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Easy Sudoku for 29/December/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Are we hanging around the bottom again?
29/Dec/10 3:52 AM
Oops, sorry. I used hanging and bottom again in the same sentence.
29/Dec/10 3:52 AM
all from rainy So. Oregon. Not as bad as other areas as to inches of rain. All the snow that was predicted earlier for Christmas - never got here (other than some white rain on Sunday when it was 33°) - we've had temps in the high 30's low 40's.
29/Dec/10 4:32 AM
Karen, is that kinda like "draggin' a$$"?
29/Dec/10 4:37 AM
Good afternoon to all! That's a lovely photo today. Thanks and well done to whomever submitted it!
29/Dec/10 4:38 AM
Well, in keeping up with all the comments.... their is normal weather here today for this time of the year. No floods, no major storms, no heat waves.... just cold weather. C'est la vie!
29/Dec/10 4:41 AM
Mom left yesterday (her 89th birthday). Got her to the airport at 1:15 (1 1/2 hrs before "boarding"). She went through Security within a half hour - didn't want to get caught in a line by waiting. After I got home, checked her flight to see if it left at 3. It seems that flight was More...
29/Dec/10 4:55 AM
The answer to yesterday's puzzle: united - untied

A new (and supremely overly ambitious) pet goes to: Greg and Grass-hopper. the lurker gets the little finned friend also for an, admittedly late, but correct, answer to Fiona's Christmas Eve puzzle.
29/Dec/10 4:57 AM
OOPS! Better late than never!
29/Dec/10 5:00 AM
Plum - loved your idea of a "Heritage Camp" for the family.

Jerry - #25 is probably why I didn't have children. I heard that one often voiced my way by Mom.

29/Dec/10 5:00 AM
....and we're off!

Begin with the word "SPARKLING" and take away one letter so as to leave a new word. Then take away another letter from the new word and leave a different word. Continue this, letter by letter, getting a new word More...
29/Dec/10 5:06 AM
Here is something good out of North Korea.
A kindergarden kid.

http://www.tvkim.com/watch/326/kims-picks-north- korean -girl-guitarist
29/Dec/10 5:37 AM
My spam box wants me to reelect Fiona. Want is Fiona running and why should I reelect her?
29/Dec/10 7:11 AM
29/Dec/10 7:21 AM
Morning everyone, a bright sunny day here.
With all the rain other parts of Aust have been getting the little bit we got wasn't enough we have had to water our garden this morning. We seem to be in a twilight zone.
A fantastic photo, love the reflections.
29/Dec/10 7:46 AM
Morning all
Grass-hopper, I'm glad you eventually got home safe and stay that way!

I have just posted a photo of a really big tree near my mother's house. The original one has my Ds standing underneath it - they couldn't now, they would be underwater!!

D1 is still here and not showing signs of flying the coop again anytime soon. Fingers crossed!
29/Dec/10 9:06 AM
My fingers are crossed, Suzy! What a transformation to the tree, Suzy!
I am so relieved this morning. I can't tell you! Last night it seemed our main computer was for the scrapheap and it also seemed that the back-up drive hadn't backed-up regularly as promised. I have spent 12 hours barely More...
29/Dec/10 10:31 AM
Thank you, Rayray, for the link. Truly amazing!
29/Dec/10 10:38 AM
Cyn, I lost a year of photos and videos and it broke my heart, so glad yours are intact! The moisture that invaded mine contained caffeine so I had nobody to blame but myself.

Shosho, mum is safely visiting us at the moment. I say safely but I spend Monday at the hospital after she More...
29/Dec/10 10:45 AM
It wasn't raining when I went outside 6 hours ago. Then there was a "mist". When I finished, shoveling gravel, a half hour ago, I was nearly soaked. One of those it happens so slowly you don't notice things.

Out of the wet clothes, and one Hot Buttered Rum later... All better now!
29/Dec/10 10:49 AM
Poms just bowled Australia out - so they retain The Ashes!!!!
29/Dec/10 11:55 AM
Mr P is not happy!
29/Dec/10 11:55 AM
He will not be the only Aussie that is not happy!
29/Dec/10 11:56 AM
WHO is not happy.
29/Dec/10 11:56 AM
In last of yesterday's comments, Peter posted that his 94 year old mum fell and broke her arm near her should yesterday morning.

Sending love and hugs to her, and you, Peter!
29/Dec/10 11:58 AM
I couldn't play golf today :( The course is too wet, so I guess it's housework today. Love your mum's sayings Jerry I'll send them on to my daughter because she has just had a baby. Shosho great thoughts for new year's resolutions,I'll do my best to live in the moment.
29/Dec/10 12:22 PM
Thoughts and wishes to Peter's mum
29/Dec/10 12:27 PM
I live only an hour drive away from here.
29/Dec/10 12:31 PM
That's pretty darn close, for Texas, Christina...
29/Dec/10 2:09 PM
So, Christina, I'm curious. What time of year was this photo likely taken? Autumn, Winter or Spring? The water is low, the low shrubby growth is green, there is brown in the tree at upper left and green in the water plus a clear sky. Could you even narrow it down to a month or two in range?
29/Dec/10 2:57 PM

I would say late autumn Plum, given the lack of leaves on the trees plus the brown ones remaining on the others.

BTW folks my mother remains in her local hospital. Looks like she'll be there for some weeks. I think they'll put her in aged care when she gets out.
She won't be happy with that, loosing her independence.
29/Dec/10 5:18 PM
Peter, I hope you mother's recovery is quick as can be, so that she get back to her life.

As for the picture, I would say October. The colors remind me of what it looks like out here after our last hay harvest. Which is generally at the end of September into Octber. As for the water, our small lake is always clear except in the beginning of Spring, so that is hard to judge.
29/Dec/10 5:34 PM
Good night people of the world.
29/Dec/10 5:56 PM
On a vacation suddenly turned into a hospital stay, my mother broke her arm just below the shoulder at age 85. She now has a shoulder joint and upper humerus made of titanium. The bones heal more easily than the muscles after that type of break and surgery. After months of therapy, it was More...
29/Dec/10 6:26 PM
Please think of Nola and her family and hope they are safe, just heard on the news Bundaberg is under water.
29/Dec/10 7:07 PM
Peter, just read yesterday's post about your Mum - hope the operation goes OK. I think the worst thing is their loss of confidence after they have fallen. Lots of good thoughts going her and your way. You must be worried.
29/Dec/10 7:30 PM
You poor banana benders! Hope the sun can shine for a little while and that this rain will move out to sea! As CP says the trouble is the amount of growth that will dry out and make more fuel for those dreaded fires. Thinking of you all. Hope some smiles might bring you a small amount of sunshine!
29/Dec/10 7:32 PM
Well I guess i amy as well keep going...
29/Dec/10 7:33 PM
You never know...
29/Dec/10 7:34 PM
I might just get to...
29/Dec/10 7:34 PM
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