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Easy Sudoku for 5/May/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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have you seen my snuffles?
Victoria, a pretty young lass
Had a bloody enormous ass
Not round and pink
As you possibly think,
It was grey, with long ears and ate grass
sorry not a limerick but just need to say

They come from all over the place
To do puzzles and state their case
Fights sometimes ensue
with diff'ring points of view
To me it's just funny and ace
A boy stood on a burning deck,with a pocket full of crackers. One fell down between his legs and blew off both his .........
You are joking ! Bruce has his b'day 2 days after you ? - No wonder he gives you good pressies

Angie turned twenty one
With Cake and lots of fun
Now it's his birthday turn
For a boarding pass he does yearn
So run now Angie - just run
4 christ sake give it a rest yourself!
Happy Birthday Bruce

On your day just want to say
That you can count on me
To be your friend until the end:
Just wait and you will see!
2:37 Have just found out my daughter is having a baby & we are going to be grandparents for the first time. Baby due in November. I'm over the moon

yeah 4:12:32!!!
Lynne from Kanahooka.
Congratulations, fabulous news. Best wishes to you and your daughter.
chickadee From te puke high
yo, do you know my cuzzins? paviour smith...?
congratulations Lynne and Geoff on the impending birth of your first grandie.
it is a very exciting time for you and your family.
My little grandaughter Taylah Rose is 2 and a half going on 5 and we have a very special bond.
Some people say that a limerick
Is some kind of anonymous gimmerick
A Lear or a Nash
May own up to this trash
But never a Wordsworth, a Herrick or Himmerick

or me!!!!!!!!
little lousie me
had nothing to do whatever
so sat on a bin
and counted the veins in a chin
of the mate i know
There once was a mate named Mark
Using his friends' name as a lark,
He'd limp down the lane
As he yelled out in pain,
Wishing he could play footy in the Park.

Thanks for the update on you op. Hope healing continues. I know how we can overdo things and pay for it More...
4:53 Don't know if this is good or bad, but I sure enjoy playing.. Also enjoy the comments after the games.. Good maeN to all. Guess you can tell I'm a newbie
Thanks Rosemary.

In the garden of Eden lay Adam
Who was thoughtfully stroking his madam
He laughed loudly with mirth
For he knew on this earth
There were only two balls and he had'em
Your good news has brought me out of chatroom posting retirement (for the time being) - congratulations - what wonderful news.

OK - back to hibernation
twas on a friday afternoon
that i beheld the puzzle
the fun was great
but i berate...
some posters need a muzzle!

(no, not you... or you either)
The limerick's an art-form complex
Whose contents run chiefly to S*E*X
It's famous for V*I*R*G*I*N*S
And masculine urgin's
And vulgar e.r.o.t.i.c effects.

Geez you have no idea how hard it was to get that thru !! and it's probably the mildest.
hello there warren from philly!
Your idea was really quite silly
Just look what you've done
there's pun after pun
but I love it! It's fun.. truly 'brilly'!
Couldn't work out whether 'it' didn't like S/E/X or
M.A.S.C.U.L.I.N.E or E/R/O/T/I/C or all 3 !!! I give up exhausted !
For all the Lynnes out there
(I always remembered the limericks about my name)

There was a young lady of Lynn
Who thought all love-making a sin
But when she got tight
It seem quite all right
So everyone plied her with gin

There once was a lady named Lynne
Who was More...
Deb and Mark will descend from up there
with thick coats and warm gloves and 'hat hair'
And we'll go out to meet
with a smile, but cold feet
wishing we were in Queensland...oh yeah!

Hi Lynne - naughty limericks for a grandma to be!

Congratulations (on both)
Victoria, Rosemary & Col Thanks for the well wishes. They told me they were practising but its been so long I almost didn't believe them
Thanks Fraz
What about the footy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For Kathy from Valrico

When tennising icons are sought
Billy Jean King and Margaret Court
Should not be left out,
For there is no doubt,
That they were the best in their sport
For Col

There was a young woman from Ballarat
Offered to do 'this and that'
When speaking of 'this'
She meant more than a kiss
So imagine her meaning of 'that'

acknowledgement to Jim Haynes
wow, I think we have out done ourselves with all these wonderfful limmericks.
Well done Warren for the great idea!
When the Aussie night time is here
The chatroom is filled with vodka and beer
The bee sometimes drops in
And is barely heard in the din
But his arrival is met with a cheer
LYNNE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sometimes Lynne will come thru
With words of wisdom for me and for you
If I could stop you for a min
I have a question for you Lynne
What exactly 'Kan a hooka' do ?
There was a granny called Lynn
Who was nothing but bones and skin
So she wore a false bust
In the likewise false trust
That she looked like a lady of sin
The rhyming is quick,
The lines very slick,
The topics are tropical,
Endlessly possible,
The essence of all limericks.
It's Bruce's birthday today
And we all shout Hip Hip Hooray
Cause he's Angie's gorgeous hubby
Somebody get him a stubby
And let's get this party under way
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