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Easy Sudoku for 4/November/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Beautiful photo with great definition - something often missing in the pictures here. Thanks.
04/Nov/08 4:35 AM
A quick look to Wikipedia gives the answer
04/Nov/08 4:42 AM
everyone. Lots of chatter here today despite the late start. Doesn't take much to throw us all off, does it! I thought sure there used to be a time when the puzzle changed over at 8:00 AM here on East Coast USA? Jim, can you explain for me? Is that still yet to happen after further adjustments?
04/Nov/08 4:49 AM
Our poor Ebony is still suffering after her appt. with the vet at 10:15 AM this morning. She woke up this morning with eyes almost swollen shut. Dr. said she thought kitty litter could not be the cause of an allergic reaction this bad. She believes it must have been something else, but we just More...
04/Nov/08 4:57 AM
Well, one out of three! Actually, I did remember circle, but Ian beat me to it! Bola, bola!!
04/Nov/08 5:01 AM
Hi Everyone,

Just fixed up the time. Hope you bet on a winner today!

04/Nov/08 6:09 AM
A kitty hug for Ebony, Kathy - I'm so sorry she's not improving yet. Maybe the meds are going to take a little time. Poor baby.
04/Nov/08 6:20 AM
Oh, Kathy, it is like having a sick baby, isn't it?
I'm sorry she's so miserable. I hope the meds kick in very soon. Hugs for you both!
Keep us posted...
04/Nov/08 6:28 AM
Oh well, back to the drawing board.
04/Nov/08 6:35 AM
What a great photo.
04/Nov/08 6:45 AM
3:08 Good Morning all

04/Nov/08 7:40 AM
Hi everyone! Great photo. It's one of Nal's & it is a wild one. there is another photo taken shortly after that with it looking straight at the camera with a VERY vicious snarl on its face!!! I don't think she stayed to take many more!
04/Nov/08 7:50 AM
all. for the info, Kate. Nal does wonderful work. I wonder how she reduces the pic for the jigsaw. I'm currently using Web Resizer http://www.webresizer.com/resizer/ which has a 'sharpen' option and this helps a lot.
04/Nov/08 8:02 AM
Kathy, hope the medication starts to work soon so poor Ebony will get some comfort soon.
04/Nov/08 8:05 AM
Kathy, It is hard to see our pets suffering. Merlin sends a lick and I send some hugs.
04/Nov/08 8:08 AM
Conic sections: Parabola, hyperbola, and ellipse.
Mathematically, a circle is a kind of ellipse.
04/Nov/08 8:22 AM
The Iowa Electronic Market share prices, 4:15EST:

Winner-take-all, Democrat (Obama): $.914
Winner-take-all, Republican (McCain): $.092

Holders of winning shares will be paid $1 after results are confirmed.
A true futures amrket, he IEM has been the most accurate prognosticator of US elections since its inception in 1988.
04/Nov/08 8:26 AM
"market, the"
I have a tendecy to leav out or revrese my letetrs soemtimes!
04/Nov/08 8:27 AM
Thanks Gath for getting the time issue straightened out, it once again is using correct time in Eastern Australia as basis.
Watch for the large number of confused posts tomorrow!
04/Nov/08 9:05 AM
Once upon a time, in a land far away, a beautiful, independent, self-assured princess happened upon a frog as she sat, contemplating ecological issues on the shores of an unpolluted pond in a verdant meadow near her castle.

The frog hopped into the princess' lap and said: Elegant Lady, I More...
04/Nov/08 9:14 AM
OK! Who's going to win the cup today?

My tip - Mad Rush followed by Profound Beauty then Mr O'Reilly.
04/Nov/08 9:16 AM
Nah, Peter. Here are the winners!
Mad Rush
Nom Du Jeu

(got it straight from the horse's mouth) Neigh!
04/Nov/08 9:27 AM
Peter - boxed trifecta of Nom de Jeu, Littorio and Profound Beauty (5,11,18) - probably will change my mind again before I get to the TAB.

Jane - if you're still about - Yellowstone got scratched!!!
04/Nov/08 9:28 AM
Where's my manners - good morning all and
to Margot. Enjoy your day.
04/Nov/08 9:30 AM
04/Nov/08 9:39 AM
Morning all!

Did you see Gath sneak in as Tulio? That was cheeky!

I drew Mad Rush ina sweep Peter!
04/Nov/08 9:41 AM

Come and Meet Rena from Christina Lakes, BC, Canada and her Daughter Amber.

BBQ at my Place, Saturday 22nd November, 6.00pm.

Rena and Amber will arrive here in Perth Tuesday 18th November (2 weeks today), departing Sunday 23rd November.
04/Nov/08 9:43 AM
Peter, I read that 'Mad Rush' is an American horse
I am going for Nom Du Jeu & Mad Rush in a quinella
04/Nov/08 9:43 AM
RSVP on my Page, and I will forward details to you.
04/Nov/08 9:44 AM
2.19 Dan, the first thing that came into my mind was Rocky Raccoon too!
04/Nov/08 10:16 AM
Oh! and I will place a bet on 'Zippy' just for you André xx .... I so miss your humour and TFTD xx
04/Nov/08 10:18 AM
Melbourne Cup: My Trifecta: Septimus, Nom de Jeu and Profound Beauty. All internationals (although we'll still call the NZ ones ours if they win)
04/Nov/08 10:24 AM
Septimus to win. Great trainer, Incredible jockey. Irish horse.
04/Nov/08 10:49 AM
This raccoon looks like a taxidermists mount.
04/Nov/08 10:56 AM
Kathy, I hope your kitty is doing better.
04/Nov/08 11:01 AM
Shiela, I think it's Ebony the dog, who got into the kitty litter!
She's been on meds for a few hours now, so
04/Nov/08 11:12 AM
Geez, typical on Melbin Cup day, I can't decide -I also like 'Red Lord' a lot
04/Nov/08 11:37 AM
Jaz - good omen on Red Lord - 100 yrs ago - Lord Nolan won the 1908 cup
04/Nov/08 11:50 AM
I drew 'Ice Chariot' in the Melbourne Cup Sweep on the SA6 page.
04/Nov/08 12:02 PM
04/Nov/08 12:10 PM
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