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Easy Sudoku for 5/March/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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OOPS! Fingers got ahead of the brain.
Let's try again...

G'MAen Sudokuland
2:58. Not bad. Nice fireworks over Sydney

Thanks to all who sent b'day greetings (see comments) albeit alittle early. Look forward to the 13th and celebrating with you all.
I have a question More...
Kathy/FL Thank you, I would love to take credit for the ♥ but K from brissie taught me how to do them in the chatroom, I just passed on the 'know how'. Have you tried the music note? Alt + 13 ♪♪♪
Maybe we could all sing today!!! that would be a nice change ♀♪ Now I know you love singing Baz.
Good Maen everyone. It's 8:20 a.m. CST here in Alabama on a cool (33 degrees) sunny morning. In my still sleepy state, I did a double click on the timer button this morning and recorded no time. It still was about 4 - 5 minutes.
You said that you miss me.If your grammar wasn't perfect you'd get to talk to me.I have to do some gardening now,but thanks for thinking about me.
♥♥♥!!! I have an official complaint to make. How come when I express an opinion Bully Gath deletes me. But Deb, Kathy, Baz..et al annoy people they remain and continue to annoy. I gather tis is sick bay and only the sick are allowed to stay!♥♥♥
What a well-done and beautiful picture! The opera house, so small-looking like a doll's house, makes the fireworks more majestic. Loved it!
2:42 start to finish. Not my absolute best, but close. So far I haven't been able to get much below that.
Have to admit, though, that I don't try to More...
good day all Maen 2
saturday here on sun posting
good old computers eh.
Hey André darl, have a G&T for me, chin chin. Just watched Rod Stewart on Parky, he looks better now than he did 30 yrs ago!
Just over 3 weeks in England and 5 days in Rome - do the guys still pinch bums over there???
to Bill K from NY
Yes, I was born on a black Friday 13 Feb at five minutes to midnight. I have since met someone (a relative by marriage) that was born at exactly the same time, day & date, he lives in England, I now live in Australia. I also commented I would be back on here. My daughter 'phoned me at 10:25pm & woke me up & chatted for nearly 1 hour.
Nancy from PA: I'm glad the Neti pot is working! It is a little gross though, huh? But for any sinus sufferers out there, it does help give relief. Anne and Beehive: Very cool that we have had another meet up of sudoku lovers. What I love best about this site is the ability to network. I love More...
(got cut off), I feel that building community is what it is all about. Thank you Gath for providing this great forum!
Hi Anne! Guess you're not going to get much sleep tonight. Glad you & beehive got together. Did you have someone take a picture? Where does your daughter live? I always enjoy my phone calls with my daughters, especially the two who live far away. Am really looking forward to seeing the one in NC - I fly up there on Mar. 16!
to Kathy, my daughter lives in the north west in a mining town called Wickham, where I spent Christmas with them. I love her 'phoning, but that late at night when I'm fast asleep is a bit hard to take. Now I'll never get back to sleep for hours. Oh, well, thank God for sudoku
♪♪♥OK Jaz, so let's record K from Brissie as the creator of hearts & music!! For some reason I have a harder time making musical notes than hearts? And sometimes I can come up with a tiny little smiley face, but it turns into a plain square when the comment is posted. Think I noticed someone else the other day had that problem, too. And why can I not put the hearts into e-mails???
Suzanne, You hit on a key word about things we love about this site - SUPPORT! When people are dealing with health problems, family problems, etc., it's a comfort to know that others everywhere in the world have faced similar problems & can possibly offer ideas for solutions or at least show that they CARE!!
Hey Suzanne! Another soduku player from the Emerald City! I'm really from Renton but its all Seattle to a stranger, isn't it? What a fun site this is, esp. Deb's corny jokes!!
Grammarmaster - thanks for stopping by, even if for a short time. Hope you enjoy your gardening! What do you grow? You could always talk about plants & flowers instead of grammar. Bet there are lots of people who would be interested in that! It is spring here, but maybe fall where you live? Sorry, I forget if you live in Oz??
Been doing these Sudokus for about six months now and I'm up to medium level. Once in a while I get to feeling smart and try the hard ones, usually without success.
G'day to all you Mates and Mollies in the land down under. Hope I said that right. Wouldn't want to receive a bunch of hate mail.
I love fireworks... it would be better with sound effects.
first time player very interesting
good game
waaaw... this is a very beautiful...
I, to, have not been at this long. ♥ ☺ Times around 2 to 3 minutes blow my mind. I feel good if I get under 12. & checking out all the comments is at least as interesting as the puzzles.
I got the smiley face by doing Alt+13 but it did change to the box when posted.
♪♪♥♫☼►♠♣•◘○☺☻♥♀↕‼Y6◄‼♫☼►☻☺♥♪☼ Little else to do.
Waiting for interesting comments to start! Like a bit of fun aggro.
Good Maen to all in Sudokuland. We awoke this morning to beautiful blue skies and snow covered terrain. Seeing the snow in the branches of the towering pines against the blue backdrop of the sky is a beautiful sight. I'm so thankful to live where I do!

Try as I might, my keyboard does not create the same little pictures that everyone else's does. Could it be because I am on an ?
I've been doing the puzzles for a couple of weeks and enjoy them. Just thought I'd say hi from sunny, but cold Utah, home of the 2002 winter Olympics. Were any of you here for that? We Loved having the world visit our home. By the way, I got to sing in the opening ceremony (with 359 of my closest friends)
LP, I'll bet the empty box at the end of your message was an Apple. Entirely different symbol system on a Mac OS from what is on other pcs.
What does Maen stand for?
4:28 not bad.
Keith -- thanks for your report on my symbol. Right you are, it is an apple and it shows up as such on my computer -- but apparently not on PC users. Interesting. It never occured to me that you all wouldn't see what I see. I know that my methods must often be different than PC's, but I didn't More...
It took me the least amount of time for me...I think
The symbol comes out as a question mark, which is all I get when I try to make the hearts and such. I'm on a PC. I think I must have more questions than love LOL!
Snow on the pines makes me homesick. Wonder what the Moke River looks like these days.
good Maen so true we are here also for the comments the good the bad and the ugly we opt. to chime in when we feel so it takes all kinds to make it fun as joan said she is waiting for the interesting comments to start, i enjoyed the virtual cruise that is what makes this site such fun
Sally Maen = morning afternoon evening night and you can capitalize your time zone mAen if you like

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