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Easy Sudoku for 4/November/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Just wanted to see my name in print.Time? 0:24:10
4:55. Under 5 mins finaly.
3:00 even. Blast off!
4.36 Better
2:14 I've been sick all week and playing Sudoku at home with a pencil. All that practice has really helped my time!
Why do my kids never let me on the pc? I really need the practice 7.01 today while being nagged for ice-cream!!
5.34 My best so far
4:12 Not too good - still I am on the slow computer which always adds a couple of minutes - it just can't react quickly enough.
Koalas like nothing but gum trees and other koalas. Are there gum leaves, one variety only please, on the shuttle? Wombats are better!
Kate, sorry to get back to you so late, had a very long course today, here's my recipe for roast pumpkin soup with cheese. Put sliced seedless pumpkin, brushed with oil, in oven to roast for 1/2 hr at high temp. Melt butter in pan, fry chopped onion 5 mins, then cook gently for 20 mins. Take More...
That's simmer gently for 20 mins. Puree and return to pan, bring back to simmer and stir in 4oz diced Gruyere of Fontina cheese. Once soup is in bowls add tsp of creme fraiche per bowl, some more grated cheese and a bit of parsley. The only way to eat pumpkin.
So what's this about a party? I don't know turn my back for two minutes and I miss what sounds like an action packed time. Humph!
5:43, Donna (O)--I had a good night at new job... well, as good as training can be. Sat there for 4 hours and learned who we could not sell alcohol to in the grocery store (minors and intoxicated persons!). Fines are high for any infractions!!! Nice to get out of the house and making money More...
6:54! That's the best I've done since I've begun this sudocolism. Hope all is well, moving on to medium.
3.23. Billy, I had the best time - don't underestimate your legs! Andy, look forward to seeing you on Saturday; hi Pam; hello all regulars - you okay, Trevene? Last minute tidy up on the building front? Lisa glad you're doing okay despite lack of sleep. andre, you nearly did an Amber and got me with a mouthful of coffee on that one - lol :)))
Susan (Ingham) you asked the other day what we home-workers do - I work as a trainer so office at home when not standing up in front of a group (like I was this week - and next - and the next - and on....) What was the course, Rosa? And as it was a virtual hen night, I'm sure you can time-warp More...
4:38 - tried a different technique today. Hope everyone is having a good day. Moving on to medium...
3:13!! new record yay!
Heck missed the party cos I couldn't get onto site - it time warped me backwards. Didn't mind till I heard you all went ahead and had a good time! Boo Hoo
nice break from raking leaves. another awsome fall day.
The wedding is tomorrow???? interesting!! Guess you all will be needing the Villa!!
Hi all.
To Brian of Wales - good luck to the Welsh rugby team. I think this AB team will be the better of you though. I hear 6 of your players aren't available - what's that all about? Do they all have good reasons to be AWOL??
Great pic.
I never wanted to do the easy but it's
enjoyable. It doesn't feel like work and fun to do. Less work for mother.
2:48 My best time
Same pic again
6:54 Rosa, your pumpkin soup sounds yummy. I also love pumpkin ravioli. Kabocha squash makes a great stand-in for pumpkin. Which reminds me, I must go out and harvest my squash and other bits from the garden. The weather is really beginning to close in. Must also plant the garlic before it is too late.
Rosa - thank you for the recipe. It sounds gorgeous!
Trevene - you worry me. You sound like a dodgy package holiday brochure. Is the villa actually ready or are we all going to have to put up with a building site, no water, no electricity, no bar and a dearth of fanciable men?
Brian - Good luck for the match. Is it on terrestrial tv?
3:23 Had to answer phone. dr.'s office aboutmy upcoming heart procedure. Kathy/Texas Where did you go for the International Quilt Show ? Quilting is my #1 passion, followed closely by Sudoku. I didn't get a picture today, Gath HELP!!! Good day all.
My turn for a recipe - my mum's Parsnip Puff. Wonderful with beef or Christmas turkey!
Ingedients for four people - 3 large parsnips, 1 egg, cream, freshly grated nutmeg, breadcrumbs, melted butter.
Parsnip puff cont'd...
Cut parsnips into chunks, boil until tender, then mash. Allow to cool a bit. Stir in beaten egg, grated nutmeg & cream to taste. Put in oven dish.
Sprinkle a layer of breadcrumbs over the top, then pour melted butter over the breadcrumbs.
Bake at 200C for 25 mins. (Freezes well.)
2:10... most definitely my best time ever.
2:35...good job under 5 Jan from RI....are you enjoying the nice gale force winds up there today???
Kennedy Space Center is a great place! Hubby and I dragged our Gruff (then about 13) and his friend while on vacation to FL.

We went to Epcot, Disney Magic Kingdom, Universal (both parks), Disney MGM, and I insisted on Kenneday Space Center. A good time was had by all--the boys More...
2:45. Best time for a while. Eyes must be improving
Mmmm. Parnip puff sounds good, Kate.
hi all fellow sudokists,

i'm new to webpage....sounds like youre all old friends...time not good enough to post yet but hope to improve soon
Rosa - Parsnip Puff really is good! It's a real tradition in my family, though I don't know where the recipe first came from.
Try it and let me know what you think.
Thanks, Lily from Calgary! I am seeing patterns in the rows and blocks, but still not very fast. Perhaps i ought to drop my life and carry on with sudoku! Thanks all!
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