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Easy Sudoku for 29/September/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Yep CP my son is up to that stage now.
29/Sep/11 9:00 AM
So now, three years later, he is ready.
29/Sep/11 9:00 AM
Wasn't watching the post count.
29/Sep/11 9:01 AM
Woohhhooo. I did it.!!!
Welcome to Page 3.
29/Sep/11 9:01 AM
4T thinks learning from his girlfriend and Mr P is enough.
29/Sep/11 9:01 AM
I don't! Hence the voucher.
29/Sep/11 9:02 AM
A quick link some may enjoy or know what I mean,

29/Sep/11 9:25 AM
CP (and others) if he couldn't cope at the time, maybe he should've waited until he could cope...
29/Sep/11 9:33 AM
Happy Birthday MR C.

(you are celebrating a vintage year aren't you?
29/Sep/11 9:36 AM
Guess I stuffed that.

Sorry Mr Cee. The wish is genuine though.
29/Sep/11 9:41 AM
TM came back from his afternoon missions, muttering under his breath. I took a deep one myself and (despite hearing some of the words he said) cooked supper. He didn't eat it. I will stay away from the weapons. I will avoid him until he simmers down and my medications come in.
29/Sep/11 9:43 AM
Thank you Jerry and I am with you on your soapbox.

My son and Daughter were taught how to drive in a "1986 ford Falcon XF Panelvan" Three speed manual on the colum wit no side rear windows and no power steering. Mean Dad but now they can drive anything.

Try to imagine if More...
29/Sep/11 9:45 AM
Another call from the pharmacy...this time about a different medication. This is one I inject to prevent clotting when I travel. I do not use it as the FDA lable indicates, which confuses the pharmacists all to you know where. It is very simple. I inject the day I travel and the day after. More...
29/Sep/11 9:47 AM
This is a link to what they learned in. Mine was in a lot better condition 15 years ago but you get the idea.
29/Sep/11 9:51 AM
29/Sep/11 9:58 AM
Good Morning Shosho! The kids getting to you?
29/Sep/11 9:59 AM
Speaking of kids, I hear banging. The calves may be trying to escape. I shall investigate.
29/Sep/11 10:00 AM
Gosh I'm tired. Went a whirlwind speed today going through new math vocabulary and practicing classification of the four types of angles, then had six stations in science to learn of conversion of energy through its different forms, and finally tried to whip through social studies. Twice today. And in between did the aerobic dance exercises with the kids.
29/Sep/11 10:00 AM
Thank heavens for the unassigned day tomorrow. School holiday, Yea! Actually it's Rosh Hashanan but we had so many Jewish teachers and students taking the day off that the district was losing a lot of money on attendance and sub teachers! So now everyone gets the day off!
29/Sep/11 10:04 AM
Sarah Beth, tell the Tin Man that he should truly appreciate you cuz not too many women can do the extraordinary feats that you do! And if that doesn't work, then go hormonal! That should be sufficient to teach any man to be afraid!
29/Sep/11 10:07 AM
Woohoo, got one hundred, cien, cent, centinalo, hundert, cem, 百, 0, 一個百 . . got the picture?
29/Sep/11 10:12 AM
Last Saturday while hubby and I were grocery shopping, I caught him by the fresh baked cookie island. In a serious voice, I intoned, "Get away from the cookies and keep your hands in sight at all time" He looked soooo guilty!
29/Sep/11 10:14 AM
Ok I guess I chased everyone alway for long enough. Will check in later so I can do some chasing! Maybe I'll catch someone~
29/Sep/11 10:15 AM
Shosho, Re: cookie isle...

Re: Go hormonal - My ex used to try that one. Mellow person I am, I just left for a couple of hours. The only problem was she was usually just as "fired up" when I came home... After listening for a while I felt like
29/Sep/11 10:20 AM
Onya, Mr Cee, for standing firm on the driving instruction. Like you said, now they can drive anything. They may even have come to appreciate your steadfastness.
29/Sep/11 10:39 AM
Alright, Sarah Beth, I am in just a mood, that I could come over there and go all Texan on the pharmacy and TM for you. At the moment my family is staying clear of me.
Man learned really quick never to say anything to the negative about anything I prepared. My rule, if you do not like what I prepare, don't eat or make it yourself.
29/Sep/11 10:53 AM
Had to fast for way too long, so I am suffering from lack of food and the Things ate all the grapes.
29/Sep/11 10:55 AM
Well, then Karen, why don't you fix us some strawberry cream pie?
29/Sep/11 11:16 AM
Don't make me go all Texan on you too, HalT.

I am just tellin' ya.
29/Sep/11 11:32 AM
I'll take that as a 'maybe later, hon.'
29/Sep/11 11:34 AM
HalT, that put a smile on my face.
29/Sep/11 11:43 AM
Two steps will put me in the fpa. If I don't do it, I'll go hungry.
29/Sep/11 11:46 AM
29/Sep/11 11:49 AM
Love the banter peoples.
Off to have a coffee now.
29/Sep/11 11:50 AM
Can you imagine putting all of us in one room. We'd have such a rollicking good time that we'd bust the walls and bring down the house!!!
29/Sep/11 12:03 PM
The banging was coming from TM in the shop. He did finally eat when he decided to come in. I then told him to take his clothes off. I'm doing laundry, what did you think?
Hormonal would not work on TM...he had a crazy ex or two that saw to that. Tears work, but I am not in the mood for tears. So I all but ignore (yes, for me this is ignoring)
29/Sep/11 12:08 PM
I am going to lay in a supply of frozen dinners. He would have had that tonight, but I wanted this, so I cooked.
29/Sep/11 12:09 PM
People who have not been on this site do not get that we can be friends online. We have been through everything together! Those who do get together report back how much fun they have had.
29/Sep/11 12:12 PM
Is Karen lurking?
29/Sep/11 12:12 PM
How about Hal?
29/Sep/11 12:12 PM
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