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Easy Sudoku for 3/January/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Why not?
03/Jan/08 10:36 AM
Sorry the devil made me do it!
03/Jan/08 10:36 AM
There has to be some form of jousting arena on the float. And how will we represent all the Forum rooms?
03/Jan/08 10:38 AM
there is no a/c at work...i'm dying here...so glad you can feel the cool effect of the insulation Jaz...you may need to lie in a cold bath or something...thanks for the offer CG...must go...fast fading here...x
03/Jan/08 10:38 AM
Mama, I am so excited for you. All the best wishes for your granddaughter, may everything go swiftly and safely.
03/Jan/08 10:45 AM
Congratulations Mamacita! and Anne check the weather forcast if you are crossing Cook Strait. It can get REALLY nasty. As in ...Hmm..is that wave about to swamp or capsise this boat?

As for the float. Sheep wearing numbers moving over a suduku board? We need a globe or map of the world in there somewhere.
03/Jan/08 10:49 AM
Do you know the thing that annoys me about the one light, one appliance thing is that you know somewhere in Perth there are many houses with the air con up full blast,telly on in every room.... and no-one home!
03/Jan/08 10:52 AM
03/Jan/08 10:54 AM
My sheep are volunteering as objects on the Sudoku board - trouble is all the numbers would look the same.
03/Jan/08 11:07 AM
Yes Emels, aint that the truth?
These would be the same people who push in to the front of a queue and hop lanes on the roads!
03/Jan/08 11:08 AM
They could strike up nine different postures between them
03/Jan/08 11:08 AM
Rayray, dye the sheep 9 different colours!
03/Jan/08 11:09 AM
The sheep like being counted, but they don't like the idea of actually being numbered - to them that is too much like branding.
03/Jan/08 11:10 AM
Or put numbers on them like in a horse race!
03/Jan/08 11:10 AM
I think the nine different postures is a more intriguing solution to the problem !
03/Jan/08 11:10 AM
Anyway I shall sleep on it - after counting that I have at least 27 sheep in the flock. If not, shall need to do some rustling
03/Jan/08 11:12 AM
Now I'm interested to hear which postures - can you think of 9 without being censored?
03/Jan/08 11:13 AM
You're going to need 81 sheep!
03/Jan/08 11:14 AM
Make the sheep do what my sibs and I did at my father's wake. All six of us stood in line in the shape of the number of where we are in the line-up. My oldest sister had the easiest job, she was #1 and just stood as straight as she could. The contortions that occurred as the rest of us tried to More...
03/Jan/08 11:20 AM
A Sudoku float, great idea! But then too many people would want to join this site and it would be anarchy!
03/Jan/08 11:27 AM
Belated to everyone. Hope this year proves to be the best ever for all on this site.
03/Jan/08 11:27 AM
Hi - back - been volunteering most of the day at Britt on a mailing for the Britt BASH.

Interesting though. When we first get a bunch of ideas for the float - we go through them. We all seem to agree tht it should have a Sudoku them. Once that is established, what can be done with the More...
03/Jan/08 11:40 AM
A big cheerio to old friends, and hello to the ones I have not met before!!

Happy New Year to all of you!

May the year be jolly,
Overflowing Moet and Bolly
May each day be Great
When not, just have Hocolate!!

03/Jan/08 11:46 AM
And to make up for my absence for so long, here's one to make you smile -

Lawyers should never ask a question if they aren't prepared for the answer.

In a trial, a small-town prosecuting attorney called his first witness, an elderly grandmother to the stand. He approached her and More...
03/Jan/08 11:50 AM
Hmm... my log in failed the first time somehow!!

Another try...
03/Jan/08 11:51 AM
I acctually had a slighlty naughter idea. The sheep could be wearing the numbers 1 to 9 and choose their square by umm marking it with a deposit. People around could clean up the deposit and mark it with a giant marker. The deposits could be sold to rose growers.
03/Jan/08 11:56 AM

Rayray, you don't have to paint the numbers on the sheep. You could paint them on the hip boots.
03/Jan/08 12:09 PM
Stop the world...I want to get off....The doctors sent Reina home...she has not dialated enough, but has developed high blood pressure....still, her membranes have ruptured and she is only miminaly dialated....poor baby, she's in pain...but I tell her it will get worse before its better, More...
03/Jan/08 12:13 PM
Mamacita thoughts are with you and Reina for the joyous event to happen soon.

Numbered sudoku sheep on my page for Rayray's game
03/Jan/08 12:21 PM
And the float would be decorated with Beaver Tails from Ottawa! Wasn't there supposed to be dog sled race up there one year? a sheep sled race?
03/Jan/08 12:46 PM
just be patient mama
03/Jan/08 1:02 PM

Turned into shards by the mindless flock,
the lights all blew this Christmas-time.
Sheep’s heads were on the chopping block,
as punishment for their dire crime.
But they volunteered, to the last sheep,
to make good the damage to the More...
03/Jan/08 1:10 PM
"room" doesn't rhyme. I hadn't noticed that !!!
03/Jan/08 1:12 PM
There’s a moral to this awful tale:
if sheep would decorate your place,
don’t let them; for they’ll surely fail;
they’re noisy and they lack the grace.
03/Jan/08 1:16 PM

The following is what we have so far in ideas for the:


Rosemary's Naughty couch
Beer in Fridge / Chest
André (mourning) Dead Fridge
Judy's wienner stick
Animals - Moose, Elephant, Llamas, Kangaoos, Pigs/hogs, Seals - and lots and lots of of More...
03/Jan/08 1:39 PM
All sounds good so far Eve. Do you think it will win any trophies?
Now all we have to work out is what will be animated and where do we stick the flowers!
03/Jan/08 1:56 PM
Oh wow, a sudoku float, sounds great Eve.
Has anyone made room for the Chatroom?
Oh and what about our ?
03/Jan/08 2:01 PM
Excellent thoughts Angie.
Both of those are very animated!
03/Jan/08 2:09 PM
Oh Gail, I'm sure our can be animated. All you need is a can of wd40.
03/Jan/08 2:14 PM
Another thought, perhaps our chatroom can be made out of Ceral Boxes, in honour of very own
03/Jan/08 2:16 PM
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