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Easy Sudoku for 30/September/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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world wide hug needed I think .....
Very interesting reading here today....thank you to the contributors.
Deb I didn't read RR's comment as you being the 'Deb thing' but that he was referring to the stimulating dialogue between you.

30/Sep/08 5:13 PM
For heaven's sake Deb - get rid of that ghastly avatar.
30/Sep/08 5:14 PM

Paddy Murphy was sent on his way to Heaven.
Upon his arrival, a concerned St Peter met Paddy at the Pearly Gates.
'I'm sorry Paddy' St Peter said; 'But Heaven is suffering from an overload of goodly souls and we have been forced to put up an Entrance Exam for new More...
30/Sep/08 5:19 PM
Dont you like it???? I think it's a photo of a happy smiling woman. The bigger picture from where it came has me surrounded by my beautiful daughter and handsome son. Now that would upset you....lol
30/Sep/08 5:34 PM
This was my original comment

Just read the comments from Jim. In my view I dont agree at all with what they are doing in Switzerland. I say leave well enough alone. The Earth is fragile enough as it is without setting off explosions and atoms and whatever (you can see that I am very More...
30/Sep/08 5:38 PM
Sorry, this was my original comment on page 3.

Hello all...I posted late last night and decided to put it on today's one as well. Wanted to let people know how I feel/felt about this site.

I dont post here much anymore (maybe one here and there) but happened to see that another of More...
30/Sep/08 5:40 PM
Think this says it all:
Talk about anything and everything, but place your comments in the right categories so that people on slow internet connections can still enjoy the site. Also, be nice to each other - you don't have to agree, but this is not the place for personal attacks. As Sir Paul More...
30/Sep/08 5:46 PM
Thanks Bean, you may be right about that. RayRay referring to that Deb thing as the banter. I apologise.
30/Sep/08 5:46 PM
Yes Broni....Point taken....Thank you
30/Sep/08 5:48 PM
Great debate though, rather ironic don't you think Deb after your original post hehe!
30/Sep/08 5:53 PM
buona notte good people. what a night! hope i can sleep with all these things to consider running through my head!
30/Sep/08 5:55 PM
I have one more thing to say though. Just like a woman hey...hahaha...
I believe anybody's jobs are important. Some jobs are menial and some may say 'lowly' and others are more 'important' for want of a better word. Without the people who put in the hours of unrecognised work and low pay More...
30/Sep/08 5:58 PM
Well Deb...the spirited posting between you two is very reminiscent of what it was like in the 'good old days' when people didn't back away from saying what they thought and certainly didn't look down for peoples toes before stomping across the pages...

What is better? It is interesting how More...
30/Sep/08 5:59 PM
Phew! You two just spent a lot of energy - Is it safe to come out yet? It is all your fault Jim, stirring up the sh**! Unfortunately, neither addressed the 'Financial Crisis' in their debate - do you think they both missed the point? rotfl
30/Sep/08 5:59 PM
Yes Broni...lol
After being away from the site for so long and then to come back and be a part of 2 or 3 pages it's amazing.
Taken up a lot of time that I should have been doing other things so will try not to get caught up again.....lol
30/Sep/08 6:02 PM
Hope you get the drift of my last post despite my spelling mistakes and the odd missing word......
I have no idea what my last word was meant to be...
30/Sep/08 6:04 PM
Oh Jaz! you chicken sh**! hehe!
Well said Bean.
30/Sep/08 6:05 PM
Hi Jaz...I think it might be safe but now I should be off doing other things as well...
30/Sep/08 6:05 PM
That Deb is what life is all about, living for the moment. What is that saying??
Yesterday is history,
Tomorrow is a mystery,
Today is a gift.
30/Sep/08 6:08 PM
Not doing STUFF Bean, did you bake that cake?
30/Sep/08 6:09 PM
Hey Jaz...I remember you from way, way back. You left for a while too if I remember correctly
30/Sep/08 6:10 PM
or had you gone overseas for a while?
30/Sep/08 6:11 PM
Wow - what's been happening here today??!!
30/Sep/08 6:12 PM
Happy little vegemites.
30/Sep/08 6:15 PM
Hello CP...It's been a long time!!!
30/Sep/08 6:16 PM
I peeked in before I left work at 3.30pm - without reading any posts - but saw we were4 on page 7 already, and then when I clock on here at home there are another 2 pages. Have now briefly skimmed this page only - and am a bit afraid now to go back over the others!
30/Sep/08 6:18 PM
Hey eaa...I actually enjoyed that....lol...
Unfortunately I have no idea who RayRay is..haha
30/Sep/08 6:19 PM
Yeah, Deb - felt bad because I was in Surfers the weekend before last and didn't send you a message to see if we could meet up. Hope you, and family and the beautiful Kiarah are all well.
30/Sep/08 6:20 PM
Deb I think RR probably did too..despite his protestations....
Broni...just getting onto it...ended up having a nap!!!! [since then I got sucked into following the dabate...]
30/Sep/08 6:34 PM
hi everyone. Either Tuesdays are slow for everyone or I have to read NINE pages to get the whole run down on life the universe and everything.
Had 10 kids around for a 10th birthday party for my son Charlie. Hence havn't had the time to log on today. Even missed my morning brain starter on hard.
30/Sep/08 7:01 PM
That's okay CP. Nicole and Kiarah are both well. Unfortunately she and her partner Matt are separating. She is quite scared about life as a single mother but I know her and she is a strong woman with Kiarah's best interests first and foremost so I know she will make it. It's all a bit daunting for More...
30/Sep/08 7:02 PM
just dropping in very quickly..

Ray and Jim...rofl..you guys have had me in stitches! Thanks loved every minute of it.!
30/Sep/08 7:35 PM
Deb, You don't remember correctly - your memory IS failing you lol I never left the site .... I do get busy doing other things BTW I sure wouldn't want to be RayRay's head in the morning
30/Sep/08 7:53 PM
1:59 Good Evening
30/Sep/08 8:08 PM
Oh sorry Jaz. Yep my memory is going :/
30/Sep/08 8:11 PM
Hey Guys, sure has been an interesting day when I saw 9 pages of comments and then, boy did i have some reading to do, well off to bed, everyone take care.
30/Sep/08 9:47 PM
OMG _ I am devastated. Could someone please tell me where Rosemary's message of departure is back in August? I can't believe that she's left the site......Rosemary........Rosemary.......come back................where ARE you??????????
30/Sep/08 10:05 PM
never actually left the site at all ... am still a supporting member, read the pages often SO WHO buried me ?
30/Sep/08 10:11 PM
oooooooooooo I see your SM. (hides shovel and carefully forged will documents). **Big Smile** Oh Rose - you're here. Didn't you leave? ~~~~~~~ Pssst Angie - you gonna have to watch those rumours you're spreading girl ~~~~~~
30/Sep/08 10:14 PM
Little Ole Moi .....Col...
30/Sep/08 10:15 PM
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