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Easy Sudoku for 31/July/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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A housewife acquired a pet rabbit and taught it to do all kinds of tricks. She noticed, however, that the animal was very self-conscious and wouldn't perform any time it was being observed, which defeated the purpose of teaching it to do tricks in the first place. If she walked into the room when More...
31/Jul/09 5:16 AM

It pains me greatly to tell you that Judy had the only correct answer to yesterday's shudder producing math question.
I'm sure she got help from her neighbors....
As soon as I recover, I will post the answer.
31/Jul/09 5:21 AM
Greg - groan, that's so awful that even I laughed - a little.
31/Jul/09 5:29 AM
A soccer team just became first in the National League. The players which were on the field just after the referee blew the final signal wanted to congratulate each other by shaking hands. Assuming that each player shook hands with every other player only once, how many times were the hands shaken More...
31/Jul/09 5:29 AM
A titter, you might say.
31/Jul/09 5:30 AM
That last comment of mine was meant to be a follow on from my previous comment about Greg's "Joke". But because it followed Kathy's comment it looks to be entirely inappropriate. Sorry - I'll shut up now.
31/Jul/09 5:34 AM
He he ...
31/Jul/09 5:36 AM
Are you having a bad hair day Ian?
31/Jul/09 5:39 AM
Thanks, Greg. I needed that!

Greg, June/Epping, Plum, and CynB realized the 'letter' that had been removed from the words was a LOVE(letter)
31/Jul/09 5:40 AM
Kathy, everyone left that riddle for only Judy to answer as we all knew how easy it was. We do need to 'stroke' her every now and then.
31/Jul/09 5:41 AM
Yeah, right, CG ... Stroke this, Big Boy!

31/Jul/09 5:44 AM
Oh! She won by DEFAULT??? I am sooooo pleased!
THANK YOU everyone!!
31/Jul/09 5:49 AM
Oh Judy, and here I was trying to be nice. (Out of curiosity, exactly what is it you want me to stoke?)
31/Jul/09 5:55 AM
How often do you dlean out your garage?

BERLIN — An Audi sedan written off by an elderly German woman as stolen two years ago has resurfaced — in her neighbour’s garage beneath a thick layer of dust.
Police said the 82-year-old from the northern city of Hildesheim took the car in for More...
31/Jul/09 6:03 AM
Geez, CG ... you're REALLY out of practice ...
31/Jul/09 6:19 AM
Judy and CG, somehow I don't think you're talking about kayaking with those stroke verbs being bandied about ...
31/Jul/09 6:38 AM
Kids don't you just love them...my daughter is travelling through Indonesia, I get a text whilst I am in Spain saying that her money was stolen on the first night of her holiday...then nothing...in spite of leaving her emails and text messages and numerous phone calls, I hear nothing. I cut my More...
31/Jul/09 7:26 AM
I think a late glass of wine may soothe me...a large one!
31/Jul/09 7:27 AM
I've already started on the chocolate!
31/Jul/09 7:28 AM
Grrrr - mumble,mumble - bloody teenagers !!!
31/Jul/09 8:05 AM
Mine - not yours, Andre. (I know yours is not a teenager any more).
31/Jul/09 8:05 AM
But yours and my previous two made it past teenagehood, so maybe this one will too!
31/Jul/09 8:06 AM
Not looking good today though!
31/Jul/09 8:07 AM
But - I am woman, hear me roar (and he did!).
31/Jul/09 8:08 AM
I will survive!!!

And he will too!

Cos I still love him - even though he was being a royal pain in the proverbial this morning!
31/Jul/09 8:09 AM
Is blood letting in order CP? Mine call themselves twenteens and right now that could be an accurate description, however, the wine is making me cheery...
31/Jul/09 8:10 AM
and the chocolate is divine...
31/Jul/09 8:11 AM
Good morning all.
Cathy. Have a great day.
andré and CP - one day, these young people will be parents themselves.
31/Jul/09 8:55 AM
Somebody just sent me this - I had to share. I know there are many of you who will understand completely.

The simplest toy, one which even the youngest child can operate, is called a
"*grandparent*." Sam Levenson
31/Jul/09 9:37 AM
Absolutely, Cyn! We've had our four grandkids with us three of the last four weeks. We have all had the most wonderful times, and I am POOPED! But there are no other experiences that compare ...
31/Jul/09 10:01 AM
31/Jul/09 10:14 AM
Good Morning everyone.
31/Jul/09 10:15 AM

and frilgermorg

31/Jul/09 10:32 AM
Yes - definitely blood letting in order, Mine or who? Have just spent nearly 2 hours trying to get Telstra to fix a mobile phone problem to do with unlocking it to another network. The final person I spoke to was quite sweet and helpful but when i asked to put in a complaint to someone higher up More...
31/Jul/09 10:50 AM
Maybe I should go back to bed, hide under the doona for a while then get up and try to restart the day again!!!
31/Jul/09 10:52 AM
I would, except I am going out to lunch with friends!
31/Jul/09 10:52 AM
Frilgermorg proliferates. "Alas the day!" he cried.
But it was true, too true,
And all who knew bemoaned the fate, the sorry fate.
Of brave and bold bragmurfle.

31/Jul/09 11:04 AM
Judy and CynB -- How true about grandparents!! Judy, the last time we babysat our grandkids, I slept for 12 hours solid after being relieved of duty!!! My husband and I love nothing more than to spend time with our grandchildren. Our second favorite thing is to rest when we are finished!!!
31/Jul/09 11:40 AM
My BIL arrived home safely from Afghanistan last night. My sister is delighted he's home as he has been away for three months. They are having a month off before they both head back to work.
31/Jul/09 12:27 PM
Judy, CynB and Linda-- I can hardly wait for Garrett to arrive! Grandparenthood sounds so good.
31/Jul/09 12:43 PM
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