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Easy Sudoku for 30/September/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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30/Sep/15 12:00 AM
Where's Hal?
30/Sep/15 12:01 AM
Oh, I was on the other page....heh, heh, lookie here!
30/Sep/15 12:01 AM
Todays puzzle is about large cities. I have taken the names of ten large well known cities with six letters in their names, divided them into three lots of two letters and randomly assigned them to three columns so that the first two letters of a word might appear in any column. The first letters More...
30/Sep/15 12:02 AM
That is absolutely gorgeous.
30/Sep/15 12:05 AM
Morning all. A forecast top of 20 degree here today, with it rising to 30 degrees C by the weekend. That's swimming weather.
30/Sep/15 12:07 AM

Ruby can fill the pitcher that holds 4 cups. Then she can fill the 9 cup pitcher and pour the water into the 6 cup pitcher. When the 6 cup pitcher is full, the 9 cup pitcher will be left with 3 cups. Ruby still has the 4 cup pitcher filled. More...
30/Sep/15 12:25 AM
Good morning to all! Another dismal day here and work on the garage ramp reconstruction continues on. Less noisy.
30/Sep/15 1:34 AM
Not many folks have visited so far. C'est la vie.
30/Sep/15 1:35 AM
Answers shortly Wombat.
30/Sep/15 1:35 AM
We are Home! A bit jet lagged after the long flight from Chile (20 hours). I did get quite a bit of sleep during the flights but will take a few days for the body to acclimatise to 13 hour time change.
30/Sep/15 2:11 AM
30/Sep/15 2:16 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
30/Sep/15 2:17 AM
1:38. Good morning everyone.
30/Sep/15 2:59 AM
Raining and dismal here--I hope my lawn is happy.
30/Sep/15 4:40 AM
Welcome home June. Travelling is fun, but home is nicer.
30/Sep/15 5:44 AM
Morning all,something I don't want to see over the next few days is a rainbow.
30/Sep/15 6:11 AM
Welcome home June.
30/Sep/15 6:17 AM
Hello Ian, hope you and Anne are keeping well.
30/Sep/15 6:21 AM
Welcome home, June. Now, get some rest... and then some pictures, please???
30/Sep/15 6:58 AM
It's all yours, Keith.
30/Sep/15 7:00 AM
Good morning everyone. Welcome home June. I've found taking melatonin while I'm travelling eliminates all jet lag. I didn't have any tiredness when I visited Jane last year- either going or returning home. When I went to Europe years ago I was exhausted - didn't know about melatonin then.
30/Sep/15 7:23 AM
I guess Keith is other wise occupied.
30/Sep/15 7:24 AM
Magnificent weather in northern Tas today, so a big day in the garden coming up.
30/Sep/15 7:25 AM
June, it's good to see you home safely. I'm sure you have tons of good memories from the trip. Welcome home!
30/Sep/15 8:37 AM
Good morning everybody
30/Sep/15 9:42 AM
It's a quite day when you get to appear on page 1 Phantom!
I am currently paying the price for avoiding visiting the dentist.. have an appointment on Thursday morning. One thing about toothache it makes it easier to get over ones phobia about dentists and their drill.. would just about do anything to stop this misery. Thank heavens for clove oil..
30/Sep/15 9:52 AM
Another quiet day, Phanty on the first page again?????

Karen must have sneezed again.

No DOA for a while. Hope he's OK.
30/Sep/15 11:01 AM
Off to Charlotte again tomorrow. Going to see Disney On Ice - 100 Years of Fantasy Thursday evening. Our grand-niece is one of the cast members.
30/Sep/15 12:14 PM
30/Sep/15 2:15 PM
Very busy day, doing my least favorite thing, going to look at new cars. That is 4 hours of my life I will never recover.
30/Sep/15 2:17 PM
I have been having trouble with this computer so I am getting a new one next week.
30/Sep/15 2:59 PM
Welcome home June, I have enjoyed hearing about all the places you went.
30/Sep/15 3:02 PM
Past my bed time
30/Sep/15 3:03 PM
Well, it really is a quiet day today, and not likely to get much better as our North American members pop off to bed.
30/Sep/15 3:57 PM
In fact it isn't whether you are north or south that determine when you post early or late, but whether you are east or west, but you knew that already.
30/Sep/15 3:59 PM
Here's a new avatar. (Larger version on my page). This is Wombat junior off on his surfing holiday. Where is his surfboard you ask. Well, as Winston Churchill almost said, 'They also surf who only stand and wade'.
30/Sep/15 4:03 PM
Our swimming pool is being groomed for summer, but it is still too cold to swim yet.
30/Sep/15 4:05 PM
Well this is enough for a CP.
30/Sep/15 4:06 PM
And this should be enough for BOP
30/Sep/15 4:07 PM
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