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Easy Sudoku for 5/December/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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I posted a Girlie-girl Christmas experience on my page.

Shosho I can picture that wonderful scene in my mind. You are blessed to have so many little ones.
05/Dec/07 1:19 PM
Karen, I just laughed my hinder off at the story on your page of your girl and the candy canes!
05/Dec/07 1:28 PM
Just thought I'd joint the discussion on ute's. Two decorate our driveway, a "Holden S Pack" (carpenter) & a "Ford XR6" (painter), both for image as well as work!
05/Dec/07 1:31 PM
Maureen - good image - beats our plain white Mitsubishi Ute!
05/Dec/07 1:38 PM
2:14 Good Afternoon All.

Been to the physio today for VB. Physio thinks she is wonderful as she is crawling, standing up from a sitting position, holding herself up when she is leant over from a sitting position... I don't think that last one translated very well. Oh, well.

Our More...
05/Dec/07 1:40 PM
Whoa , all this serious discussion of beer! Need an erudite scholar like Rayray to put everything into perspective! Although CG, it would seem that you have managed to put a cultural touch to our site!
05/Dec/07 1:40 PM
Rose and Karen, I do so envy you for the darling angels you have to show Christmas spirit! The excitement in their eyes would be worth everything that the holiday brings. I get to see my grandson this year at 11 months! He should be a handful.
05/Dec/07 1:43 PM
Yes CynB, but young males have to keep up with mates (don't they) just noticed my typing mistake joint should have read join!
05/Dec/07 1:45 PM
I'll leave my salute to Santy Clause on my YouTube for a couple of more days before finding something else to replace it.
05/Dec/07 1:52 PM
wow jeb.
05/Dec/07 2:08 PM
If you want to see the great Australian Ute, check out my page. I have just uploaded a photo of ours (sorry it was taken at night). I've also uploaded a photo of my car taken right in front of Old Parliament House in Canberra, for those who saw the good pic on todays hard, not taken by me.
05/Dec/07 2:20 PM
Nobody has mentioned the 'dog in the ute' competition! WA held the record for a while, I think it has gone east now though. The idea is to see how many utes with dogs in the back turn up to a certain pre-determined place.
05/Dec/07 2:36 PM
Rose, so happy to hear that VB is coming on so well.
05/Dec/07 2:37 PM
Just checked, at the Corrigin Muster there were 1527 this year.
05/Dec/07 2:39 PM
Must make sure mine don't get wind off Corrigin Muster, 1527 Ute's (or was it dogs)in one place at a time is more than enough!!!
05/Dec/07 4:19 PM
good morning to all you lovely people out there !
05/Dec/07 5:27 PM
05/Dec/07 5:41 PM
After reading C/Gregs Christmas joke I'm glad I have a star for the top of my tree.LOL So did Elle have a good race.
05/Dec/07 6:18 PM
Maureen M it is dogs in utes, they have to be together and there is a parade. Afterwards I am told the dogs all go to the makeshift kennels and the drivers to the bar!
05/Dec/07 7:01 PM

I am up early, but I may go back to bed. The wind is worse than ever. Earlier this week the gusts were 60-70mph so I hate to think what they are now - maybe 80 mph? The nearby trees are blowing through horrific angles.
05/Dec/07 7:34 PM
I hope you are all having a great day/night where ever you may be.

LOL, moi always has a star on the top of our

I have also More...
05/Dec/07 8:12 PM
Rayray - gripe water is really good for wind. Hope you feel better soon.
05/Dec/07 8:15 PM
2.26 On your marks,...
05/Dec/07 9:15 PM
All this talk of Dogs and Utes. I have changed the photo on my page of a real Dog in a Ute, that I took in Tasmania when I first arrived there in 2004
05/Dec/07 9:33 PM
For all of you who have received their "2008 Calendars" from me, we owe a debt of gratitude to Anne of Albany who first sent them to me.
05/Dec/07 9:34 PM
Lol Billy. The wind is from outside. I wonder who it is? Bean doesn't live near here. Maybe it's our local parliamentary representative - he is full of it (I joke - poor man).
05/Dec/07 9:53 PM
[Thinks: Maybe that's not rain being driven by the wind - maybe it's gripe-water]
05/Dec/07 9:55 PM
I'm not sure, but I think a tree has disappeared, and I'm not going out to find out more
05/Dec/07 9:56 PM
05/Dec/07 10:43 PM
Thank you Rayray, it has taken pride of place in my gallery.
05/Dec/07 10:54 PM

Oii- Rayray - that's enough cheek!!
Shosho - takes me back to 9yo playing the recorder and I thought I was SOooo good!
Lynda - thank you - will pass the poem on. Very thought provoking. My 17yo wants to go to Duntroon Military College [non-ozzies - Officer training/army]. More...
05/Dec/07 11:00 PM
My new Utube offering is " I can't believe it's Christmas"
05/Dec/07 11:10 PM
2:14, a reasonably straight-forward puzzle.
05/Dec/07 11:23 PM
I know I am an old grouch but the only standard of recorder playing I like is Michaela Petrie. I run a mile at the sound of children with them. Can't schools start them off with some instrument a little more 'musical'? It has the same effect on my ears as running finger nails down a blackboard!
06/Dec/07 12:30 AM
Good morning to you all...It is bright and sunny this morning and is in the air. Will start baking soon... to all.
06/Dec/07 1:49 AM
I wonder
29/Dec/07 9:51 AM
04/Oct/12 5:12 AM
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