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Easy Sudoku for 29/November/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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1:47 Good night one and all!

I hope you're enjoying your weekend.
29/Nov/15 12:14 AM
Welcome to page 2.
29/Nov/15 12:15 AM
I must have done the puzzle in my sleep if we're on to page 2 already.
29/Nov/15 12:23 AM
to Serena, may you have a great day doing what you enjoy most.
29/Nov/15 1:20 AM

No, I did not post the above comment... Well, I did, but not today.
29/Nov/15 1:24 AM
Morning all
29/Nov/15 1:26 AM
29/Nov/15 2:31 AM
Happy Saturday 2 days off!
BRR! 48deg F outside, with Tai Chi in the park in an hour!
29/Nov/15 2:35 AM
I can say BRR too, Aileen. Here it's 28°F.
29/Nov/15 2:41 AM
a beautiful cold, rainy day here in OK.
29/Nov/15 2:49 AM
Between Aileen & Keith with 34F, just hope the rain has stopped for awhile.
29/Nov/15 2:50 AM
Good morning.
29/Nov/15 3:02 AM
Happy Birthday, Serena.
29/Nov/15 3:04 AM
Happy Birthday, Jan,
29/Nov/15 3:04 AM
Quiet Sunday planned here.
29/Nov/15 3:05 AM
Oops, except a trip to the mall with Mr P (His Royal Grumpiness when it comes to shopping) to buy some clothes.
29/Nov/15 3:08 AM
29/Nov/15 4:32 AM
Well, Aileen, I got you beat by one degree! 47ºF (8.333333ºCº
29/Nov/15 4:33 AM
meant to put in a parenthesis then a period but FFS and got the return key instead! Plus I was running in that weather this morning!
29/Nov/15 4:35 AM
Keith!!!, I'll leave temporarily so that you can get your 22!
29/Nov/15 4:36 AM
Hi shosho.
29/Nov/15 4:36 AM
29/Nov/15 4:36 AM
Didn't take long.
29/Nov/15 4:37 AM
I had to do a double take. The mosque almost looks like a picture background instead of the real thing.
29/Nov/15 4:48 AM
I'm back!!! Even after the feast, I still have to go grocery shopping! Argh! Well, won't have to buy too much! We still have odd item or two. Even a package of bacon. Forgot to put it in the broccoli salad. So much force myself to make BLT sandwiches this weekend!
29/Nov/15 4:48 AM

Meredith brought green beans on a brown plate and had 1/2 left.
Kelly brought Taquitos on a paper plate and the plate was empty.
Angela brought Marshmallow Yams on a green plate and had 3/4 left.
Phyllis brought pizza rolls on a More...
29/Nov/15 4:52 AM
All my timers are about to ding so I'm off.
29/Nov/15 4:53 AM
Slurp! Slobber! Snarf! Gobble! Gulp!
29/Nov/15 5:07 AM
Morning all, pretty building.
29/Nov/15 5:09 AM
Serena, have a wonderful day celebrating with your family.
29/Nov/15 5:13 AM

Today is the Ohio State University versus University of Michigan rivalry football game. I hope my UM friends are still talking to me after the game, regardless of who wins!
29/Nov/15 5:24 AM
CG - Good luck to your Ottawa team in the Grey Cup. I hope they win!
29/Nov/15 5:24 AM
Serena - Wishing you a Happy, Happy Birthday!
29/Nov/15 5:25 AM
Go Blue!!!!!! Close at the half, Dottie. Yeah, I'll still talk to you ... maybe ...
29/Nov/15 5:40 AM
Lovely clear mosque photo
and Happy Birthday Serena !
29/Nov/15 6:41 AM
Blue mosque against a blue sky.
29/Nov/15 6:47 AM
Turn out the lights ... the party's over ...
29/Nov/15 7:02 AM
Good afternoon to all! A lovely mosque. It's too bad that some are being used to corrupt folks to the dark side.
29/Nov/15 9:20 AM
Dottie, thanks for your support in the Grey Cup. Most others here in Ottawa are wishing for a win too.
29/Nov/15 9:23 AM
Judy, the party is never over. There is always another party in the future.
29/Nov/15 9:24 AM
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