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Easy Sudoku for 30/March/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning people of the world.
30/Mar/11 12:00 AM
Same as yesterday at this time....
Sunny but chilly at 21°F (- 6°C).
High about the same, too - around 45°F (about 7°C).
30/Mar/11 12:00 AM
Hello Karen!
30/Mar/11 12:00 AM
Texas Love's The Children Day.
30/Mar/11 12:01 AM
maeN everyone. Hope all is well in the land of Sudoku
30/Mar/11 12:01 AM
And, here we are. A brand new day to enjoy.
30/Mar/11 12:01 AM
is that loves ... or lerves
30/Mar/11 12:02 AM
Sorry, fii, that needs explaining.
30/Mar/11 12:03 AM
30/Mar/11 12:06 AM
My "brand new day" started nearly 18 hours ago when I woke at 4.45 and decided that I needed to get up and do a few Work emails... It was good to have a couple of hours work under my belt before I actually started ... but I'll be hiitting the sack pretty shortly.
30/Mar/11 12:06 AM
that was reference to a TEXAN accent (which I could be a bit inaccurate about) Maybe it's a Tenesee accent with all "them lerve songs that come out of Nashville" and I was just applying it to Texas too. Just a gentle teas at the accent that's all
30/Mar/11 12:10 AM
Guess we'll have to make up something, Karen!

Lerves: 'Loves' with an Aussie accent, maybe?
30/Mar/11 12:10 AM
It was another rough night. Thing I, was restless Sunday night, so not much sleep, then last night Thing II was restless. I think the worst part was that Man stayed home and in between bouts of baby crying, his snoring shook the roof.
30/Mar/11 12:10 AM

Accents are funny things, aren't they???
30/Mar/11 12:11 AM
Karen today:
30/Mar/11 12:12 AM
Ahhh, that makes sense now. Though us Texans leave endings off. So love would be luv. Or llllluuuuvvvv, need to draw the word out.

I think that is right.
30/Mar/11 12:14 AM
Well, at the moment I am not celebrating. Thing I has a doctor's appointment also and she is letting us all know she does not want to go. Her last visit had her getting 5 shots and she has not recovered from that drama and it was last June.
30/Mar/11 12:16 AM
30/Mar/11 12:16 AM
Good Maen, all!
30/Mar/11 12:17 AM
Would that fall under a Mommy Tale?
30/Mar/11 12:17 AM
Any shots expected today?
30/Mar/11 12:17 AM
30/Mar/11 12:17 AM
Chilly day in Georgia - 51! Yikes!
30/Mar/11 12:17 AM
It is possible. As I ramble on.
30/Mar/11 12:17 AM
too late
30/Mar/11 12:17 AM
30/Mar/11 12:17 AM
None for the girl. I on the other hand, maybe the one kicking and screaming, when I have to get onto that lying machine.
30/Mar/11 12:19 AM
hehe HalT
30/Mar/11 12:20 AM
What is a 'lying machine'?
30/Mar/11 12:24 AM
Shiela, A 'lying machine' is a clever mechanism which tells people whether they are fat or not.
30/Mar/11 12:27 AM
Shiela, They are closely related to 'calories' which are small bugs which get into your wardrobe and make all your clothes smaller.
30/Mar/11 12:29 AM
30/Mar/11 12:31 AM
Neil! Now I know!
30/Mar/11 12:31 AM
Yes, Neil you are so right. Numbers have never made sense to me and that machince is the worst.
Oh, after that I get to have a man tell me all the things I should be doing. What is really bad is that I am going to pay money for this.
30/Mar/11 12:31 AM
Today (hopefully) I'll find out why my new glasses lenses are blurry.
Will it be 'wrong measurement' for the blended lenses or 'wrong prescription'? Hope it's not, "You'll get used to it." - because I've never had problems getting used to blended lenses prior to these!
30/Mar/11 12:32 AM
The correct method for resolving both those problems (for females anyway) is to get pregnant - then they have a reason for the need to purchase a completly new set of clothes.
30/Mar/11 12:33 AM
Shiela, What do you mean by 'blended lenses'?
30/Mar/11 12:35 AM
Good to know, Neil... My DIL will REALLY appreciate this since she's expecting twins in 7 weeks and she's already huge!
30/Mar/11 12:37 AM
No need to be dwaddling down here for a while.
30/Mar/11 12:42 AM
It will be easier to find my spot when I return if...
30/Mar/11 12:42 AM
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