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Easy Sudoku for 30/November/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Eve could this be a "only in America" case. I certainly hope it wouldn't happen in Oz.
30/Nov/07 4:49 PM
Jane, your query of 'qlibishness' should not go unanswered. I have been a scholar of that discipline for many years. Three distinct branches are recognized; glibism, glibenometry and glibestry. Each of these diverge into separate areas of specialized study. In fact, a colleague of mine who More...
30/Nov/07 5:32 PM
I have a good friend who has a Doctorate in Glibology. She did her thesis research studying the psychological abnormalities of socially outcast Barbary Apes on Glibraltar.
30/Nov/07 7:01 PM
And a colleague is pioneering a remarkable satellite based system that enables people, with a hand held device to determine their emotional state. A Glibal Positioning System (GPS) will no doubt allow people access to "centering" regardless of where they may be.
30/Nov/07 7:06 PM

Come happy fool whimsical cool
come dreaming dancing fancy-free,
Come mad musician glad glusician
beating your drum with glee.
Come o come where mad songs are sung
without any meaning or tune,
Come to the place where without a trace
your mind More...
30/Nov/07 7:36 PM
and you type Glibism in Google, guess what happens?/ there are only six entries, of which, the very second one is our own sudoku.com.au open forum page in which Jeb has ref to the same glibism!
go glibism..
30/Nov/07 7:45 PM
Evening all - back from the wicked city of Sydney. (Well, compared to Canberra - and maybe I need to shell out more for a better class of hotel!!)
30/Nov/07 8:48 PM
Time to put the dirty washing through, get it dry and ironed, before packing a different bag to head to Melbourne tomorrow afternoon.
30/Nov/07 8:49 PM
Went to see "Billy Elliott - The Musical" last night. It was sensational, and I highly recommend it to everyone.
30/Nov/07 8:51 PM
It was amazing to hear Billy (an Aussie kid) sing in Geordie!!
30/Nov/07 8:51 PM
The finale was fantastic too - all the cast tap-dancing and eventually all in tutus. Burly miners in yellow boiler suits with tutus on top, spindly shanked grandma with bed jacket on top, tutu, wooly socks and tap shoes.....
30/Nov/07 8:54 PM
Okay, my work is done for tonight, off to bed to catch some Z's.
30/Nov/07 8:55 PM
good luck Emily, hope the concert goes well.
bet you are pleased the exam is over and am sure you aced it
think Billy Elliot would be fantastic.
see you in melbourne on sunday.
just sent the boys and Graeme off to see David Straussman here in Wangaratta.
have had a More...
30/Nov/07 8:59 PM
Val from Bolton
wishing you a very happy birthday
30/Nov/07 9:02 PM

I am just to say up and about - on a cold grey day. Nevertheless the babies are all washed and pegged out on the line. They are shivering a bit, but the worst that can happen is pneumonia, and moaning is nothing new for them. The cotton socks have been all put into warm double More...
30/Nov/07 9:05 PM
Have a wonderful birthday Val, may it be a good one x
(Thank goodness Rose is keeping an eye on birthdays!!)
30/Nov/07 9:26 PM

Happy birthday Val.
What's it like in Bolton?

I look from the window: the sky is grey.
Shall I sleep on until the next day?
But, still in a dream, I roll out of bed.
There’s a rumbling stomach needs to be fed.
I’ve found a jar of herring More...
30/Nov/07 9:38 PM
Now I know my age is showing. I happened to mention, amoung friends(or so I thought) that I was feeling the cold and it was suggested that I wear "thermal, long johns!!!!!"
I already have pretty themal vests but long johns - I don't even ski!
30/Nov/07 9:56 PM
OK todays competition - just how many typos and spelling errors in the above? I thought I'd corrected it before sending it. Maybe I need a thermal hat to warm up the little grey cells!
30/Nov/07 9:58 PM
Maybe my friends are right
Does softening of the brain cells arrive in the same post as ones pension book?
30/Nov/07 9:59 PM
Maybe I'm imagining that I am posting here!
Maybe I have water on my brain having walked the dog in pouring rain without a hat!
30/Nov/07 10:01 PM
Maybe talking to myself on here when I should be doing ho*****rk or ir***ng say it quietly and it may do itself.
30/Nov/07 10:03 PM
No you are not talking to yourself, GrannieMo. I am also here, wherever sudokuland is.
I think sometimes it is me who is talking to myself. It' OK talking to yourelf in the privacy of one's home, but is to be avoided out in the street, where there are paddy-waggons roaming around looking out for stray oldies like you and I.
30/Nov/07 10:08 PM
Maybe it is time for a chat granniemo and anyone else who doesnt want to do that horrible 'w' thingy
30/Nov/07 10:13 PM
After your last post out of curiosity I looked up 'Rayray' on google to see if any pearls of wisdom had been universally recognised. To my indignation I found that some pop-creep has actually registered 'RayRay' as a trade mark. In case there is doubt, that is not the same Rayray as me.
30/Nov/07 10:14 PM
AAhhhhhrrrrr! You almost blasphemed!!
30/Nov/07 10:15 PM
If you blasphemed you would get a 15-day suspended sentence, but the media would all say you had 40 lashes.
30/Nov/07 10:16 PM

to you to Sudokuland, along with a Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie for you and your guests.

There’s lots to do around here, places to visit and chat. I'm just around the corner, stop in anytime for more pie and a video.

30/Nov/07 10:30 PM
Well that posted. I have been trying to post for about 4 hours and can't. So, I'll try again.
30/Nov/07 10:31 PM
Still can't post a reply to Michael & Eaa. Must be some dirty words in it, that I don't know are dirty!
30/Nov/07 10:52 PM
Shall I try again?
30/Nov/07 10:52 PM
Go on Eve, do it! I double dare you.
30/Nov/07 10:53 PM
Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt! Go ahead Eve, try for a cp again.
30/Nov/07 10:54 PM
Michael from Boston & Eaa from Tassie:
Baby Gabriel's mother is a US Citizen, the father an illegal alien. The baby was born in the US and is a Crack Baby (requiring special care). The father was in jail (r*ped a 12 year old girl, drugs, etc. etc.) at the time Gabriel was born and More...
30/Nov/07 10:57 PM
DHS is suppose to do what is best for the child, the child is a US Citizen (Mother is a US Citizen) - and there is a family here that wants to adopt and raise the child as thier own. How can sending the child to a Grandmother, he has never known, that did not care to inquire after him in 2+ years, More...
30/Nov/07 10:58 PM
Sorry, Rosemary, missed chat as my wifi connection went down
30/Nov/07 10:58 PM
I did it - got it posted.
30/Nov/07 10:58 PM
What this agency is now up to: (from my post on page 2):

The other day a child in school had a nose bleed. So the school called the child's home, there was no answer, then called the father at work. The father said that the mother was probably sleeping as she often does in the afternoon. More...
30/Nov/07 11:04 PM
Since I'm awake now.
30/Nov/07 11:17 PM
I shall go for a CP
30/Nov/07 11:17 PM
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