gath!
It's getting late for me. Since I have to get up at 5 AM I must sign off, even though having fun reading everyone's post. Eventually I must repost my pics. Hopefully I'll have more time to spend here with friends.
29/Jan/08 4:11 PM
I wish I could speed read, I wouldn't spend so long each day on here then. Hi all, lovely day here in Perth.
29/Jan/08 4:44 PM
Just popped in - nothing happening here - usual afternoon lull. Guess that means I should start thinking of what wonderful dinner I'll make for hubby. Ah, let him eat cake! I'm off for a nanny nap.
29/Jan/08 5:21 PM
OK - I have now removed all of the boxes with "x" from my gallery. Then I reposted the last 33 photos with titles, descriptons, etc. of the float building - through the big judging. I hope they do not disappear again. .

29/Jan/08 6:25 PM
Also posted 5 different Logo designs in my gallery & Angie has added some designs in her gallery - please check them out and comment on the "off-topic" ANTHEM, LOGO, FLOAT Forum. What you like about the various designs, suggestions for improvements. It is not that hard to delete, move or change most things on the designs.

29/Jan/08 6:25 PM
While I was at it, I updated my U-tube. If you are not familiar with Loreena McKennitt, and you enjoy the "Celtic" genre - have a listen.

"THE BONNY SWANS" - (Sheila/MI - in recognition of your new Avatar.)

29/Jan/08 6:26 PM
Now I will say all - it is going on midnight.
29/Jan/08 6:27 PM
bertie - secrets are vaulted...your poem was deeply moving and it is a crying shame I was the only one to witness it, it was so good that I can hardly recall it - emotional stuff does that to me...blue...hue...terwit terwoo - oh god, it's just too much...x

btw great globe Eve!
29/Jan/08 7:31 PM
Have uploaded a few more photos taken today of Lauren, Taylah and Ethan.
he is doing well and he had his blood tests repeated today so we await all the results, hopefully soon.
29/Jan/08 7:59 PM
Because I once learnt to sing two lyrical Vietnamese songs, I can read the message in Vietnamese earlier today with more or less correct pronunciation, but I cannot understand it. I do understand the 4 and the 7, which might refer to the weeks in a month and the days in a week. They could also refer to the most recent item on My Page, but if so I cannot reply without further understanding.
29/Jan/08 8:19 PM
all. 2.10 today, not bad for my first day back at work.
29/Jan/08 8:26 PM
Beautiful photos Rose, but where's the one with Nana/Grandma
29/Jan/08 9:47 PM
doo doo
29/Jan/08 9:51 PM
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