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Easy Sudoku for 4/May/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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TOPP. No wheeee.
04/May/13 10:34 AM
What's the matter Hal, got a Weee problem?
04/May/13 11:14 AM
No weee problem, Ceee. Just didn't want to do it on you.
04/May/13 11:28 AM
This cat looks like one of our 3 all black cats--out of the 10. Seems to be ready to play, like our youngest one: run, jump, climb, wrestle with the others.
04/May/13 11:30 AM
Margo, one more comment on the name thingie. If the first word(?) out of your grand's mouth upon being introduced to you is 'Bambam,' are you willing to accept that for the rest of your life?
04/May/13 11:37 AM
Anybody watch the Kentucky Oaks today? The winner was Princess Of Sylmar, the longest shot of the field at 36-1 odds. She ran from almost last to blow past the unbeaten favorite.
04/May/13 11:41 AM
Hello, UnclePaul. Haven't seen you around for a while.
04/May/13 11:41 AM
Hi Folks,
For those of you interested in horses and children
here is a link which I think you will find interesting. It is on a website of a friend who
uses it in her work as a child psychiatrist.
04/May/13 11:57 AM
youkidme, I think there is something missing. Your link doesn't take me anywhere.

It's missing the http://???.
04/May/13 12:07 PM
Sorry Halt, I tried it myself here, but as I have not previously tried to send a link, I did not know the ''works'' from this site. I'll try to post it again and then test it from this site to see if it works.
04/May/13 12:30 PM
More on the name thing. One colleague is Yaya, and no she's not Greek. It is the name here grandson spontaneously started calling her. She was going to be Gigi - for Gorgeous Grandma.
04/May/13 12:30 PM
Try this then.
04/May/13 12:33 PM
I have just tested the link, and it worked OK,
but of course the smilie should not have been quite so close, but it is possible to pick it up without it.
04/May/13 12:37 PM
Ya done good ykm.
04/May/13 12:50 PM
Night all. [snooze]
04/May/13 1:04 PM

And I send wishes for a very Happy Anniversary to Shiela and her husband. I wish you many, many more years of happiness together.
04/May/13 1:23 PM
ykm - Are you starting to feel the Autumn Magic where you live? I'm starting to feel and see the Spring Magic over here. As Serena said the other day, I feel 'solar powered'.
04/May/13 1:27 PM
Afternoon all,that could have been a photo of our cat 13yrs ago,starting to show her age these days.
04/May/13 2:00 PM
Happy 44th anniversary to Shiela & Mr. Shiela, & happy 44th birthday to Sue's daughter Kara!
04/May/13 2:00 PM
04/May/13 2:20 PM
04/May/13 2:20 PM
Happy 44th Shiela & Mr S.
Happy 44th Birthday, Kara.
Happy Birthday Jake & Stella.
04/May/13 2:24 PM
Afternoon all. G grabs the ton
A beautiful 25c here at the moment.
Congratulations on your 44th wedding anniversary Mr and Mrs Sheila.
04/May/13 2:38 PM
Yes Dottie, The autumn magic is well and truly here.
Our Community has recently set aside a number of acres for a Botanical Gardens, and we are all invited to be a ''Friend'' and join in all the activities associated. Last weekend there were 7 private gardens open to the public (for a small More...
04/May/13 2:41 PM
I was just ''having a go'' at the Hard puzzle,and had put in a few numbers, when I thought I'd go and have another look at the Easy site for a minute - lo and behold! when I returned to the Hard site, all my entries had disappeared ! Does anyone know whether this can be ''fixed''?
04/May/13 3:01 PM
Good night people of the world.
04/May/13 3:17 PM
youkidme - There is an option to ''save game'' right below the puzzle. If you didn't use it - sorry 'bout that.
04/May/13 4:02 PM
Yes DOrA I was thinking the same thing. I sometimes forget to do this,very frustrating lol
04/May/13 4:21 PM

That'd be old age creeping in VV.....you know the memory thing!
04/May/13 4:42 PM
04/May/13 4:47 PM

Good night DoA!
04/May/13 5:01 PM
Good afternoon one and all!

04/May/13 6:24 PM
Duh! I didn't know you could save your puzzle and finish it later.
04/May/13 6:27 PM

G'day Anne. How's the cycling going? Bit cold and windy here.
04/May/13 6:28 PM
G'day Peter - I haven't long got home from a bike ride to the beach and back. Took me five minutes short of an hour and a half. Longest ride so far.
04/May/13 6:31 PM
It's been very cloudy here today but no rain and very little wind, so that helped. There were a few hills that got the better of me, though.
04/May/13 6:32 PM

Off to watch the Cats play the Tigers.....see yah!
04/May/13 7:33 PM
I'm watching the Dockers!
04/May/13 7:51 PM

Dead set way down here is wearing my mouse out with all this scrolling.
04/May/13 8:42 PM

Bit like the Indicators on motor cars. They have to wear out quicker if you use them all the time. What with all that on off on off on off. Cant be good for them.
04/May/13 8:44 PM
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