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Easy Sudoku for 30/August/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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2:11. Good morning!
30/Aug/18 12:03 AM
Tom & everyone!
Kinda both today!
Hope your day is more sunshine than clouds!
30/Aug/18 12:12 AM
1:40 Good night one and all!
30/Aug/18 12:17 AM
Good mooooorning all.
30/Aug/18 12:33 AM
30/Aug/18 12:33 AM
I see Colorado Jim put in an appearance yesterday.

Going out on the deck this morning was like walking into an oven.
This will be an indoor day for me.
30/Aug/18 12:43 AM
Good morning from Texas! I dropped in for my once a quarter visit. Hopefully it will become more frequent.
It is good to see names I recognize.
30/Aug/18 1:48 AM
30/Aug/18 1:50 AM
Goodness, I got my fav post on both easy and medium!!!
30/Aug/18 2:09 AM
I see you've taken a bow, Shosho! Well done!
30/Aug/18 2:24 AM
30/Aug/18 2:59 AM
30/Aug/18 3:59 AM
Joann for a fun agricultural photo today.
30/Aug/18 5:07 AM
30/Aug/18 5:11 AM
Morning all, looks more like a cow than a horse.
Not having a good morning, been up since 3:30 watching TV.
30/Aug/18 6:30 AM
Aussie : English translation needed. Is Ecca Ecology?
30/Aug/18 6:30 AM
Another hot day, but the rains are just beginning, with relief arriving with them!

Have a good day in your world!
30/Aug/18 8:43 AM
This seems unlikely:

Ekka : the Brisbane Exhibition, an annual show
30/Aug/18 9:09 AM
Oh, maybe yes:
Why is the Brisbane show called Ekka?
The Ekka is the annual agricultural show of Queensland, Australia. Its formal title is the Royal Queensland Show and it is held at the Brisbane Showgrounds. It was originally called the Brisbane Exhibition, however it is more commonly known as the Ekka, which is a shortening of the word exhibition.
30/Aug/18 9:11 AM
Good try Sarah but ECCA really stands for something like Agricultural Exhibition, which is an annual event in Brisbane something like your state fairs. Another example of Aussies abbreviating everything.
30/Aug/18 9:13 AM
It is the Brisbane Ekka (Exhibition) - with 2 x K's not C's. Aussies have a habit of shortening every word they can. It has been the Ekka all my life, loved it as a kid, and I'm, well, old now!
30/Aug/18 9:41 AM
Did I arrive in time for 22?
30/Aug/18 10:06 AM
Sorry Keith. I did wait for quite a while!
30/Aug/18 10:07 AM
Ha ha...Plum snuck in there while I was dithering over whether or not to take it!
30/Aug/18 10:08 AM
Well, then ... good maEn, good people.
30/Aug/18 10:08 AM
Dither not, Grass-hopper. Dither not.
30/Aug/18 10:09 AM
My slow typing has been revealed yet again with my response to Sarah appearing after she had worked it out.
30/Aug/18 10:25 AM
The Ekka has always been a time of excitement for the whole family, none more so than the littlies. 'Exhibition' is a rather difficult word for little people to say, and 'Ekka' would be an easy alternative. I'd guess as those liitle people grew up they continued to use the term 'Ekka' so that it became common terminology.
30/Aug/18 11:19 AM
Joann spelled it ECCA in the photo caption. That's why it took a while to find EKKA in google. Aussie language is not a written language, of course, so mispellings can happen, especially when the pronunciation is not directly connected to the whole word. Aussie-isms like uni for university are easier to figure out!
30/Aug/18 11:52 AM
I've told this before, so old members need not read:
When we were in Brisbane, our host was telling us about his children. The oldest, he said, was 'at uni in eco.' His wife stepped in to point out that we were Americans and he needed to use whole words!

30/Aug/18 11:55 AM
Did that help, Sarah?
30/Aug/18 12:23 PM
1:17. Good afternoon everyone.
30/Aug/18 12:27 PM
Talking of beer (were we?) it is number 33. I've never enjoyed a Fat Tire (US spelling) so that will be my choice for today. Bottoms up.
30/Aug/18 1:07 PM
As all as shortening words in sometimes ways, Aussies have three means of generating slang.
The first is shortening words such as 'afternoon' to 'arvo' or 'university' to 'uni'. I guess acronyms are the ultimate way of shortening.
The second is fairly common in English speaking countries, More...
30/Aug/18 4:19 PM
Yes, Hal, it helped a lot having words with more than two syllables pronounced in their entirety. The teenagers of the family seemed stunned to realize that some people actually say whole words and don't immediately recognize long words by just two of their syllables, or, as in arvo, not even More...
30/Aug/18 4:36 PM
Rhyming slang is usually a phrase but is again often shortened to a single word.

Noah's arks - sharks (Noahs = sharks)
China plates - mates (Me old China = me old mate)
Pork pie - lie (Tell porkies = tell lies)
Butchers hook - look (Take a butchers at this - look at More...
30/Aug/18 7:58 PM
Interesting discussion. As Peter and DoA would know the 'Navy' had their own slang. For instance:

Oppo - Opposite which meant a mate
Pig - Commissioned Officer
Guns - Anyone who operated mortars or ran Divisions
Scribe - Admin and wages people
Sky Pilot - More...
30/Aug/18 9:00 PM
Oops - FFS
New line after Farrier and om is 'in'
30/Aug/18 9:56 PM
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