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Easy Sudoku for 4/January/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen, world of Sudokuland!
04/Jan/09 12:02 AM
Nice morning. Sun is just coming up.
04/Jan/09 12:04 AM
Hello, hello. I'm still up, at home, not at work - but about to hit the sack.
04/Jan/09 12:05 AM
Lots of those sort of cars in Canberra at the moment for Summernats (car lovers' heaven). Have never been to it, but evidently it is great for car enthusiasts, burnout championship, best restored/modified vehicle....
04/Jan/09 12:08 AM
OK I give up. What is on the car?
04/Jan/09 12:09 AM
Just looked at the birthdays. Gath got it wrong. Mine is on April 1st.
04/Jan/09 12:12 AM
Did you write your birthday the US way or the Aussie/European way, Dorthea?
They write day-month-year, not month-day-year!!!
04/Jan/09 12:15 AM
Think that happened Dorthea because of our different way of writing dates. To us Aussies, January 4th is 4/1/09, and April 1st will be 1/4/09 whereas you US folks use the opposite.
04/Jan/09 12:17 AM
But, it's not all bad... now you get TWO days of TWO birthdays!!!
Two cakes... two wishes...
04/Jan/09 12:17 AM
Snap, Shiela!
04/Jan/09 12:17 AM
(snap!) CP!
04/Jan/09 12:19 AM
Double snap!
04/Jan/09 12:19 AM
The movie Patch Adams is on TV, so even though I should be in bed, I'm not! Silly, isn't it, when I could probably hire the DVD any old time.
04/Jan/09 12:19 AM
For TWO pieces of cake, I welcome two birthdays.
04/Jan/09 12:20 AM
What kind shall it be....hmmmmm!
04/Jan/09 12:22 AM
Went to 4T's girlfriends' 18th earlier. A nice night, which I dreaded going to because we were the only "new" people at the party. The rest were aunties, uncles, grandparents, godparents, old family friends.... They made us (Mr P and I) very welcome.
04/Jan/09 12:25 AM
The birthday cake was especially scrumptious - sponge layers separated by cream - YUM!
And then there was pavlova to follow. I just had to eat some because only the hostess had had a bit, and we were trying to encourage others to try it!
04/Jan/09 12:28 AM
Good Maen all and Happy Happy Birthday (a day early) Dorthea...I'll bring some chocolates for you since you are set with cake!
04/Jan/09 12:29 AM
Boy it's slow and hard going to get to 22. And I think Vici is waiting to pounce!
04/Jan/09 12:31 AM
Oh Dorthea - just read your post that you are an April Fools baby! Well, no reason you can't enjoy all the attention today, too!
04/Jan/09 12:31 AM
04/Jan/09 12:31 AM
04/Jan/09 12:31 AM
04/Jan/09 12:31 AM
Good one, CP! Now you can rest easy tonight!!!
04/Jan/09 12:32 AM
Yay!! Finally did it!!!
04/Jan/09 12:32 AM
Yep - signing off now that I've achieved my aim!
04/Jan/09 12:34 AM
Sounds like you had a very nice time at the party, CP ...I like when it turns out to be so comfortable even tho you are the new folk.
04/Jan/09 12:34 AM
Good night CP...sleep well.
04/Jan/09 12:35 AM
Missed 22......was reading about unusual births on my internet page.
A Rochester, Michigan lady gave birth to twins, but one was born in 2008 and the other was born in 2009! They ARE twins, but they were born in different days/months/years!
That would REALLY confuse Sudokuland's recording differences!
04/Jan/09 12:38 AM
There was also a couple in the UK of mixed race with TWO sets of twins. The unusual part was that each set had one white & one black twin! The odds of that happening!
04/Jan/09 12:42 AM
Good Maen Sudokuland! Off to do some shopping today. We have finally consumed all the holiday leftovers and now it is time to lay in a new store of food. Good Day to all!
04/Jan/09 12:46 AM
(Caught my eye because new grandchild is due in next couple of weeks!)
04/Jan/09 12:46 AM
Good Maen to everyone!
04/Jan/09 12:51 AM
Good morning, Debby! Did you have a red sky this morning?
04/Jan/09 12:52 AM
Just back from shops. It is cold, hovering a couple of degrees above freezing, but the sky is completely clear and deep blue. Made ham and lentils soup this morning so when I have finished my bowl I shall walk the dog.
04/Jan/09 12:57 AM
Good morning Worldly People

Looks like just a t-shirt day around here. Though I hear in the next couple of days it will layer time again.
04/Jan/09 12:58 AM
Good Morning Everyone.
04/Jan/09 1:17 AM
Good Morning, Shiela! Uhhhh....I think I slept through it this morning! I didn't wake up until after 8!!! How did your day go yesterday?
04/Jan/09 1:18 AM
Is that a couple of cats in the center of the hood?
04/Jan/09 1:18 AM
Have you not seen Mad Max? It's a thingy (don't know cars) that takes in air to let Max go turbo when he needs to!
04/Jan/09 1:24 AM
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