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Easy Sudoku for 31/July/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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31/Jul/17 12:00 AM
Good morning Hal. Are you enjoying good weather down there in SC. It looks like I've stolen one of Keith's favourites. Sorry Keith, but remember 'The Joy is in the Hunt'.
31/Jul/17 12:13 AM
Good morning HalT, Wombat and who follow.
31/Jul/17 1:00 AM
Hello Hal, Wombat, Rage ...and Harry, the hairy hamster decorating that Harley!
31/Jul/17 1:25 AM
31/Jul/17 1:26 AM
We're experiencing one of few gorgeous days this summer... off to enjoy it!
31/Jul/17 1:26 AM
Oh, my poor knee!!! Been applying heat since yesterday and sitting with my left leg elevated, Very uncomfy since I'm used to moving about. Getting to the point I even considered getting one crutch out!
31/Jul/17 1:28 AM
31/Jul/17 1:28 AM
I've been having an orchid discussion with Amelia as a result of her comment yesterday; thanks Amelia!
31/Jul/17 1:30 AM
I tried repotting an orchid once. Despite the many YouTube videos I watched & the varied bags/packages of 'recommended' orchid potting materials I gathered, I had no idea what I was doing. The orchid knew also - it died!
31/Jul/17 1:36 AM
31/Jul/17 1:37 AM
June, is survival/blooming indicative as to whether the orchids are repotted each year??
31/Jul/17 1:37 AM
Good night,
31/Jul/17 1:47 AM
Hi Harry ,riding the Harley. Cute photo!
31/Jul/17 2:47 AM
1:26. Good morning everyone.
31/Jul/17 6:45 AM
Morning all, Harry and his Harley made me laugh.
31/Jul/17 7:42 AM
Cathy, have a wonderful day.
31/Jul/17 7:45 AM
Joyce, happy to help. We only repot ours when they are pushing the pot out of shape, we have 3 spikes of flowers on a pot that can't stand up. We will be splitting into three and repotting.
31/Jul/17 8:01 AM
Wow. This late in the day, I was sure it would be gone.
31/Jul/17 10:17 AM
But not so. I've still got a chance.
31/Jul/17 10:18 AM
31/Jul/17 10:18 AM
31/Jul/17 10:18 AM
& a CP, for icing on the cake.
31/Jul/17 10:19 AM
Well done Keith. Wombats rule okay
31/Jul/17 10:28 AM
Good maeN, good people. Wombat, I have sent you an answer to your 1 & 3.
31/Jul/17 12:04 PM
31/Jul/17 1:22 PM
Good afternoon.
31/Jul/17 1:35 PM
We have a rainy day today.
31/Jul/17 1:36 PM
Not heavy rain, but decent showers.
31/Jul/17 1:38 PM
I'm having a frustrating day. I put on a new pair of trousers this morning only to find that the alterations place had cut and sewed them at least 2'' too short. A trip to the shop gained no sympathy, or a refund (without the receipt, which I threw out weeks ago). This computer throws me off this page every time I press Backspace.
31/Jul/17 1:46 PM
Peter, there was no 3rd market - it was a typo. Hall market is on the first Sunday of each month - so it'll be on next Sunday.
9 days to go until we leave on our UK and Europe trip!
31/Jul/17 1:50 PM

July 27 1&3

Here are the answers to last Saturday's poozle. A few people struggled with pajamas/pyjamas, but they god there in the end.
FIZZ.SP More...
31/Jul/17 3:29 PM
Well here we are at 33 and it does not look like we will get to 44, so I wiill claim this and continue the beer theme - Fosters Lager.
31/Jul/17 3:33 PM
1:28 Good afternoon one and all!
Probably my fastest time ever. Love today's photo! Gave me quite a laugh this morning.
31/Jul/17 4:42 PM
1:48 which is very fast for me these days. Joyce, my orchids have not been repotted for years and they are a real mess.
Some nice rain today as the garden is very dry. We need a lot more though.
31/Jul/17 10:43 PM
Might this be the LPotD?
31/Jul/17 11:56 PM
....too bad Amelia can't come do it for you - she's an Orchid-whisperer!
31/Jul/17 11:57 PM
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