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Easy Sudoku for 5/June/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Can I sneak a top?
05/Jun/14 7:31 AM

Well done Sacky!

One of the best books I have read is A Fortunate Life by A B Facey. A true classic of Australian literature, his simply written autobiography is an inspiration. It is the story of a life lived to the full – the extraordinary journey of an ordinary man. Highly recommend it!!
05/Jun/14 8:00 AM
05/Jun/14 8:13 AM
Hello and salutations to one and all...I'm so glad to have dropped in during book suggestions again... I was one of the great followers of the Outlander series and we had a great time with the post then..A blast from the past with Kathy and Judy both sharing those days with some really hot stuff More...
05/Jun/14 8:14 AM
(26) 34@ac6=>e6<>34
(27) 7@ef8=>a8<>7
(28) 68@b78=>b78<>5
(29) 29@h23=>h2<>345=>[4@h89=>i79<>4&37@ci2=>ic2<>145]
(30) More...
05/Jun/14 8:20 AM
Thanks, Sacky. Perhaps I'll have to try reading a real book again.
05/Jun/14 8:33 AM

Ah Keith, you did get a reaction yesterday, even though it was not visible to you. I passed your link to my wife who is a Diana Gabaldon fan. She is looking forward to the series/film. Thank you.
05/Jun/14 11:13 AM
I have also enjoyed the Outlander series, don't know if we will ever get them on tv here. My favourite William Horwood book is Skallagrigg, very different from other books he has written.
05/Jun/14 11:26 AM
I know it's early here. But tonight I'm tired old man.
05/Jun/14 11:44 AM

Sleep well HalT......
05/Jun/14 11:54 AM
Long day, too many doctor appointments lately.
05/Jun/14 12:05 PM
Keith you are one of the few on here that has a Nook. I have had one for many years, recently bought Harry a Nook. Trying to encourage him to put the remote away. Harry's eye sight is not what it use to be either. He sets the print to a larger size, easier for him to see.
05/Jun/14 12:11 PM
My first love is Mysteries, then went to romances had my fill of them so I went back to my first love, mysteries.
05/Jun/14 12:15 PM
I know it's not late but a full day has made me very tired.
05/Jun/14 12:28 PM
A CP and
05/Jun/14 12:29 PM
Everybody. I guess I'll say good night as well since most topsiders that tend to post at this time or later have already said good night. I hope everyone has/had a good day.
05/Jun/14 12:58 PM
I am approaching the end of the 'Wheel of Time' series by Robert Jordan. It has been monopolising my time to the extent that I have been neglecting my computer, & returned to my first love - reading. I have to agree with Keith that deteriorating eyesight becomes a problem. I have had to enlarge the More...
05/Jun/14 1:06 PM
05/Jun/14 1:21 PM
So your wife is a Gabaldon fan, eh, Peter? Have you noticed an extra pair of boots under your bed?
05/Jun/14 1:21 PM
Sue,when Lynne decided to get an electronic reader years ago, we researched the Nook and the Kindle and chose the Nook. She set up an account, got some books, and keeps adding more. Because we knew we could have several devices on the one account, I got the Nook app for my iPad, and have been More...
05/Jun/14 3:18 PM
Well for those who enjoy their fantasy I absolutely love the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. Not for the faint hearted (or short of time) 14 epic volumes! Very well written! Every time I re-read (can't find anything else of the quality) I find more complexity and planning in the plot line and characters.
05/Jun/14 5:55 PM
I also researched Nooks and Kindles before buying an ereader but had to get the Kindle because the Nook was not available here.
05/Jun/14 6:24 PM
I began the Wheel of Time series, but didn't get very far.
Mads, Skallagrig is probably the only William Horwood I haven't read.
05/Jun/14 7:57 PM
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