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Easy Sudoku for 30/January/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning.
30/Jan/08 12:00 AM
Morning Ian, or is it?
30/Jan/08 12:00 AM
Hello all and Broni, have a great day.
30/Jan/08 12:02 AM
I hope you all have an amazing day/night where ever you may be in this most wonderful world of ours.

Yasso Ian
30/Jan/08 12:02 AM
Hello every one

Ian , how are you , have a nice day .
30/Jan/08 12:02 AM
Waht are you doing up Denny?
30/Jan/08 12:02 AM
I lied...my recall was flawed, now that I've overcome being so overcome, that Gail witnessed bertie's verse, she was obviously stricken by the sheer brilliance of it, which left her too keystrokeless to comment...

Rayray I understood every word and sentiment that NgocManhVo wrote but I'm More...
30/Jan/08 12:05 AM
oh wow it is change over and I am still awake
cheers everyone
30/Jan/08 12:06 AM
Good morning from Texas! Warm and muggy this morning - 65 degrees - supposed to be down to 35 tonight. January in Texas. Uuck.
30/Jan/08 12:06 AM
2:13 Good evening all - once again, sorry about my photo being repeated but it's out of my control.
30/Jan/08 12:06 AM
And the pet lamb again
30/Jan/08 12:09 AM
Hi and Goodbye all.

Gotta get some sleep AFTER I finish naming books and pencils for back to school tomorrow.
30/Jan/08 12:09 AM
My best time yet.
30/Jan/08 12:09 AM
Dorthea - I was SLOW today?! Anne - your pictures are always welcome. After all the recent problems, repeat pictures are just something that we are hopefully NOT going to complain about.
Have a good night, Aussies!
30/Jan/08 12:12 AM
Now it is off to get ready for the day with kids.
30/Jan/08 12:12 AM
Thank you Jamie!
30/Jan/08 12:16 AM
Hey Anne, I was having a go at Denny with my last comment not you. Thanks Gath for keeping the site up!
30/Jan/08 12:16 AM
Broni, why are you still up???? Tis time for all good Aussies to "Hit the hay" as we say in Yankee Land.
30/Jan/08 12:16 AM
Lucky me. I have a bad memory for things you see. (comes of being almost blind when I was young). I just keep doing them and thinking maybe I saw them before.
30/Jan/08 12:24 AM
Hey Denny, us Aussies are tough!
30/Jan/08 12:26 AM
Hello Broni - I didn't notice anything wrong with your comment.
30/Jan/08 12:29 AM
30/Jan/08 12:33 AM
all - Sheila/MI in honor of your new avatar: and anyone who enjoys Celtic music. My U-tube for today:

Loreena McKennitt singing "THE BONNY SWANS" -
30/Jan/08 12:35 AM
Angie and all of sudokuland!
30/Jan/08 12:35 AM
Oh! good Anne,
Just wanted to make sure.
30/Jan/08 12:36 AM
I have now removed all of the boxes with "x" from my gallery. Then I reposted - AGAIN - the last 33 photos with titles, descriptons, etc. of the float building - through the big judging. I hope they do not disappear again. .

30/Jan/08 12:40 AM
Bonjour! Hope your day is beautiful... to all of you Sudoku friends. to Lachie from Melbourne, Au.
30/Jan/08 12:43 AM
Angie for your new additional T-shirt designs on your page. I also posted 5 different Logo designs in my gallery. Please check them out along with those on Miz T & Jane's sites.

Your comment on the "off-topic" ANTHEM, LOGO, FLOAT Forum. What you like about More...
30/Jan/08 12:45 AM
Rayray - on your update page do you have the box checked to receive emails when someone posts on your page?

Gath - if that box is checked - do people get emails for private messages as well as postings on their page?
30/Jan/08 12:51 AM
2:21 Hi to all.

Thought for the Day:

Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.
30/Jan/08 12:51 AM
billy - many have been stricken... it's not a pleasant state to be in after exposure to blue poetry... albeit a short stanza...

I have a small box of deviated septums... helps me with my Cephalopod Septa when it becomes unruly!
30/Jan/08 12:57 AM
Does anyone speak Aussie around here?
30/Jan/08 12:59 AM
Time for bed. I have a doctors appointment this morning.
30/Jan/08 1:00 AM
2:26 , everyone. Very blustery here.
30/Jan/08 1:02 AM
Goodnight Dorthea, breeze through the doctors appt.
30/Jan/08 1:03 AM
Many thanks to all those who dragged their old atlases off the shelves to answer my question from yesterday! We could say that "Atlas Shrugged"!! Sorry...!
30/Jan/08 1:05 AM
Hi Fiona, looks like no one else is up?
30/Jan/08 1:09 AM
30/Jan/08 1:17 AM
Eve: As I have already opined on your page I think the logo designs are spectacular; especially one of them.
30/Jan/08 1:23 AM
2.48 GoodMaen1.JPG] all,
30/Jan/08 1:26 AM
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