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Easy Sudoku for 30/August/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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everyone Mum & Dad have moved into the Hostel and I'm still trying to sort out 60yrs of accumulation in the house which will be going on the market this week so keep your fingers crossed for me as I would dearly love to go home. Miss all of you and the chatter
30/Aug/07 11:49 AM
I was just thinking the same thing MLC
30/Aug/07 11:50 AM
Good luck Amelia
30/Aug/07 12:02 PM
I remember when I was thirteen I used to milk the house cow before going to school in the morning but one Sunday, this was our tennis day, I milked it as usual and being summer it swished it's tail because the odd fly was hovering around. It's tail swished right across my face, (mouth actually) and More...
30/Aug/07 12:04 PM
Aww, poor Anne, I would feel sorry for you, but I'm too busy ROFL!
30/Aug/07 12:16 PM
I remember when I was little, my family used to live in the suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah. There was a gang of us kids who'd meet on the curb by my house. We'd find out whose mom was baking bread and begged like street urchins for little rolls. Then we'd find out whose mom was making what More...
30/Aug/07 12:29 PM
oh my you are all giving me a warm and fuzzy feeling...I remember my Grandmother had a old metal box there was with rust on the bottom on the porch where the milk man put the milk with the foil top,and the produce man that would deliver,he also brought eggs and sausage,he made headcheese that my More...
30/Aug/07 12:45 PM
Cute picture - dog looks as if he's wondering if he hatched that little duckie!
Thanks all for the trip down memory lane - now I'm not feeling quite as old as usual, as I don't know what some of those things are you're talking about! I do remember getting our first color tv - it was Christmas More...
30/Aug/07 12:47 PM
Why is the dog's front leg shaved? Margaret I think CP was catching jilgies which are small fresh water crustaceans, we call them yabbies here in the West.
30/Aug/07 1:24 PM
Coonak is another name for jilgies I think.
30/Aug/07 1:26 PM
(1) Half-old-penny pieces, farthings, angled thrupenny pieces, half-crowns, and florins.
(Q: How much is the moon, the sun and the nearest star?; A: three far-things)
Feeling destitute after lending someone two-and-a half old-pence that he never paid back.
(2) Back pedal brakes on More...
30/Aug/07 1:33 PM
One of my earliest memories is of the ice cream man who came to the neighbourhood with a cart pulled by a pony. He and sold icecreams in cones in 3 flavours - vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Buying an ice cream from him was a major Sunday treat.
30/Aug/07 1:39 PM
Thanks to eveyone for the memories, I spent part of my childhood on a farm so the milk came from the cow, I milked once, the cow kicked me so I never milked again, a younger sister got that job. I do remember churning butter by hand, I still have the churn. Gathered the eggs every day after school. More...
30/Aug/07 2:09 PM
Hi Everyone,

I have added a feature to show members who are having a birthday today (Far right, halfway down the page).

You can prevent a birthday message from being shown by unticking 'Show Birthday Message' in your personal details. I have defaulted the setting to 'Show', so if More...
30/Aug/07 2:09 PM
I remember accidently kicking the milk bottles off the top step on my way home late some evenings (Ok I may have had a drink or two). They would bounce down the brick steps and onto the concrete path. It was amazing when they didn't break. More amazing was that it didn't wake Mum or Dad whose More...
30/Aug/07 2:15 PM
CG - the only licorice I know is black...is there any other kind? If so why wasn't I told...
30/Aug/07 2:17 PM
30/Aug/07 2:25 PM
Gath - I think Nancy likes you....
30/Aug/07 2:29 PM
Short and Funny

I dialed a number and got the following recording: "I am not available right now, but thank you for caring enough to call. I am making some changes in my life. Please leave a message after the beep. If I do not return your call, You are one of the changes."
30/Aug/07 2:35 PM
Hugh - I liked your short and funny
By the way, haven't you heard of raspberry licorice? I prefer the black kind better myself.
30/Aug/07 2:40 PM

