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Easy Sudoku for 31/December/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good maeN all, New Year's Eve already!! Have a good one.
31/Dec/07 12:01 AM
good day to all in this fine land of sudoku
31/Dec/07 12:04 AM
31/Dec/07 12:04 AM
1.48 That is the most bizarre photo ever! Alien, eat your heart out.
31/Dec/07 12:06 AM
All men shoud have to look at this before sex.
31/Dec/07 12:07 AM
Yes Lori, can you believe it. Another year almost done and dusted!

31/Dec/07 12:07 AM
And a very to Loza, Willbooks and Shell.
I have never seen so many birthdays on one day.
WOOHOO Major reasons to celebrate.
31/Dec/07 12:09 AM

Loza willbooks Shell
31/Dec/07 12:11 AM
now that is a foot print
31/Dec/07 12:11 AM

maybe 'done'; but from my perpective, here, definitely not 'dusted' !!
31/Dec/07 12:20 AM
Today's picture obviously involves a footballer of the future
31/Dec/07 12:21 AM
31/Dec/07 12:28 AM
Just a quick game before church - a great photo for baby's photo album! Obviously no comment needed, but it would be nice to know whose belly and whose baby! I used to play "name that body part" when my babies were moving around, and you could never quite tell if it was More...
31/Dec/07 12:33 AM
OOOHHH! It look like the HAPPY NEW YEAR baby is almost here! - Neat photo.
31/Dec/07 12:35 AM
2:21 Hi to all. Wonderful photograph.

Thought for the Day:

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.
31/Dec/07 12:37 AM
Have a wonderful birthday Loza, Willbooks and Shell.
31/Dec/07 12:38 AM
I'm sure I have seen this pic before, but can't remember whom!
Many. many happy returns to Loza, willbrooks, shell, and also my very much ex Laurence!!
31/Dec/07 12:39 AM
I love this picture - I always pictured my oldest son inside of me hanging on to a rib as I ran around work. On another friend's belly - we could get her baby to kick the place where we rested our hand - what fun with a belly.... take care and enjoy your day.
31/Dec/07 1:00 AM
Not New Year's Eve here in CA yet, but I hope that you are all partying for me if you can. What a year! I'm so glad its almost 2008 and this awful year is almost gone.
31/Dec/07 1:02 AM

All my best wishes to all of You.
31/Dec/07 1:16 AM
3 Aussie Birthdays. Loza, Shell and Willbooks Happy Birthday - have a great one .....what a great reason to really 'DO" New Years Eve.
31/Dec/07 1:23 AM
1.23am - I am still up..(yes girls I WAS going to bed 2 hours ago). Does anybody else suffer from infrequent but incredibly severe migraines. My hubby only gets them about 4 times a year- but when he does, it's almost hospital time they're so severe.
31/Dec/07 1:24 AM
2:38. Good Maen to All.
31/Dec/07 1:26 AM
Good Maen to all. I thought I was doing good today but I can see I need alot of training on how to get faster. Even if I don't improve, I still like doing them. Jiminoregon.
31/Dec/07 1:44 AM
If that is a real, untouched photo, this woman needs to get to the hospital NOW because her uterus is ruptured and the fetal foot is poking out!
31/Dec/07 1:56 AM
Good Morning all. Raining in Seattle as usual. That picture was not what I wanted to see with breakfast.
31/Dec/07 2:20 AM
2:01 Good Maen, everyone.
31/Dec/07 2:23 AM
I'm sure I had a foot like that pressed against my bladder for nine months with my second pregnancy. Col, I was one who suffered from infrequent but incredibly severe migraines. Mine started with pregnancies and I had them monthly for years. Then they decreased to maybe More...
31/Dec/07 2:40 AM
all Current U-tube:


Now up to 126 photos on the Float - through the 28th. Will keep checking my sources (after church) for yesterday's (29th) photos & the start of flowering. So far it More...
31/Dec/07 2:42 AM
everyone from sunny AZ
Eve ... with my slow connection speed, it would take me all of 2008 to view all those pictures.
Loza from Melbourne, Willbooks from Katherine, Aust, Shell from perth. Have a great day when you awake later this morning.
31/Dec/07 2:51 AM
Dave: Find a high speed connection.
31/Dec/07 4:13 AM
Good morning to all! This obviously enhanced picture was on over a year ago.
31/Dec/07 4:14 AM

For those of you celebrating New Year's Eve tonight (and tomorrow), a repeat video to spur you on your way: UB40 performing "Red Red Wine." More...
31/Dec/07 4:19 AM
How about those Patriots! Hat's off and a big round of applause!
31/Dec/07 4:21 AM
That was rather creepy

never having kids

almost a new year

so not looking forward to work
31/Dec/07 4:29 AM
Loza from Melbourne

Willbooks from Katherine, Aust

Shell from Perth

Isn't this the most members having a birthday on the same day, so far?

Best wishes for a super day to all of you!
31/Dec/07 4:33 AM
to Loza
to Willbooks
to shell
Hope today is a very special one for you all.
31/Dec/07 4:34 AM
Birthday greetings all around, it seems.


31/Dec/07 4:43 AM
KEITH, to you also!
31/Dec/07 4:52 AM
OH, so close, I gotta!
31/Dec/07 4:52 AM
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