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Easy Sudoku for 5/June/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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I agree with the Paris Hilton idea with all my heart. I don't even watch TV or read magazines, or... well, anything really, but she still manages to be everywhere w/o actually doing anything.
sorry. It makes me mad.
I wrote that w/o reading From's comment. I think we posted @ the same time. Weird.
Barry Bonds
9:30 in the morning, Sunday. Have a good day.
Ook, now I don't think that's really possible, do you?
SUSAN/APPLEX, when you wrote nicely about the teacher called Susan, I thought you were talking about me:O) GINA, it was probably because I hear that word so often at work and home (I'm surrounded by youth) that it was the first word that came to mind. It was just a light hearted comment, it wasn't More...
To from responding to another from:

If one is an isolate living at the top of a mountain never
speaking to anyone or reading anything, that person would not be bothered by any of the 'celebreties.' However, just by watching a bit of television ('news' even)(and the adverts between More...
I'm SO SORRY!!! I guess I thought Russell Crowe was an Australian!
Add Serena and Venus Williams to the list.
♪♪♪♪I rode my bicyle past your window last night♪♪♪♪

Katie Couric and not a person but The Da Vinci Code
We need to find a way to connect..do you live here part time? are you on your way back for the summer? I live around 107th and Interlake Ave., near Northgate and just below the cemetery, only a few miles from you!! I am in the chatroom alot, log in sometime when you get a chance...if I'm More...
Maen. Nice warm day here. Have a great day!!!!!
From: Yours wasn't up when I posted, it really wasn't. Dave, I envy you--it's been raining for the past two days nonstop. AND I have a history paper to write.
2:38 Good Maen all.
Boring picture.
Oh! From, did you mean that it wasn't possible that I didn't watch tv or anything but still heard about Paris Hilton? Hah, that's my brain functioning (too much history paper). And yes, it's possible. B/c it happens to me.
Good Mean all.

Mamacita haven't see you today. I've learned the hard way when it gets hot here it's best not to join in. As Ive been told by others also. But it's hard when these people become your friends not to stand up for our beliefs and fight for them but sadly I've learned it Doesn't More...
Keith - I'm with you on Venus & Serena!! It saddens me that Venus is the only American woman still left in the French Open. Serena keeps making excuses about injuries keeping her from playing, but I think she just got lazy & fat. I heard something about her going to work with Nick Bolletieri in Bradenton, FL. I wouldn't miss her a bit if she never came back.
TJH from T/S - Have a wonderful trip along the back roads. I'll look forward to seeing some pictures later. Would love to see your photos from Peru & Ecuador. Thanks for the tip about flicker.com. I'll have to check that out.

P.S. Does anyone remember when Ann will be back from HER trip??
WSH4CCR Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
The sight of all the beautiful pictures in flicker.com left me in a state of awe.

Started my page (nal from miami) with a single pic. I need to get my courage up to include others. Thanks TJH!
Sorry! flickr.com
i guess...
Good mAen!! Seems to be a little calmer here today. I am a teacher and I'm getting really tired of teacher slamming, both pro and con. Let's just leave the subject.

Nal, Congratulations on the Heat win. I'm a Piston's fan, mostly from being from MI, but I really don't like basketball. More...
2:16..1:40pm Sunday here.

on my list ......

Amy Fisher and Mr&Mrs B,
Mary Kay L and Villi,
Michael Jackson and much of his family,
Paris Hilton,
Donald Trump,
Pete Rose,
...... just to get started.
Maen all
Kathy, I'm glad you agree. I haven't liked them (Venus & Serena) since the beginning when they were too good to play the juniors and the bumping incident. I think they missed their calling. They should have gone into roller derby.
Gee Dave, it's obviously a sign showing stick people where to park their bikes.
They farther, I can do without. (william's sisters)

Kathy, Fat and lazy would be accurate. Much of America falls into that category.

Many pro athlete's make it hard to like them, that's why I'm enjoying The College World Series.

Mamacita, Don't stop rocking.
Ricky Williams signs with Toronto of thc CFL. His comment 'O Cannibus'

World Cup, A truly world event in which the US may do better than it has in baseball, hockey and basketball. They stunk it up in those sports.
For Billy from Perth - we do not have water restrictions per se because we have both ground water and Colorado River water available - but conservation is encouraged - biggest users are the large corporate farms.

For Joy - the wildfires have burned some beautiful wilderness but did hit some More...
Click on 'supporting member' next to Ed's name and it will tell you.
Hello everyone, I've spent the better part of the day with my daughter and middle grand, not in hiding. First things first. Having read the comments again from last night I have come to agree with Susan/Ingham and JB/Chicago, and I regret that I may have inadvertenly hurt Isobel's feelings, and I will post directly to her. JB/ I did need to lighten up...thanks.
Isobel, I apologize! It has never been my intent to knowingly or unknowingly hurt someone with my words. It was pointed out that I may have misconceived an earlier post by you. My reply was poorly worded and gave the impression of name calling. It is a lesson learned to always be aware of the known fact that words do hurt. Again, I'm sorry!
4:03 Good maEn to all. What a lovely evening here.
Well, I certainly hope that today's posts are friendlier than yesterday's. There was a lot of nastiness, and I don't enjoy that. I like peace and goodwill. And niceness. Although some of the nasty posts were amusing.
Kathy/Valrico; Safe and enjoyable travel. Amma, Thank you, I certainly understand what you mean. File it under life's lessons, but I can stand the heat. If and when I have something to say,or I believe in something deeply, I will say what's on my mind. I just will try to be more careful and not More...
If I'm ever close to you in my travels, could I be so honored to meet you?

I raise my glass to you. Your beauty enhances my life. Cheers.
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