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Easy Sudoku for 5/October/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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over the...
05/Oct/08 8:19 PM
05/Oct/08 8:19 PM
Hi Chris!
05/Oct/08 8:45 PM
Happy Birthday Jazzy wazzy
you're so cool
so wazzy jazzy
it's real hard to rhyme with Jaz
but i'll make one up
how bout Braz?
Come to think of it...
i've done one before...
twas so bad
d'ya really want more?
You're so nice
you're so sweet
you've got 10 toes on More...
05/Oct/08 9:07 PM
05/Oct/08 9:54 PM
poem on Jaz..
well well..cant call this a poem, but some logical extension of billy's verses can say..lemme try..
Happy b'day Jazziiee wazziee
u r so cool
no need for a pool
when u r near..
u have arteries in your heart
that pumps
not blood but LOVE..
u r so More...
05/Oct/08 10:23 PM
anu anu
hellu hellu
your poem sends shivers down my spine
your logical extension is so fine
arteries and words aren't so gibberish
spew forth tongues and anything liverish
Hope you have a lovely day
appy - Theek hai Theek hai?

OH COL??? Yes my sweet??? Anything you wish to say that can stop me weeping copiously - appy's words have moved me so...
05/Oct/08 10:39 PM
Girls for you lovely words, but in all honesty it was you all that made the day so speshial.

05/Oct/08 10:43 PM

Sigh looks like we will have to do it all again just for you. What do you think Ladies?
05/Oct/08 10:44 PM
got your messages, will be in touch..
any excuse to get you to this time try the home mades stuff
05/Oct/08 10:46 PM

You will have to be here for the next one!
05/Oct/08 10:47 PM
Er wouldn't pizzazz rhyme with jaz? Just a thought
05/Oct/08 10:47 PM
had to share the left overs tonight with
05/Oct/08 10:49 PM
As for Photo's of yesterdays fun and pictures of little think you may all have to wait for a while, sorry. Need to get approval from Gath and Kym first.
05/Oct/08 10:51 PM
Happy birthday Jaz. Was really great to enjoy the celebrations of so many birthdays over at Angie's. The food was magnificent, and the company wonderful. Thanks to Angie, Bruce and the girls for all the effort of putting on the event. Had such a great day.
05/Oct/08 10:54 PM
I heard you had a wonderful day ladies thanks to the hostess with the mostess - misssssssssed yous
toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooos xxxx

yep Colleen, but i used up that word on last year's ode...which I've just revisited and yup - that was really crappy...I may suggest to jaz that she change her name to make it easier to rhyme with...like Lou...
05/Oct/08 11:09 PM
In that case Billy you are on your own - I'm afraid.
05/Oct/08 11:25 PM
Hi Colleen, are you staying up for the race?
05/Oct/08 11:32 PM
Be not afraid. I'm not on my own - i go by another name...a name that strikes fear to the depths of one's soul, it is a name that if spoken aloud will cause mountains to crumble, rivers to leak, blancmange to ooze...maybe I'll change it, doesn't sound so good...
05/Oct/08 11:39 PM
Does anyone actually ever read the last page of the day? Is everyone clock-watching for change-over to give their news for the day? Is it fingers on the buzzer...or rather - on the mouse?

05/Oct/08 11:43 PM
Hi Susan - I like to read and contribute on the last page but I am weary tonight so I might just go to bed
05/Oct/08 11:46 PM
Woo Hoo, seems like old times seeing Rose, Angie, Col, Billy here! I am glad I got out of bed this morning. How are you lovely ladies? I miss you.
05/Oct/08 11:48 PM
I never for a moment thought you were really on your own Billy - I just couldn't think of another word to rhyme. Night night
05/Oct/08 11:48 PM
Ooh that's one fewer...and I guess all the Americans will want to sleep in being Sunday morning...
05/Oct/08 11:49 PM
Keith we are going to have to post a lot to get you to 222
05/Oct/08 11:49 PM
Linda, not going to happen. I was so hopeful. Ah well.
05/Oct/08 11:53 PM
I was ready if you wanted to try, fingers poised over the keyboard
05/Oct/08 11:54 PM
I am still here Linda - how did your 'Booya' thingy go? Was it as good as you hoped?
05/Oct/08 11:56 PM
Ah well I will go to my page and post the info I got on the Booya yesterday, I was mistaken about it being a creole dish
05/Oct/08 11:56 PM
Hi Billy, Yes some of us read the last page of the day. I usually have a good chance of being here. It is the middle part of our day that I am not around. All this will change when all the time changes happen.
05/Oct/08 11:57 PM
Colleen, it was excellent I am going to head over to my page at post the recipe for it although if you are only making it for a family you might want to cut down on the amounts
05/Oct/08 11:57 PM
Good morning Keith & Linda
05/Oct/08 11:57 PM
Getting time
05/Oct/08 11:58 PM
bugger... I'll have a go then...

don't wax...
'x' is so much easier really..

'y' so is y...

But you chose 'z' so you get what you get..

Jazzed should be wazzed, pazzed... out on her bed x It's Sunday, I'm not a poet... x

06/Oct/08 12:47 AM
TOTS xx bad girl billy xx (big wink, can't be bothered with smilies much).
06/Oct/08 12:48 AM
ssshhh billy, Jaz... praise the lord (not of the fly's, maybe... don't flys buzz around bulls) she is still asleep...
06/Oct/08 3:04 AM
03/Jul/09 11:18 PM
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