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Easy Sudoku for 3/December/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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03/Dec/12 9:41 AM
Greg, after 6 months or so, I am feeling almost comfortable with Win7 and now they come out with 8.

I guess if I had spent the last two or three years with a ''yuppie pacifier'' (smart phone) 8 might not be too bad.

As it is Win 8 =
03/Dec/12 9:43 AM
Jerry - Milk of Magnesia and Skye Vodka. Sounds like a weekend party to me.
03/Dec/12 9:44 AM
Yeah, I probably mixed up (pun intended) the order.
03/Dec/12 9:45 AM
Jerry, I turned down Windows 8 as they supposedly peolpe too many problems with that version. I do hope it doesn't take me 6 months or so to figure it all out.
03/Dec/12 9:49 AM
Hello HalT, Jerry & everyone else!
03/Dec/12 9:49 AM
Hal, thanks I hope!
03/Dec/12 9:50 AM
Kathy V, Bud Light Premium comes in a lovely blue bottle!
03/Dec/12 9:51 AM
I have a lot of bottles on glass shelves across fixed windows - 3 large windows, 1 in the kitchen, & 2 in the family room. each window has a fixed pain & a casement window next to it. The bottles are all shapes, sizes & colours. Look lovely in winter went the sun shines through them!
03/Dec/12 9:53 AM
No room for them all at the River house, so maybe I can make some bottle trees when we get up there permanently!
03/Dec/12 9:54 AM
Trap is set, a box of Tupperware, etc (so that's where that was!)I found in the garage is mostly washed, and supper is cooked. There is a rosary tonight for a long time family friend. Her kids were friends of mine. She had Alzheimer's for the past few years, so this is a blessing. Still sad.
03/Dec/12 9:54 AM
Two antennas met on a roof, fell in love and got married. The ceremony wasn't much, but the reception was excellent.

Two peanuts walk into a bar, and one was a salted.

What do you call a fish with no eyes? A fsh.

A jump-start cable walks into a bar. The bartender says, More...
03/Dec/12 9:58 AM
Greg I set mine up in the classic mode. It looks and operates very similar to XP.
03/Dec/12 10:01 AM
Oh, Greg.........

Seriously, Gath, We need a ''groan smilie''!
03/Dec/12 10:05 AM
03/Dec/12 10:05 AM
Been raining quite steadily, here, all day. We've had a little over 1/2'' since midnight.
03/Dec/12 10:07 AM
I have been thinking more about Heidi's observation yesterday - about colourful birds and predators.
Better indexes of lack of predators than colour are perhaps flight-less-ness and nesting locations.
The flightless birds of NZ were wiped out by the introduction of predators by humans. More...
03/Dec/12 10:08 AM
Stop it Rayray!!! You're making me think again. And I don't need that on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
03/Dec/12 10:28 AM
99 bottles of beer on the wall...
03/Dec/12 10:34 AM
No one wants the 100
03/Dec/12 10:41 AM
03/Dec/12 10:42 AM
Ahhh, thank you G-h. Now I can come back.
03/Dec/12 10:47 AM
Anytime HalT. Can't have you being accused of being an old woman, now can we!
03/Dec/12 10:49 AM
Or an old woman who needs to frequent the loo, right?
03/Dec/12 10:57 AM
Be back later, things to do. Boring type things like attending to the sucky thing. It is feeling neglected. So is that box that makes the clothes wet.
03/Dec/12 10:59 AM
Hi nFolks,
Came across this the other day - thought it may interest some.
Highland dances require precise difficult movements,stamina and coordination. Originally danced by men only, they are now more often performed by female dancers.
In 1747, in the aftermath of the failed uprising by More...
03/Dec/12 11:14 AM
Rayray.... I was thinking about the days before humans introduced cats, dogs and rats to areas that didn't have them. I admit my comment was too simplistic, and didn't take into account the more vibrant colors of the tropical environments, which allow brightly colored birds to be camouflaged.
03/Dec/12 12:46 PM
Home sweet home. It's good to be back. And the kitties were very glad to see us. Our pet sitter only comes once a day so I know they get lonely. And they can't even keep each other company. They have to be kept in separate areas of the house so one won't eat the other's food.
03/Dec/12 1:35 PM
Kathy, my mom wanted the blue bottle tree, too, at one time. Some life event happened when she made the announcement, or her husband made a comment, and that is as far as it went. A comment.
Anyway, I know for a fact I do have one blue bottle, possibly two and I know exactly where the bottle is, More...
03/Dec/12 1:55 PM
Man had a terrific idea this afternoon, go into town and have someone else prepare dinner and someone else clean up. Actually, he said, go out for dinner, I just heard the other.
After dinner he said he had a surprise. I said, 'Great, you have 45 minutes, before the girls need to get in the bath More...
03/Dec/12 2:02 PM
I must be getting old. Did some more work out in the yard today and I am having trouble keeping my eyes open. And it's only 10 PM!
03/Dec/12 2:03 PM
If I 'rise and whine' tomorrow, it will be my fault. Good night all.

Wonder if Karen will be right behind me?
03/Dec/12 2:10 PM

I enjoyed reading all about bottle trees today. I've never heard of them before. Hal's link was really helpful. I thought I'd have to do a search for myself!

Kathy - I'm glad you're safely back home from your R&R. Now get on with the Christmas preparations!
03/Dec/12 3:11 PM
Good night people of the world.
03/Dec/12 3:58 PM
Keith - That's a whole lot of rain you got last night!!! I'm glad you'll only have mud and leaves to clean up! I thought all the rain was around the Bay area (my Cleveland Browns played/beat the Oakland Raiders today). I thought you live around San Diego. Where do you live in Cali?
03/Dec/12 4:30 PM
140 miles north of San Francisco, and about 15 miles inland from the ocean, up in the Coast Range, in the Redwoods.
03/Dec/12 5:08 PM
Maen, all!
03/Dec/12 11:43 PM
How's everyone doing?
03/Dec/12 11:43 PM
awful quiet this time of day...
03/Dec/12 11:43 PM
How low can we go?
03/Dec/12 11:44 PM
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