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Easy Sudoku for 3/July/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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03/Jul/07 3:34 PM
hehe ...snuck in a TOPP
03/Jul/07 3:35 PM
shhhhhhh..Mary,reduce your db level lest you will disrurb the site in siesta!
03/Jul/07 4:31 PM
Kate and a bottle of bubbly as well. Enjoy your day.
03/Jul/07 4:37 PM
Now hang on a goldern tootin minute here you Westies. If Western Australia is so all-fired good, then how come the rest of us moved it sooo far away!
03/Jul/07 4:45 PM
Right, Mary and Gail - would you like an unbiased referee here!!!

Okay, Mary, your turn to reply to Gail.
Stick to the facts, Mary, as we know them.
03/Jul/07 4:50 PM
One last post!

A couple of days ago, Ian from Sydney posed the question of who is the oldest member, putting himself forward on the occasion of his birthday. The answer to that is still up in the air but I think we now officially have our YOUNGEST Sudokuland member.

Max from More...
03/Jul/07 4:53 PM
Shall we start on the footy for instance!!!

A little helping hand here Mary.
WA used to blitz the 'eastern states' when they made it State of Origin because all our best players were dragged across to Victoria to play VFL then played against WA in the state footy. MOST UNFAIR wouldn't More...
03/Jul/07 4:54 PM
LAST last post!!!

Anne, unbiased, now really. It was your pat on Mary's back all the way from Albany that raised my hackles . Why I oughta...
03/Jul/07 4:59 PM
Nah...you got me there!
03/Jul/07 5:00 PM
03/Jul/07 5:01 PM
See you later Gail.
03/Jul/07 5:02 PM
Hope to one day Anne, preferably over your way. I've never been and have always wanted to!!!
03/Jul/07 5:05 PM
Oh, Gail - at least I have been to Victoria twice and enjoyed my visits. First time was 34 years ago and we drove over (still a couple of hundred miles of gravel then) and stayed with friends in Springvale for a couple of weeks then again just me about 11 years ago.
03/Jul/07 5:11 PM
Gail, you could come and stay with your Twin,
and go together down to Anne's and stay with her !!!
03/Jul/07 5:21 PM
Well Anne, if you or any other sandgropers make your way over here again, please, PLEASE let us know so we can arrange a cross-country meet!
03/Jul/07 5:23 PM
I just came back on here and was going to say that if you come to Albany, Gail, you are assured of a bed here.
03/Jul/07 5:26 PM
Oh Rola, could you just imagine the two of us meeting up face to face. It would be like looking into a mirror! We never stop chatting as it is, we'd never tush up if we were in the same room!
03/Jul/07 5:26 PM
Thanks mate. Ditto.
03/Jul/07 5:27 PM
So, do you two look alike or something??
03/Jul/07 5:28 PM
Anne. Almost Twin Brides. Gail was married a week before I was
03/Jul/07 5:29 PM
Same height, just about the same birthday and anniversary, same haircut, same thoughts! Twins! It certainly is a small world.
03/Jul/07 5:31 PM
Oh, okay. Fair enough.

For each of you.
03/Jul/07 5:32 PM
Guess what, Rola?
My carpets should be laid this Saturday, all going well.
I gave up with painting my bedroom ceiling as I just haven't been up to it.
Then the job of moving all the furniture back and all the rubbish one collects over the years.
03/Jul/07 5:34 PM
Thought I was on SA for a minute there! This is Easy, isn't it?
03/Jul/07 5:51 PM
03/Jul/07 5:52 PM
The Light at the end of Tunnel is getting brighter

03/Jul/07 6:23 PM
Thank you all who have given advice about fireworks. I'm thinking of calling the fire dept tomorrow to ask if they know where we can set them off legally. They might not be generous with that information, but it cant hurt to ask.
Jacob (like most young boys) has been dying to set off fireworks More...
03/Jul/07 7:28 PM
Left from Centre - if you're not too sure where you are, just scroll back up to the top and if you can see a word highlighted, it may just say 'easy'.
If it does, well, that's where you are, but if you'd rather be in SA, wherever that is, well go there!
03/Jul/07 8:06 PM
missed out on middler
03/Jul/07 8:20 PM
It is not usual for me to have a You Tube on my page, but I stumbled across this, and had a great laugh. Maybe some others will enjoy it too. My apologies to any sentimental Irishmen out there, but the Muppets are very funny.
03/Jul/07 9:02 PM
Anyone watching Sunrise on channel 7 in the morning, keep an eye out for the reports from Ingham with some of our Italian Festival events being reenacted. Especially look for the toga race about 8.15am to see Son #2. He came second in the actual event.
Saw Kathy's youtube. If you have or are planning to have kids you can't miss this one. Heard many of my sayings on it!! Thanks Kathy
03/Jul/07 9:29 PM
Kate happy birthday! You said you're very young but a picture of a cake with 4 candles might be ging a bit far!! I hope you have a wonderful day and get lots of pressies!!
03/Jul/07 9:41 PM
just come back to read all the funny remarks....I think it was WE who pushed the eastern states soooo far away from US And at least we play the 'proper' footy!!!!!!
03/Jul/07 10:11 PM
Have a great july 4th holiday. Fireworks here tonight.
03/Jul/07 10:20 PM
to Kate/Tx for the 3rd.
And Belated to Mickey, Scott, K's and Wagdy's daughters for yesterday.
03/Jul/07 11:57 PM
Mary, some time ago a US poster noticed that most Aussie posters were from the eastern states. We all agreed that it's because the smartest people live in the eastern states!!!!
04/Jul/07 12:02 AM
forgot to set the timer!
04/Jul/07 12:53 AM
21/Apr/12 4:33 AM
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