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Easy Sudoku for 31/March/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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31/Mar/13 1:51 AM
I don't seem to have an Easter smilie. The avatar will have to do to wish our Down-unders a Happy Easter!
31/Mar/13 1:51 AM
Hello page two.
31/Mar/13 1:52 AM

Halt, you...you...you!

Good morning.
31/Mar/13 1:53 AM
Good wishes on your move, Karen. Hope everything goes well.
31/Mar/13 1:53 AM
Now how did I do that.
31/Mar/13 1:54 AM
Sent Mr Cee an answer. Think I did better than yesterday.
31/Mar/13 1:55 AM
It will be a great, new life adventure.
Just need some umph, to get up and start or continue the packing stage.
31/Mar/13 1:55 AM
31/Mar/13 2:51 AM
I just had to share this, too priceless. HalT, put your coffee down. Seems that most of the males on the site had trouble with #2 yesterday (the poozle, that is). I decided to run it by my resident male. 'What holds baby feeders?' 'Fathers'.
31/Mar/13 2:54 AM
Good afternoon to all! That cat seems to be very attentive. It must be watching the Easter bunny hopping around.
31/Mar/13 2:59 AM
I was without both the Internet and telephone msot of yesterday and/or today. Did get access to the Internet back late yesterday, and finally got telephones back about 30 miinutes ago. It's amazing how dependant we come on having these things available.
31/Mar/13 3:02 AM
Yes Karen, I echo the good luck wishes. I'm sure your whole family is excited as well.
31/Mar/13 3:03 AM
I already did Mr. Cee's pozzle. Now to send my answers.
31/Mar/13 3:04 AM
But before I do that, HAPPY EASTER to all those that celebrate the day!
31/Mar/13 3:05 AM
Sweet kittie. looks a little grumpy this morning.
31/Mar/13 3:30 AM
Happy Easter.
31/Mar/13 3:33 AM
Is it Happy Passover?
31/Mar/13 3:34 AM
Started off busily here.
31/Mar/13 3:34 AM
The pace has slowed now.
31/Mar/13 3:35 AM
Have had time to fill in a couple of leave forms and have a cup of coffee.
31/Mar/13 3:36 AM

fellow puzzlers and Happy Easter to those who celebrate.

is about all I cant say for Mr Cees poozle, there is ALWAYS one that stumps me...
31/Mar/13 3:50 AM

Canuk Greg, I must admit I love your bunny picture but its just not you, cant wait to see the flag I know so well back in its rightful place.....
31/Mar/13 3:53 AM
31/Mar/13 4:17 AM
Morning all. I trust everyone is having a nice Easter break.
31/Mar/13 4:47 AM

Thanks Beehive, would be great if I didnt have to work!!!

Dont overdo the chocolate........but then again if we cant do it at Easter when can we!?!?!?!
31/Mar/13 4:59 AM
31/Mar/13 5:34 AM
Oh dear, I need help! Was told for my DIL's baby shower, I had to come up with a game for the guests to play. . . All I could come up with was comical motherly advice. She'll be coming from heading her own department at Time Warner to motherhood so my example was going to be at 5PM don't stuff the baby in a drawer as unfinished business,. Argh!
31/Mar/13 5:36 AM
Can any one come up with a better game??? I feel like an 'Out of the loop grandma!'
31/Mar/13 5:38 AM
Back home after towel shopping.
Love, love, love the cat!
I also said goodbye to Lent by eating a very decadent crepe for lunch with a huge glob of whipping cream. Shame on me.
Wishing all sudoku friends a very Happy Easter!
31/Mar/13 7:09 AM
Morning all, we had a cat like this one, his name was Dazzle.
31/Mar/13 7:12 AM
Happy Easter to those downunder!
31/Mar/13 7:39 AM
Not enough coffee - that was an easy one and I ended up with a time of 2:01. Good morning everyone.
31/Mar/13 8:07 AM
Happy Easter to all in Sudokuland. Enjoy your Easter eggs! I have sort of done the poozle and sent off my answers. Mr. Cee doesn't award prizes for correct answers like Kathy does. Shame on you, Mr Cee
31/Mar/13 8:20 AM
Shosho, give everyone some Play-Doh and have them sculpt a baby within a certain time. Mom-to-be gets to pick winners, ''most creative, most realistic, most creative, most disturbing'', etc.

Give everyone a piece of paper and a crayon and have them draw a baby with their eyes closed. More...
31/Mar/13 8:21 AM
Shosho, if you decide to use Kathy's last suggestion, can I attend the shower?
31/Mar/13 8:32 AM
when I was a kid, we had a cat like that called Footso.
31/Mar/13 8:43 AM
Cleaning the cobra pit. I wonder what the life expectancy for these workers would be.
31/Mar/13 9:00 AM
No one wants to turn the page??
31/Mar/13 9:01 AM
Maybe I can do it.
31/Mar/13 9:01 AM
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