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Easy Sudoku for 3/August/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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03/Aug/16 3:21 AM
Double CP and out of here!
03/Aug/16 3:21 AM
Fubsy means pleasantly plump, like a fubsy sofa.
03/Aug/16 3:24 AM
Hey, that's me!!
03/Aug/16 3:30 AM
what is wrong with me ?????
My last official day off before my last 5 days at work and where am I???? doing an overtime shift. No wonder I need to retire
03/Aug/16 4:03 AM
Love the photo today. What a wonderful place, and what beautiful birds.
03/Aug/16 4:07 AM
Good afternoon to all! One of Nal's beautiful photos I assume.
03/Aug/16 4:13 AM
Double your money, double your bet CP!
03/Aug/16 4:14 AM
Lizzy!!! Working on your day off???
03/Aug/16 4:14 AM
Thankfully I'm not fubsy, although is that good or bad?
03/Aug/16 4:17 AM
A single CP! Chow!
03/Aug/16 4:17 AM
Thank you Nal for another wonderful photo.
03/Aug/16 5:38 AM
Flubsy - now that's a word I can use. Currently on a campaign to reduce flubsiness. Very difficult task in winter!
03/Aug/16 6:41 AM
Some newly weaned calves arriving today. New cattle are usually confined to the stockyards for 2 or 3 days, until they show that they are calm and wont run through electric fences when released. It also gets them used to new surroundings.
03/Aug/16 6:44 AM
Doesn't always work though. We let some really 'quiet' ones out a couple of years ago and they went through 7 fences and were spread out in 5 different paddocks.
03/Aug/16 6:46 AM
mymare - I'm glad you had a good report.
03/Aug/16 6:47 AM
I haven't eaten a croissant since I found out that 1 has the same number of calories as 12 apples and there's no way I could eat that many apples in 1 sitting.
03/Aug/16 6:49 AM
The latest buzz on diet is oodles of fibre to feed healthy gut bacteria - cures most inflammatory and many other conditions! ...and vinegar consumption can cure asthma!!
03/Aug/16 6:52 AM
Enjoy your day folks.
03/Aug/16 6:59 AM
Morning all, wonderful photo and informative caption.
Plum, if I went without breakfast I would have a raging headache by mid morning.
03/Aug/16 7:29 AM
1:41 this morning. Hi everyone.
03/Aug/16 7:53 AM
it has been a very busy day, tomorrow does not look any better. So much to do and so little time.
03/Aug/16 10:51 AM
definition of fubsy
adj. fub·si·er, fub·si·est Chiefly British Slang. Somewhat fat and squat. [From obsolete fubs, chubby person.] American Heritage® Dictionary
03/Aug/16 12:54 PM
I went without breakfast and lunch and only ate a little for dinner: Two slices of lunchmeat, an ounce of cottage cheese, a handful of chips and a pinch of lettuce while I was making dinner for Burl before I ran out the door to a meeting with a 12 oz soda in my hand.
03/Aug/16 1:37 PM
Well lookey here!
03/Aug/16 1:57 PM
Clickety click.
03/Aug/16 1:57 PM
Some times it was meant to be........
03/Aug/16 1:58 PM
Dishwasher started leaking...

Pulled it apart......

Found the problem.....

New part is five days away....

I now have dishwashers hands.....

03/Aug/16 2:00 PM
2:05 Good evening one and all!
03/Aug/16 7:45 PM
Evening, Anne.
03/Aug/16 9:31 PM
Hello Peter! How are the Cats and Dockers doing? I shouldn't think the Dockers are doing much good, last time I watched them a month ago.
03/Aug/16 10:15 PM
Good morning all.
03/Aug/16 11:55 PM
Going for the last post, first post combo Hal?
03/Aug/16 11:58 PM
It should change over soon by my estimate.
03/Aug/16 11:59 PM
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