From counting sheep, one night I slept,
but woke again - and did suspect -
that in the first hours of that day -
strange bleating roused me in that way.
I had a shock on taking stock:
for a flock of sheep had run amok:
there, feeding from our row of More...
30/Aug/07 2:44 PM
Short but I wonder if its funny!
Life is a piece of Dance, if only you know the steps..
Got the habit of building castles in air, no worries thats where they belong, but be sure to put the foudation under them to make them last long!
If necessity is the mother of invention
Curiosity is More...
30/Aug/07 2:53 PM
It's been fun reading all of your childhood memories, esp those of you who lived in the country!

Being a city kid (Los Angeles), I remember the Helms Bakery truck with the drawers of doughnuts and other baked goods (mmm--molasses cookies and glazed doughnuts), the Good Humor truck with the More...
30/Aug/07 3:17 PM
Amelia--good luck. I'm doing the same thing, only now I'm the parent who's downsizing--and still dealing with all the stuff I acquired from my mum's house a few years ago. I move out Saturday--and hope to have my house on the market next Wednesday. Can't imagine selling this place with 40 years of More...
30/Aug/07 3:25 PM
Hugh - apple, mango, blackcurrant, strawberry and choc-coated liquorice. soft-textured is best and keeps you regular.
30/Aug/07 3:50 PM
Billy - I've had some of that stuff but it's not real licorice, is it.

My old gran said that licorice gave you a good run for your money!!!
30/Aug/07 3:57 PM
On the subject of licorice, you can't beat Darryl Lea's soft licorice. I have to wait until I visit Perth to get some as I don't think it's available in Albany.
30/Aug/07 4:05 PM
Hugh - you're right. They (Darrell Lea) tried to pass it off as liquorice but they didn't fool me, it didn't taste totally naff, but then it was free with a purchase of their boxed sets...maybe no one is buying them?
btw - you're gran was right!
30/Aug/07 4:06 PM
ooops - did i spoll it wrang anne? I'll send you down some if you like? x
30/Aug/07 4:07 PM
Hello Billy - no, you probably spelt it right. It's that long since I've had some I forgot how to spell it.
If Amanda, my daughter, went to Perth anytime she used to bring me some home.
30/Aug/07 4:10 PM
but I think you spelt wrong wrong as wrang!
30/Aug/07 4:10 PM
I much prefer your spelling Billster ... Besides I was about to order a double shot of liquor ice, and who cares what flavour
30/Aug/07 4:14 PM
You were right Billy - it's Darrell Lea
30/Aug/07 4:14 PM
Alright girls, you're ganging up on me!!
I admit I'm wrong because Billy is ALWAYS right.
I'm deprived, I need a DARREL LEA licorice fix. Now it looks like I've spelt LIQUORICE wrong.
Hell, Billy, you win!!!
30/Aug/07 4:22 PM
Oh Anne, I am sorry, I just dropped in for 5 minutes, saw the word/s liquor and ice and then realised I was in the wrang shop. Are those suitcases packed for a trip to Vic?
30/Aug/07 4:41 PM
No, Jaz - I'm running away from home!
30/Aug/07 4:44 PM
To my Darling daughter, Chloe,

for your 20th.
30/Aug/07 5:07 PM
Thank God I got something right esp as miss emels is watching...
I need your postal addy anne!
Easy mistoke jaz - happens to the best of us who are always rite.
Best wishes Chloe!
30/Aug/07 5:18 PM
Hey Hugh - Anne also admitted she was wrong...that's 2 women on 2 pages admitting they were wrong (ok - I said i 'could' be wrong - which is almost saying I'm wrong) - but it goes against your theory that we never admit we are wrong, even though that may seem contrary to my last post (see above More...
30/Aug/07 5:29 PM
Chloe Happy 20th..
30/Aug/07 5:32 PM
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