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Easy Sudoku for 30/January/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Well it looks like your husband and I have good taste. There's always Little Red Riding Hood, speaking of ears. (Inside joke)
In trouble again. Keith I think I need you one more time. Hugh you better be available just in case Mamacita joins Judy.
I think you can handle yourself just fine, ED.
Did you all hear that scream??
massive huntsman spider on my wall here peering down at me!!!!
hero graeme has retrieved it into a container and taken him on a little holiday down to the back creek ..... far, far away from my bedroom!!
hope he doesnt visit again.
ROSEMARY ... you don't want Graeme to visit you again???
rotfl judy
Why is my name always mentioned when you get yourself in trouble Ed. You can do bad all by yourself you don't need to call out the 'old boy network'. Judy is cool without my help. In fact, you really make it easy for her. Lol BTW......everybody got the'big ears'reference! Judy, Sully had better More...
I'm over thinking Rosemary's story. What the hell is a huntsman spider. In this book I'm reading by Bill Bryson titled In A Sunburned Country. He says Australia has more creatures that can kill you than any country. Well not counting the creatures in our country. A informative and funny book. I'm More...
Susan, Thanks so much for such a quick response. Thats the information I need. I'll give it to a couple of my neices who are into computers and see what they come up with. I love the idea, and we're going to try it out.
http://www.amonline.net.au/factSheets/huntsman_spiders.h tm
neices=nieces...i before e, except after c. I know, but its hard trying to do ten things at once...lol. Hope all have a great day or a wonderful sleep. Night all.
I don't know why Ed calls out to you either, MAMACITA. You always manage to drive the last nail into his coffin!

That's right, Mama. If Sully had made a move on Annette, he might have been arrested! Besides, he already had the hottest chick around!
I'm back from the doc's. The monitor thingy went well. Good, healthy fluctuations in the heart rate. So there night just be plenty of time to get that guessing competition going (as I sit here with my fingers and legs crossed.)! And at this point I would also like to reiterate my sister's comments about what nice people you all are. Thank you.
I just the other day was drumming my palps. I better go for that walk.

It's been a mostly good day, except for the sad news of Barbaro having to be put down. So you tomorrow.
Okay - tried to get a long comment through - computer not cooperating. Try short one first.
Nite ED.
JUDY! I was reading the pages in reverse order and just saw your comments about Texas. If I was a native Texas (and considered myself such), I might feel insulted. lol
As usual, I ran everybody off. Time to CP (maybe) and go to bed.
Haven't heard from the m-i-l in about 20 minutes, so maybe I can retire. I drew sitting duties tonight because Jeanie is sick in be.
I guess I could try and get a weeks' worth of comments in tonight?!
HUNTSMAN: Big ugly hairy spider, as big as a teaplate, that is able to jump. (woman's description). Big harmless spider, no bigger than a large coin, that is good to have around the house because it catches flies and bugs and... ha ha - as if it would jump! (man's description).

How to get More...
Jamie - I hope Jeanie is OK. When she was 'sick in bed' ...who had to clean it up ?
COL - ugh, what a thought. Fortunately, her sick is just fever, aches, and some GI problems! If that is fortunate?! It ruined her weekend in Colorado for her brother's 50th birthday.
jamie, how was Colorado?
SARAH BETH - it was WONDERFUL! I am sure the residents are getting tired of it, but I really miss seeing snow. We got there Thursday, enjoyed a beautiful Friday, watched gentle snow all Saturday morning, and got up Sunday to a crisp, cold 4 degrees. I hope to post a few pictures on Flickr in a few days.
Good one, Col. I go for the woman's description, not that we have them up here. But we do have taipans and brown snakes, both of which are harder to deal with and highly venomous. That's my excuse for not gardening.
Mamacita, my pleasure. I realised later that CDs were mentioned. You might have More...
hope all is ok , sounds like your household needs a break from bad news. hope jeanie is better soon.
Nice Hibiscus flower. Getting hooked on this game...had frost damage to many plants in the yard recently brrrrr
love the description and the process to remove ... luckily graeme managed to retrieve it off the wall into a container and take it on a journey down to the back creek ... it is still alive this time around but cant be positive it will get a second chance if it returns though.
mAen all. Was a scorcher of a weekend. over 40C for 3 days in a row. very very hot and then on top of that we had a power cut and we had to sleep without any aircon or fans. and there was absolutely no breeze to keep you cool. the house never got below 28C at night time.
Hope everyones weekend was good though
Yeah, ROSEMARY - I am ready for some things to go well. Maybe the next doctor's visit will get rid of m-i-l's neck brace. That would be a great start. Just finished taking 18 minutes on the medium puzzle - ouch. Think it is telling me to get to bed.
Regarding the huntsman. You can also use a can of flyspray, hairspray or deodorant and a lighter.
use it like an oxy.
That kills them for sure.
just looking at the radar
wow you are certainly getting a drowning. hope that doesnt create problems with too much water. think we need a major pipeline to send the excess down south.
Ed, you never have needed my help to get into trouble ... and if you want me to run a distraction, I think I'll pass, because I suspect you like the attention.

Mamacita, the ''old boy network???'' Harrumph.

And, Annette was a very nice girl. I never noticed the size of her ears.
Love comes quickly, whatever you do
looking at the radar again and brisbane has some big storms bearing down on them too, hope it finds their dams and water storages.
www.bom.gov.au/weather/radar then click on the town nearest to where you want to look.
susan is on the townsville radar, brisbane radar is another worth looking at. lots of storms in the north east of australia.
Rosemary - yes 3 bad storms west of Brissie this afternoon - hail, strong winds etc. One looks like it might be dropping water in the dam catchment. It poured last night at my place for nearly 2 hours. The pool went up by nearly 100mm but they say all the rain fell on the south of the city (I More...
Karen from Ohio, My sympathies on the los of your mother. I hope the flowers were as lovely as this one.
You're telling me, rosemary. Preliminary flood warnings have been issued and the forecast on the bom site goes to Friday - rain and wind for us. It hasn't stopped raining since yesterday morning, and in town this afternoon I noticed some people have water from the gutter right up to their fences. More...
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