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Easy Sudoku for 4/November/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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04/Nov/13 12:00 AM
Better Things To Do


M = 0

A = 1

Z = 2

C = 3

K = 4

R = 5

H = 6

T = 7

B = 8

L = 9

631 + 211 = 842

339 + 314 = 653


970 + 525 = 1495

Well some loved More...
04/Nov/13 12:00 AM

Answers to my ''Devils'' Inbox please.

A Tasmanian Devil has a tail as long as its head and a quarter the length of its body. Its body is 3 quarters of its total length. Its head is 4 inches long.

How long is the Devil?
04/Nov/13 12:05 AM

04/Nov/13 12:23 AM
and I thought Cee and I we were friends!!!!

(Im not a numbers poozle fan, cant you tell)
04/Nov/13 12:28 AM
3 Sea Otters all waving at the same time. What could be cuter than that? Looks much better after unsquished as a jigsaw. Fun jigsaw to do.
04/Nov/13 12:52 AM
Good Maen friends - love the time change!
04/Nov/13 1:26 AM
04/Nov/13 1:42 AM
Bye Bye!
04/Nov/13 2:18 AM
Good morning people of the world.
04/Nov/13 2:29 AM
Where ya goin' Bev?
04/Nov/13 2:30 AM
Sandwich Day
Clichè Day
04/Nov/13 2:32 AM
Talk about having to be dressed or presentable these days.
But thank goodness, I got up early and put clothes on. One of my neighbors is home alone this weekend, while her hubby and grandson are off doing the mighty hunt thing. She kept to her normal routine, of an early morning walk, More...
04/Nov/13 2:40 AM
Oh dear, as I am sitting here, patting myself on the back, for being presentably dressed, I realized my hair is not brushed. Oops.
04/Nov/13 2:43 AM
I got confused this morning about starting time. Daylight Savings Time ended here last night. It's hard enough figuring out the time since I live on the time zone line, but add DST into the mix, and I'm disoriented.
04/Nov/13 2:48 AM
Those otters look like they're waving to us!!!
04/Nov/13 2:51 AM

Hubby had all the clocks changed when I got up this morning, bless him. Well, except for the cuckoo clock. I just stopped that and will start it again when it gets to the appropriate time. The hardest one to reset is up on the kitchen wall over the window. Standing on the counter is involved if I do it.
04/Nov/13 3:01 AM
My day has just freed up considerably. Looks like a math poozle to me, so I'll leave it to the math whizzes here in Sudokuland. I'm not one of them.
04/Nov/13 3:06 AM
Nor am I, Kathy.
04/Nov/13 3:16 AM
04/Nov/13 3:33 AM
Mr. Cee, a point of clarification, please,
'A Tasmanian Devil has a tail as long as its head and a quarter the length of its body.' Does that mean the tail is as long as the head OR a quarter of the body or does that mean the tail is as long as the head PLUS a quarter of the body?
04/Nov/13 3:36 AM
This one is dedicated to Keith!!!
04/Nov/13 3:36 AM
Good afternoon to all! The three amigos!
04/Nov/13 3:58 AM
Another math puzzle....
04/Nov/13 3:58 AM
We saw sea otters in Prince William Sound, Alaska. They are so cute.
04/Nov/13 4:00 AM
04/Nov/13 4:32 AM
I don't like the clock setting for this time of the year for my grandfather clock. Since I don't want to go up 11 hours I have to stop the clock and hope I remember to restart it in one hour.
04/Nov/13 4:33 AM
Spent all day yesterday with my sister at my nieces. I did find out that she won't be going to Japan until after Thanksgiving. So we will have Thanksgiving together at the other nieces. The will not be back for any holiday but Christmas for the next 3 years.
04/Nov/13 4:37 AM
I have been told we are going to the movies this afternoon. I was told we will see Last Vegas, hope it is decent.
04/Nov/13 4:39 AM
A CP and I am gone
04/Nov/13 4:39 AM
I just heard that the benefit yesterday raised $50,000.00!!! That will make a noticeable dent in Gary's medical bills.
04/Nov/13 4:50 AM

Heidi on such a great effort, communities sure know how to rally around those who need help!! Well done...
04/Nov/13 5:15 AM
Excellent, Heidi! Well done to all the folks involved!
04/Nov/13 5:58 AM
Sue, as far as stopping the cuckoo clock....I set the kitchen timer to remind me when to start it again.
04/Nov/13 6:00 AM
I set all the clocks, last night before I went to bed, except the coo-coo. That darn thing cannot tell time anyway, so it would have been wasted effort.
04/Nov/13 6:26 AM
I have decided, that today is the day, that Thanksgiving shopping list should be completed.
I was thinking this when I woke up at 7:30, it is now 1:30 and I have two items on my list, parchment paper and flour. Think I am going to need something else for all those people expected to be coming.
04/Nov/13 6:29 AM
I could picture that picture on a calendar.
04/Nov/13 6:34 AM
Not a lot on the to do list day. That makes me very, very happy. Been busy the last couple of days.
04/Nov/13 6:36 AM
I set all important clocks (except my wrist watch) last night before I went to bed. Set my watch this morning.
04/Nov/13 6:37 AM
I know Karen was around, so the question is do I attempt a cp to the top?
04/Nov/13 6:37 AM
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