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Easy Sudoku for 5/September/2008


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Submitted by: Gath

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05/Sep/08 3:29 AM
The southern half of our state has been getting rain all day. It's FINALLY sprinkling here. I may go dance in it.
05/Sep/08 3:30 AM
I think I have repetitive strain injury as I have spent the day stocking my internet shop and my mouse arm is aching
05/Sep/08 3:31 AM
Come dance here Angie it has been raining all day
05/Sep/08 3:31 AM
Very nice GMo. I wasn't flying. I was offering my broom to anyone who wanted to use to fly over the top. I see you just giggled your way over. No prob, I'll take my broom back and have it put back into the museum.
05/Sep/08 3:31 AM
GMo - we haven't had measurable rain since July. I haven't even mowed my grass since the beginning of August.
05/Sep/08 3:32 AM
I think it all stayed this side of the ocean. GB has been drowning and although we have had our fair share no where near as much as UK
05/Sep/08 3:37 AM
dance in the rain angie? after sweating through the hottest june in italian history, in an unairconditioned, third floor apt., my sister and i danced and washed our hair in a life saving downpour. it was thundering and lightning and all the italians were behind locked windows and doors. they thought we were crazy. we thought they were unappreciative! enjoy your dance!
05/Sep/08 3:40 AM
Heidi has just asked me (as Ratray) if my spelling of Grsnnie-Mo (instead of Gannie-Mo), was deliberate (making fun) or accidental (myopic oversight). I have always misread her name as Grannie-Mo and that was entirely accidental. I shall spell it properly from now on. Sorry GANNIE-MO
05/Sep/08 5:18 AM
05/Sep/08 5:19 AM
You're not myopic, Rayray. GannieMo's Sudokuland moniker used to be GrannieMo. She changed it a while back.
05/Sep/08 5:59 AM
Good afternoon to all! Nice photo, and rather unique, as we don't get too many photos from Australia.
05/Sep/08 6:01 AM

From the early 1970's, enjoy Kenny Rogers and the First Edition performing "Ruby (Don't Take Your Love To Town)."
05/Sep/08 6:04 AM
Alternate TFTD:
Grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked anyway, the good fortune to run into the ones I do like, and the eyesight to tell the difference.
05/Sep/08 6:05 AM
The superintendent of a large, very exclusive apartment building got the ultimate revenge when he was called for the umpteenth time to fix a tenant's clogged toilet.
Going to her apartment, where the female tenant happened to be giving a fancy dinner party for other tenants in the building, the More...
05/Sep/08 6:09 AM
super EEEW greg! on the plus side i really enjoyed the kenny rogers flashback. i grew up listening to him and singing along in the car with my mom. great memories.
05/Sep/08 6:16 AM
Thank-you Jane. I am not going potty with short-sight after all.
05/Sep/08 6:37 AM
Guess I was overdo for a super EEEW one Mariana, but I'll ask Gath to remove it if you wnat.
05/Sep/08 6:40 AM
Here's a sillier one....

A blonde and a brunette are out driving, and the brunette tells the blonde to look out for cops - especially cops with their lights on. After they've been driving for a while, the brunette asks the blonde if she's seen any cops.
"Yes," says the More...
05/Sep/08 6:41 AM
Good morning all. If any of my fellow Aussies is in any way interested in the weather, the Bureau of Meteorology has recently upgraded it's already excellent weather radar site and I think it is just great. From radars all around Australia, the Bureau makes available, for free (!), pictures of More...
05/Sep/08 7:03 AM
no need greg. totally not offended. a warning is always nice though so i can choose not to click for more should i have an 8 year old girl hanging over my shoulder. which is more often than not.
05/Sep/08 7:15 AM
RAYRAY! That was a typo on my part. I did NOT mean to misspell your name. Forgive me????
05/Sep/08 7:22 AM
Greg, I just love your TTFD.
05/Sep/08 7:31 AM
Or should it be TFTD? (eyesight - again)
05/Sep/08 7:32 AM
Heidi: I just thought it was your humorous way of underscoring the point you were making! No offence taken at all.
05/Sep/08 7:43 AM
Actully you can have a health sex life well into your later years.
Assuming you can stand the sight of people your age naked
05/Sep/08 7:59 AM
Lief is too short to dance with ugly men
05/Sep/08 8:00 AM
Rayray, I wasn't trying to make any point. I was just puzzled and asked an innocent question, with an accidental typo.
05/Sep/08 8:03 AM
The good news is that even as one gets older guys still look at boobs.
The bad news is they have to squat down first.
05/Sep/08 8:04 AM
Benny, you are assuming of course that these older 'guys' still have the flexibility to squat....
05/Sep/08 8:09 AM
Some times its there eye sight
05/Sep/08 8:17 AM
It takes two thimngs to be a consultant.
Gray hair and hemorrhoids.
The grey hair makes you look distinguised.
The hemorrhoilds make you look concerned.
05/Sep/08 8:21 AM
Butt jiggling women is just there way of saying goodbye
05/Sep/08 8:24 AM
oh, sorry, wonderul picture but with the rains coming down and down and down, I can hold my water class in my driveway.
05/Sep/08 8:41 AM
Its almost time for me to sign of for the night but first just to remind you all that it is now only two days to go to my holiday in Ibiza.
Its PARTY time
05/Sep/08 8:46 AM
Oh Benny from England! How I envy you!

To all the Flickr Florida Friends. Lets all turn East and blow real hard. We need to keep Ike out to sea.....
05/Sep/08 8:59 AM
Good morning all.
Greg - great TFTD
Heidi - glad you caught those horses.
Benny - have a nice time in Ibiza
Fiona - welcome back, sorry about the hospital incident.
05/Sep/08 9:11 AM
Couldn't get the smilies to come up on the medium page - - nice, peaceful river picture. I love all the shades of blue.
05/Sep/08 9:14 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Cjoy!
to you!
May your day be special with a and lots of
05/Sep/08 9:20 AM
Fiona's hospital incident in Venice (although apparently minor) reminded me of a book by the late well-respected Australian actress Ruth Cracknell about when she and her beloved husband went to Venice on a holiday. He suffered a stroke there and the book details her struggle with language More...
05/Sep/08 9:27 AM
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