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Easy Sudoku for 29/August/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Honestly, Shannon, I am really a quiet person. Ask anyone. Except friends and family. Just seems chatty because Thing I and II pop up a lot.
29/Aug/10 5:18 AM
Cool went over again. This time did not realize it was coming. Again a small thrill.
29/Aug/10 5:19 AM
Thankfully, we are quite busy here selling and renting horns. Have to make hay while the sun shines.
Between times, we are watching the Little Leaguers on TV. Texas vs. Hawaii game just started.
I am also cutting up vinyl floor tiles into 3 inch squares and More...
29/Aug/10 7:14 AM
Looks like a slow weekend afternoon on here.
Nice hummingbird picture and sky, etc.
With everything else this summer we never got the hummingbird feeders out at MIL's. If it is not too late, I may fill them this week and maybe I can get her out on the patio to see some as the days get More...
29/Aug/10 7:18 AM
Hello everyone,I would love to have a feeder outside my window,but I'm not sure if we have hummingbirds here I will have to look it up.
Great to see Greg is back with us.
29/Aug/10 7:44 AM
Just as I thought, no hummingbirds out here.
Except for one possible sighting in the north of this state.
29/Aug/10 7:50 AM
We'll mail ya some, Amelia ...
29/Aug/10 8:03 AM
Taking a kitchen break while the dough chills. Making a herb, cheese and tomato tart. Gotta be creative on how to use as much 'garden stuff' as possible when it starts rolling in...Hazel, glad to hear you're getting some business.
29/Aug/10 8:03 AM
Good morning. I got to sleep until I wanted to wake up this morning. It's another gorgeeus Canberra winter dday, sunny, but crisp and cold.
29/Aug/10 8:07 AM
Good Morning All.
I too got to sleep and lay in until I wanted to get up CP.
Way too chilly down your neck of the woods for me.
29/Aug/10 8:22 AM
1:48. everyone.
29/Aug/10 8:47 AM
Judy, I would love that,only could you send two so I could start a colony.lol
29/Aug/10 8:53 AM
Your tart sounds luscious, Shannon. Could you please FedEx me a piece?
29/Aug/10 8:53 AM
wouldn't it be great if we could have scratch n' sniff computer screens? Then I could send you a cyberslice...I see all our loveable sleepyheads our finally up and at 'em!
29/Aug/10 9:03 AM
Oh, no, Amelia ... you know me ... I would only send chaste specimens ...
29/Aug/10 9:11 AM
My sister announced that she was enjoying a wonderful day with my girls on Facebook. A friend of hers responded, saying 'Sounds like you are having an enjoyable, relaxing day.'
Ha! I am the one having an enjoyable,relaxing day. My sister informed me that one girl, does not like it when the other takes a nap. Humm, go figure. I have no idea what she is talking about.
29/Aug/10 9:12 AM
I've felt pretty smug all summer about the perfect weather here in the mountains ... well ... this afternoon ... it snowed ...
But it will be back in the 70's by Monday!
29/Aug/10 9:13 AM
The only laborous work I have done, besides make me a bowl of ice cream, that I did not have to share, is to make my bed so I could crawl back into it, for a nice uninterrupted nap.

Have I told you people how much I enjoy my life?
29/Aug/10 9:15 AM
Oh, I forgot, I had to push the buttons on the remote, which really can be exhausting.
29/Aug/10 9:24 AM
I am not shy, I will be 100.
Then pray the beauty treatments are working.
29/Aug/10 9:24 AM
You don't look all that bad for 100, Karen ...
29/Aug/10 9:34 AM
Thanks Judy, I think.
29/Aug/10 9:36 AM
Double crap, (excuse my language) She is returning them! Really, thought the day of bliss with her neices, would turn into a sleep over. Had wine chilling in the fridge and Jose was waiting for me, to give me a night of pleasure. Darn the luck.
29/Aug/10 10:00 AM
Sorry, could not remember what I push to give Jose and accent.
29/Aug/10 10:01 AM
1:40 Good morning all from sunny Albany. Looks like another beautiful day, but then again, everyday is.
29/Aug/10 10:32 AM
You people are no fun, when you are quiet.
Do you realize how crazy this is making me?
It is not a good thing to make me crazy. I start doing things I shouldn't do, like fill up pages of annoying posts, by myself.
29/Aug/10 1:59 PM
Since, no one is going to come out and play, I will say good night people of the world.
29/Aug/10 3:05 PM
like the hummingbird, i don't think we get them so much here, our bird feeders get honey eaters parrots and finches, haven't yet seen a hummingbird
29/Aug/10 6:08 PM
Welcome, hilbillie, to this mad, wonderful site.

I don't think we have hummingbirds in Oz at all, unfortunately. I saw some while we were visiting the USA and they were amazing!
29/Aug/10 8:52 PM
I hope you had an enjoyable visit with your grand daughters, Phantom.
29/Aug/10 9:00 PM

Today in summary....

Easy – A hummingbird. You sing it and I’ll hum along.

Jane – Broke the tape today. Must be all that cycling.

John/Plum – Followed along only half a wheel behind.

Plum/Vibrant Vici – Have visitors so More...
29/Aug/10 9:46 PM

Today in summary....continued

Jane – Similar to Judy, went mountain climbing with the bears during hunting season. So she and Jamie cracked a bottle of wine, as you do and waited for them to go away. Seems she didn’t get mauled, by the bears More...
29/Aug/10 9:48 PM
I've stayed up way longer than I intended, so now it's time to hit the sack - Goodnight!!
29/Aug/10 11:26 PM
Poor sack, don't be so violent, CP!
29/Aug/10 11:28 PM
and it's also Good Night from me! I won't hit the sack though.
29/Aug/10 11:37 PM
Hatch, New Mexico is known as the home to the world's best chili pepper. Starting @ Labor Day, throughout the southwest, you will see roadside vendors roasting huge batches of the chilis in large metal cages over an open flame or making ristras (those dried chili pepper strings/wreaths). You can More...
29/Aug/10 11:38 PM
g'night girls. Phantom, I would have thought my area of expertise was evident by now (stomps foot). Although it's pretty neck and neck between drinking&eating and avoiding my chores...

29/Aug/10 11:44 PM
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