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Easy Sudoku for 29/June/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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29/Jun/10 12:33 AM
Shosho - Yes, and Jammie also got the "A" for his correct-da-mundo answers to yesterday's riddle. Answering all the clues.

Daplap gets the first runner up - for being the first to answer and arriving at the final answer (which means she must have known all the others).
29/Jun/10 12:34 AM
Uh oh. Fiona's got a Nintendo ... we'll never see her again.
29/Jun/10 12:35 AM
I see you were not on the job yesterday grasshopper! Here's today's one, answers to the "Kathy's slipping" inbox please!

Can you decipher the following common phrase?


29/Jun/10 12:35 AM
A DSI XL Keith!!
29/Jun/10 12:35 AM
a kip in my neck of the woods is a nap, Eve.
29/Jun/10 12:36 AM
Fiona - I am glad you had a nice birthday, but I think I am getting old! I assume that is a game system?
29/Jun/10 12:36 AM
Well it's off to feed Gads just remembered that cat is eleven years old. My son wanted a cat for his fourteenth birthday. Years down the line when he moved out we were stuck with the cat because they didn't allow cats in boot camp!
29/Jun/10 12:37 AM
Jane happy anniversary and congratulations.
29/Jun/10 12:37 AM
No, Debby - it's a way to re-energise your brain after a certain age!
29/Jun/10 12:38 AM
Do you realize that we have almost surpassed the entire # posts for yesterday. In almost 40 minutes vs. 25 hours and these are not a bunch of CPs
29/Jun/10 12:38 AM
Well e x c u s e me. DSI XL it is. Same bottom line.
29/Jun/10 12:39 AM
Yes, Eve, it's been a real conversation. Fun to see it happen.
29/Jun/10 12:40 AM
My stomach is growling (and the dc is nipping my ankles), so will drop by later.
29/Jun/10 12:41 AM
Ohhh. Looks like everybody's gone back to bed. To CP or not to CP, that is the question.
29/Jun/10 12:41 AM
Not at all Keith; my two kids were literally dribbling in envy as I opened my parcel!!
29/Jun/10 12:41 AM
shosho answered it for me.
29/Jun/10 12:41 AM
I got the Nintendo DS Lite for Christmas, Fiona. The larger version wasn't out then. Be prepared to get absolutely hooked! Also be prepared for eye strain, sore wrists, and sore shoulder. I leave mine plugged in next to my chair in the family room. I never have to watch a TV commercial any more and it's always charged and ready to go!
29/Jun/10 12:45 AM
Keith - how was the Beaver Tail?
29/Jun/10 12:45 AM
What a morning!! Now I am really off - unless there are four more posts before I finish this one!
shosho - it is a pad with fans that goes under the laptop to keep it cooled.
29/Jun/10 12:49 AM
To keep what cooled Jamie? You or the laptop?!
29/Jun/10 12:50 AM
Whew - it slowed down! Back later today to see if we are even on page three by then.
29/Jun/10 12:50 AM
I'm not slipping, Bubbles! I wasn't home yesterday, and Eve was kind enough to post the puzzle she had sent me! Go play your games.
29/Jun/10 12:50 AM
My brain age is 20 Batty - what's yours?
29/Jun/10 12:51 AM
Fi - I AM cool (or would like to think so - I wasn't even cool when it was good to be cool!!).
29/Jun/10 12:51 AM
I am a Clubhouse Games fanatic, Fiona. I don't have Brain Age. I just researched it on Google. I'll have to get it. Some of it sounds like fun, but, do I really need to play more Sudoku??? And there seems to be math (shudder) involved!
29/Jun/10 1:24 AM
If you are passing out cooled beds, Shosho, I'll take one!
29/Jun/10 1:25 AM
Gotta go exercise my body now since I've exercised my brain! See you all later!
29/Jun/10 1:28 AM
If I had the mind of a 100 year old I could figure out that puzzle, Bubbles! Oh, wait. I'd probably be dead. No prob, still doable.
Pick me! Pick me! I know the answer!!
29/Jun/10 1:34 AM
Fiona - your meaning of "kip" will not work since the clue was 1% of a kip.
29/Jun/10 1:53 AM
Happy Anniversary, Jane and Jaime! Yep, you, Shiela, and I all can say, "I got mine in '69"!

Let's face it, Jamie, you are just way too hot (and cool!) for your computer!
29/Jun/10 1:53 AM
Yep, Fiona will now be spending all of her time playing with her Nintendo. At least that's better than what she usually plays with. She will no longer have time to cook and clean ... wait ... didn't the maid do those things anyway?
29/Jun/10 1:56 AM
Last night at Britt was Brandi Carlile - tonight is Joe Nichols. 5 nights of concerts of which I worked 4. Two nights off then 3 concerts (working 2) - dark on the 4th.
29/Jun/10 2:03 AM
Judy - tut, tut, tut
29/Jun/10 2:05 AM
2:03 to you all from beautiful sunny Portland, Oregon.
29/Jun/10 2:12 AM
She only cooks fairy cakes and cleaning consists of stuffing things under her sofas, Judy. She doesn't need a maid.
29/Jun/10 2:44 AM
I don't even cook fairy cakes, I BAKE them!!
29/Jun/10 3:03 AM
Good afternoon to all! Amy sure is a funny looking dog.
29/Jun/10 3:30 AM
I see yhay Keith has arrived back home. I bet it feels good to be back after your long trip Keith!
29/Jun/10 3:31 AM
WOW! Fiona! A Nintendo DSI XL! You've bben spoiled. What kind of gas mileage does that car get?
29/Jun/10 3:33 AM
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