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Easy Sudoku for 29/September/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Maen, all Y'all
29/Sep/17 12:00 AM
29/Sep/17 12:00 AM
Maen DorA
29/Sep/17 12:01 AM
up early to take the ute to the shop...
29/Sep/17 12:01 AM
maen, Mr Cee. Great to 'see' ya !
29/Sep/17 12:02 AM
Back Atcha.

Ute and Shop never means good things for the wallet.
29/Sep/17 12:04 AM
Well, well, well - look who's 'advancing in age'.

Mr Cee
29/Sep/17 12:04 AM
Right, near $600.00 phone estimate... Gotta run.
29/Sep/17 12:06 AM
Ta....I think.
Yep Cya.
29/Sep/17 12:07 AM
Mr Cee.
29/Sep/17 12:45 AM
All aboard for another trip around the sun, Mr Cee!
29/Sep/17 1:19 AM
Good mAen, good people. Happy birthday, Mr Cee.
29/Sep/17 2:14 AM
29/Sep/17 2:22 AM
Sarah Beth - when you said you ended up in Trinidad, I thought you meant the island in the Caribbean. I didn't know there was a town called Trinidad in Colorado.
29/Sep/17 2:24 AM
Mr. Cee
29/Sep/17 2:25 AM
RIP - Hugh Hefner, 91.
29/Sep/17 2:26 AM
Good afternoon to all!
29/Sep/17 2:46 AM
Happy birthday Mr. Cee. Look for an e-card that I sent to you!
29/Sep/17 2:47 AM
Happy Birthday, Mr Cee
29/Sep/17 3:08 AM
Morning all, strange statues.
29/Sep/17 6:05 AM
1:33. Good morning everyone.
29/Sep/17 6:06 AM
Mr Cee,
29/Sep/17 6:08 AM
Mr. Cee!
29/Sep/17 7:17 AM
Yes, Plum - that is what I gathered from Sarah Beth's Trinidad... Thanks for the explanation, SB! I was preparing a long list of questions for you re. such an unusual placement. It all makes sense now, though!
29/Sep/17 7:56 AM
Sarah Beth has been gone so long that all these not even new people didn't understand Trinidad was in Colorado. Wow! Long time gone, glad you're back, Sarah. And Mr Cee, too, back in time for birthday greetings! Next thing ya know, we'll hear from Karen!!
29/Sep/17 8:15 AM
When I talk to Mr. Google, I must be specific. Otherwise, I get all sorts of interesting answers. Trinidad, Colorado does have its own infamy though. Historic mining town, close to the site of the Ludlow massacre. Population mostly Spanish (not Mexican) and Italian. Al Capone was a frequent More...
29/Sep/17 8:50 AM
Happy birthday Mr Cee, you old fart!
29/Sep/17 10:29 AM
Judy, Sarah, Joyce and Wombat were the successful ECCO poozle completers.
29/Sep/17 10:35 AM
Happy Birthday Mr. Cee And I hope the repairs to the ute don't break the bank DorA.
29/Sep/17 11:03 AM
2:01 Just over the two minute mark.
Good morning all!
29/Sep/17 12:48 PM
Just 'badly bent' for a month or so, Wombat...
29/Sep/17 1:06 PM
Well, let's set Peter up...
29/Sep/17 1:07 PM
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