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Easy Sudoku for 4/November/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, all!
04/Nov/18 12:00 AM
Good morning, Wolf
04/Nov/18 12:38 AM
1:58. Good Morning Wolf, Wow_Axel and everyone who follows. Will be driving through Pugetopolis next Saturday Wow_Axel. We'll wave to you from the I5.
04/Nov/18 12:56 AM
04/Nov/18 1:50 AM
Everybody!! Daylight Saving Time ends tonight. That means I will be another hour later than the Sudoku early birds!
04/Nov/18 1:56 AM
Good Maen, good people. As I have been organizing my food stores for the winter, bringing in the bounty from the garage that shouldn't freeze solid, the cornucopia seemed an appropriate avatar. The first thing I'm thankful for this year is that my family will be warm and fed this winter. Our basic needs have been provided for.
04/Nov/18 1:58 AM
No, Denny, because we who are east of you are falling back with you. Hmmm. That gets me wondering: what is everyone's 'fallback plan' for returning from Daylight to Standard Time? Who amongst us sets clocks back before bed, sets them back the next morning, staggers the setting back More...
04/Nov/18 2:07 AM
Hi Plum. I should be clearer. Referring to our down under early birds or any others not switching their clocks. Sorry about that!
04/Nov/18 2:18 AM
It's a bright, sunny day after a rainy night. We had a tornado warning blast out of the TV around 10:45 last night. All was well, but, it was rather unsettling. AND, it interfered with my Blue Bloods watching.
04/Nov/18 2:28 AM
We always just wait until morning to set our clocks back, Plum. My iPhone and computers reset automatically, of course. All the others are manual. I am reminded twice a year how many clocks we have in this house!
04/Nov/18 2:36 AM
everyone - officially it's still morning!
Sunnnnny! - after several days of being overcast.
Just keep smiling.
04/Nov/18 2:43 AM
We set our clocks the night before since it always happens over a Saturday/Sunday - 'cause it's embarrassing when you show up for church an hour off!
04/Nov/18 2:46 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
04/Nov/18 3:37 AM
Shiela, we used to go to a church where the pastor bought donuts in the fall for those who showed up to church 'early' because they forgot to set their clocks back and in the spring to treat those who showed up 'on time' because they probably ended up skipping breakfast. So twice a year the clever More...
04/Nov/18 3:53 AM
I was interrupted mid type and ended up changing how I was phrasing my thought. I really should proofread before I submit. What I should have said was that of the twice a year donuts he ended up getting donuts for the clever half in the spring and the procrastinators got the crumbs then More...
04/Nov/18 4:03 AM
I've actually been awake a few times to see the time actually change on an auto adjusting clock. A geeky thrill.
04/Nov/18 4:05 AM
Aggh. Another proofreading-would-have-avoided-the-poor-phrasing error. 'Actually,' maybe I should 'actually' just call it quits on 'actually' posting any more 'actually's?
04/Nov/18 4:13 AM
A cp, a 22-proximity alert to Keith, plus a note that today's Easy solves well without possibilities odd numbers down then even numbers up. Have a good day, good people.
04/Nov/18 4:20 AM
Great photo, Ian - thanks!
04/Nov/18 4:30 AM
Thanks for the solving tip, Plum - worked perfectly!
04/Nov/18 4:31 AM
I've already started changing clocks - there are many, many which are not Auto-Set!
04/Nov/18 4:32 AM
And, before refreshing the page, I was about to say that people have started changing their clocks, somewhere. Seems Joyce beat me to it..
04/Nov/18 4:54 AM
Interesting 'solve pattern', Plum. Thanks.
04/Nov/18 4:59 AM
04/Nov/18 5:02 AM
Plum! I tried her solving hint and it cut a minute off my usual time!
04/Nov/18 5:27 AM
Beautiful bird ,and he matches the sunset! Ian.
04/Nov/18 6:03 AM
Speaking of solving....try Wombat's poozle from yesterday. It will get you thinking!

Hmmm. My smilies seem to have disappeared.
04/Nov/18 6:21 AM
Morning all,great photo, thanks Ian.
We are dog sitting our daughters dog as she is house sitting a friends house that has a large dog. He likes to be near you at all times, we have to wake him and move his bed to our bedroom otherwise he starts crying.
04/Nov/18 6:22 AM
They are back!
04/Nov/18 6:22 AM
I set the clocks back before bed but some of the odd ones are already reset. My husband took the one of the wall and I did the stove and coffee maker.
04/Nov/18 6:23 AM
1:51 Woke up and can't get back to sleep.
04/Nov/18 6:23 AM
04/Nov/18 6:24 AM
I just went through that, Amelia. I was stepping over her in the kitchen, I couldn't move my desk chair back, I had to be careful when I got out of my TV watching chair because she was lying under my feet and ALWAYS had to look down when coming out of the bathroom or I'd fall right over her.
On the plus side, hubby said he always knew how to find me.
04/Nov/18 6:28 AM
all. We always change our clocks before going to bed. It is quite a chore - very few adjust themselves & my hubby makes clocks. They make wonderful wedding gifts, but he has kept several himself. He even has 4 made for our grandchildren, none of whom are married yet. 🕰 ⏱ ⏰
04/Nov/18 6:45 AM
I have already reset two of our clocks. Some will be reset later this evening, and the clock by my bed will be reset just before I shut my eyes for the extra hour of sleep.
04/Nov/18 8:40 AM
There are some clocks in our house that may not be reset for 2 or 3 days (or weeks, or months, or not at all).
04/Nov/18 8:44 AM
04/Nov/18 8:44 AM
😂😂Kathy, this one isn't quite that bad, he is in recovery mode after a back operation three weeks ago.
04/Nov/18 9:46 AM
Better go look for Wombat's poozle while I can.
04/Nov/18 9:51 AM
I'll turn the page first.
04/Nov/18 9:52 AM
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