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Easy Sudoku for 3/February/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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WON'T need today.
03/Feb/12 12:02 AM
Hope you all have wonderfully fun-filled birthdays!
03/Feb/12 12:16 AM
Okay... this is getting scary!
Almost 40 minutes in to the day and no one but me?
03/Feb/12 12:39 AM
Hello Shiela, I was just over the fence at the medium
03/Feb/12 12:41 AM
yesterday's Medium to be exact... the day changed while I was busy concentrating
03/Feb/12 12:42 AM
How is this possible?
03/Feb/12 12:43 AM
Waited too long for smilies to load up...should have just grabbed it!
Good Maen all!
Hi there Meg and Shiela!
03/Feb/12 12:44 AM
Well - Happy Groundhogs Day! If where I am was PA, we would have more winter coming our way...which we REALLY need out West. Hope Phil sees his shadow today!
03/Feb/12 12:47 AM
Where in the heck is Phantom? It is well past the holiday AND the first of the year and he still has not returned.
Hope all is well with our favorite summarizer.
03/Feb/12 12:48 AM
Such a peaceful picture...looks like there were lots of folks on the beach, but none showing when the photo is taken.
03/Feb/12 12:51 AM
...and with that CP (Hi Cath!) I'll move on to other puzzles. Cheers!
03/Feb/12 12:51 AM
Falling asleep here...time to head for the sack. I have been waiting for some clothes to dry for the boys...they're off to the Swap Meet in Toowoomba at 6am in the morning
03/Feb/12 12:57 AM
Well... Hello, Meg & Vici! Relieved to see you both!
03/Feb/12 1:02 AM
Thanks Kathy - I found Eileen just where you said she'd be . . . but she is not MY Eileen. Unless (ah, vanity) she has posted a self-pic taken 30 years ago. Here's my story - I was in Pisa a couple years ago, and while my husband was schlepping the Tower, I sensibly monitored the ground for photo More...
03/Feb/12 1:19 AM
HI all! Good story Mamamere, you never know who you'll bump into on here!
To the poozle which proved more interesting than at first sight, basically because it was an American one and so caused the downunders a few problems with terms they, and the rest of the world probably, are unfamiliar More...
03/Feb/12 1:30 AM
It's Candlemas Day here today so that means pancakes for tea tonight!
03/Feb/12 1:32 AM
I wonder just who might be on here that has a conne ction to me. 6 points of separation and all that
03/Feb/12 1:32 AM
You're Cancer Meg, there's your connection to me!
03/Feb/12 1:35 AM
Here's today's one - answers to the 'three word inbox please!
Three words are bonded in a mutual tie
And a pattern within them hides from the eye

One word is a being in entertainment's sake
That brings to people many words, fact and fake

Another word is conformed to a More...
03/Feb/12 1:36 AM
Groundhog Day: Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow… so we have 6 more weeks of Skiing! Jane - come on back!

An ongoing tradition since 1887. Supposedly he has seen his shadow 99 times, and failed to spot it just 16 times.
03/Feb/12 1:57 AM
03/Feb/12 2:05 AM
03/Feb/12 2:05 AM
(How's that for checking in at the most opportune time???)
03/Feb/12 2:07 AM
MamaMere - I'm sorry Sudoku Eileen wasn't the one you were looking for. I understand your desire to find her. Links to people who have been visitors to the same places at the same time are special. I have a friend in Germany now whom I met in Australia while we were posing for pics with koalas More...
03/Feb/12 2:15 AM
Busy beach. Lots of people have enjoyed that glorious place.
03/Feb/12 2:26 AM
Sorry to hear that Phil saw his shadow, but according to the calendar, winter doesn't end for 6 more weeks. If it stays like it is now, I'd say that we never had winter this year.
03/Feb/12 2:34 AM
Good morning people of the world.
03/Feb/12 2:41 AM
Guess you heard it is

Groundhog's Day.
03/Feb/12 2:41 AM
Grumblebum is advancing in age. Wow.
Betcha he is grumbling about that. Would be nice if he would pop in and grumble about it. Just so we know he is still kicking at that age.
03/Feb/12 2:42 AM
Has anyone had an update on Wagby?
03/Feb/12 2:43 AM
The Fractional Banking System;
otherwise known as monetarism

I think I’ll lend some money to someone.
Then I’ll simply borrow the money from someone else to cover my deficit – of course using that - my original loan - as collateral.
I understand the person from whom I am More...
03/Feb/12 2:45 AM
03/Feb/12 2:48 AM
03/Feb/12 2:48 AM
Karen, Wagdy just posted a bunch of wedding photos on FB on Mon. Why don't you post something on his Wall? He'd probably be glad to know you were thinking of him.
03/Feb/12 2:55 AM
I think I forgot to say to EVERYBODY today. Sorry.
03/Feb/12 2:58 AM
Good Maen, all!
03/Feb/12 3:47 AM
Jim - I would be back in a heartbeat if I had the funds!!! I'm hoping to take a bike tour in France later this year, so I think my discretionary funds are already spoken for!
03/Feb/12 3:49 AM
How has the skiing been at Breck, Jim? I lucked out at Steamboat - lots of fresh snow while I was there!
03/Feb/12 3:52 AM
Six more weeks of winter, eh? I'm glad to hear that because so far, we haven't had ANY winter to speak of! At the rate we're going, we'll have lots of firewood left over for next year!
03/Feb/12 3:53 AM
One more for a CP
03/Feb/12 3:54 AM
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