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Easy Sudoku for 3/June/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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all - will it rain today - it has every day this week .... Sunny out for now - but rained during the night and all day.

Tonight is the annual orientation for Britt - go over any changes of rules, etc. Next weekend is opening concert.
03/Jun/11 12:00 AM
Good Maen
03/Jun/11 12:00 AM
Good morning people of the world.
03/Jun/11 12:00 AM
National Running Day
03/Jun/11 12:01 AM
Good Maen Sudokuland!
Cute, cute avatar, Karen...
...and with that, I'm off and running!!!
03/Jun/11 12:01 AM
Good Maen!
03/Jun/11 12:02 AM
National Rocky Road Day
03/Jun/11 12:03 AM
Looks like a beautiful day for a tour!
03/Jun/11 12:04 AM
Good Maen
03/Jun/11 12:06 AM
Leave the Office Early Day
03/Jun/11 12:06 AM
Thanks, Vibrant. I like the sneakers too.
My office avatar has not come in, yet. I did send it in late. Not complaining the avatars have been approved in amazing times, at times.
Still, like to know, how Kathy can run through hers so fast and always has something appropriate.
03/Jun/11 12:10 AM

It was the third of June,
another sleepy dusty Delta day

03/Jun/11 12:19 AM
all. I see that today is the 3rd of June. Although it won't be the 3rd here for another 13+ hours, it's the 3rd somewhere. So I guess it's OK if I start celebrating now. Today is our 50th wedding anniversary.
03/Jun/11 12:22 AM
We will be going to our older daugther's for the weekend, so I'm not sure how often I will be gracing these pages.
03/Jun/11 12:25 AM
Happy anniversary, Hal. Eve, it's sunny here, too - after a day of heavy rain yesterday. We're expecting more rain later this week. This has been the coldest, wettest spring that I can remember.
03/Jun/11 12:27 AM
We just are glad to have you here HalT, whenever you can make it.
03/Jun/11 12:28 AM
Congratulations Hal and Mrs Hal. As my husband would say 'You don't get that for murder' One heck of an achievement. You are obviously doing something right. I hope that I can achieve the same but I have a while to go.
03/Jun/11 12:31 AM
Congradulations, HalT and Saint Mrs. HalT. That is wonderful news.
03/Jun/11 12:33 AM
Oh, the wonderful approvers, got my avatar in. That is so sweet of them, since I feel like I have been working them overtime lately. They should leave the office early today.
03/Jun/11 12:35 AM
Congrats Hal. You will have to work hard to beat my parents. They are already at 68 years.
03/Jun/11 12:37 AM
Goodness, it took a bit to find my shoe.
03/Jun/11 12:37 AM
I thought 22 would be gone by the time I got back.
03/Jun/11 12:37 AM
Hello everyone!
It's a beautiful day here in Michigan! Sunny, pleasant temps and did I mention beautiful?
03/Jun/11 12:38 AM
That is amazing, Jeanine. And something to be proud of.
03/Jun/11 12:38 AM
Karen, I think I know why you have the head problem.
03/Jun/11 12:40 AM
From cooler El Cajon, California ...
On the Road Again ... We are near San Diego, CA for my high school reunion. It is going to be a grand affair with a tour of the school Fri, a banquet Sat. and a picnic Sunday. Then we head north to Oregon. Sure is a change in climate from the hot-dry desert.
03/Jun/11 12:41 AM
EVE ... have no fear. We are headed north with the sunny and warm weather. We will be home on 12th of June to put the irrigation pump in the river and start cutting the tall weeds from all the rain that has blessed the northwest.
03/Jun/11 12:46 AM
Happy 50th HalT.
03/Jun/11 12:47 AM
WOW Hal! 50 ...just wonderful. Many happy returns to you and Mrs. Hal
03/Jun/11 12:52 AM
Karen - yep, that work one is awesome!! Worth waiting for.
Jeanine - 68 - so impressive. Blessings to your folks!
03/Jun/11 12:53 AM
HalT, Congratulations on 50 years of marriage. That's quite an achievement. Best of luck to you and Mrs. HalT.
03/Jun/11 1:02 AM
..oh... and Good Maen, all.
03/Jun/11 1:02 AM
HalT, I have no head issues. I got it fixed. I am totally normal.
03/Jun/11 1:09 AM
Safe travels to you and Ms. Dave.

03/Jun/11 1:09 AM
I had given up on finding anything office related, besides computers and just before I shut down last night, I came across that one. It had to be, because it was the right size.
03/Jun/11 1:12 AM
ok... for those of you who have never seen a giraffe giving birth, here's your chance:


enjoy the miracle of birth!
03/Jun/11 1:14 AM
I went there once - in about 1971
03/Jun/11 1:20 AM
"How many years must the cannonballs fly, before the are forever banned?" ~ Robert Zimmerman
03/Jun/11 1:23 AM
Oh, Captain J. One side of me is curious and the other side is going ewwwee, gross.

I am sure I will watch it. But do I watch it before breakfast or afterwards.
03/Jun/11 1:23 AM
Oh, lookie here.
03/Jun/11 1:24 AM
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